Thursday, March 9, 2017

Face Off s11e07  Puppet Masters  7 March 2017

Last time on Face Off the artists created
drivers inspired by over-clocked cars.

Cig & George won the challenge.

Ben & Evan came in 2nd.

Emily & Tyler were 3rd.

And, that's all we know.   Instead of judge Glenn Hetrick proclaiming an eliminated pair,
he gave the bottom three teams another hour to improve upon their work.
So, we're all dying to know what will happen next.

"No, you're not, or you'd be watching MY show."

Now, wait a minute, are
they really doing puppets?

"Everybody LOVES puppets!"

Well, not that kind, I bet.

So, on to the new episode which begins with last weeks extra hour of work for the bottom three teams.   Will the judges see all of the work that they recommended take place?

Adam & Logan

Gage & Rachael

Keaghlan & Melissa

Gage & Rachael seem to improve the least, and are eliminated.  Why couldn’t this have been shown last week?   Did G&R (not G’N’R) do something to confuse the editors?   Or maybe they just were too hung over to properly edit the whole thing?   I have no idea, dear.

Next day, host McKenzie Westmore is talking about Pinocchio in the lab work room.  Wait, I mean she is in the lab work room, and talking about Pinocchio.

“That makes a big difference!”

The Spotlight challenge (for immunity)
is to choose a tray filled with substances that
are to inspire a marionette type character.  

Emily is excited to go somewhat whimsical,
but not too too whimsical.  Huh?

It’s a TWO day challenge!  Uh-oh!

“Big freakin’ deal.”

George has a long history with puppets.

Now all I can see is this.

“I’m so ronery!”

George worked under Dave
Barcley (Yoda, Jabba The Hut.)

Adam is worried.   He went out
on a doll challenge on his season.

Keaghlan’s father is a welder,
so she is happy and zen.

Tyler interviews that Emily and he
are going with a deconstructed look.

“You have to show that you indeed
know how to construct if you're going
to present something deconstructed!”

Ben & Evan are buggin’.    Why they can’t come up with a concept, when the inspiration should lead them to a concept.  But, it doesn’t seem to.  Not one that they can be excited about, at any rate.

Blue raspberry?

Soon Mr. Westmore arrives.

He stresses that K&M’s paint job has to be spot on.

He questions why B&E are restricting
themselves to just one color (gold.)

He is concerned Cig’s face work will
be too reminiscent of Frankenstien.

“What’s wrong with that?”

C’est tout?

Why is Ben spray painting his own hand?

Why do they hang and recap the day
in the work room?    Hmmmm.    They must
not be allowed to film at the Face Off house.
Or maybe they just kick them out onto the street.

On reveal day, K&M fight over the paint job on the armor.

During last looks Cig & George nix a few pieces.
At least Cig has a new hat that he can
wear, instead of the brain slug hat, eh

Joining host McKenzie Westmore on the reveal stage are the regular judges Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill and Neville Page, plus guest judge Suzanne Todd (Momento, Austin Powers, Alice In Wonderland.)

Cig & George

Ben & Evan

Adam & Logan

Keaghlan & Melissa

Emily & Tyler

K&M’s blacksmith created an assistant out of scraps lying around his work space.  Glenn is very complimentary, but doesn’t like the face.

“I liked it.”

Ve loves the sight gags (steam on the side, fire in the back.)  

Glenn admonishes A&L for their problematic marionette.   No story can save it.  Ve thinks Popeye had a stroke.  She thinks it is way too goofy.  Neville thinks the construction is poor, and their decision to go goofy is what set them up for failure.

Ve applauds C&G’s work, and in NOT going too hokey.  Neville likes the attention to detail.  He mentioned during closer looks that their leather work looked better than the actual leather of the gloves.

Neville thinks B&E didn’t know what they were doing with their goldsmith inspiration.  Suzanne tells them it is not camera ready.  Glenn wants a different approach to their construction.

Suzanne loves E&T’s work.  She especially loves the shaved moleskin on the face.  Glenn is floored.  Ve finds it exquisite.  They all think it is completely camera ready.

Melissa & Keaghlan,

Cig & George

and Emily & Tyler are the top teams.
We know M&K aren’t really in the running.

Emily & Tyler win again!

They have immunity for the next challenge.

Tune in next week when they all get to play in the forest.

But, no one sees a Lovey Bear.   =o(

Can you believe it?   Emily is yet
again over the moon about a challenge
for which she has been waiting all of her life.

And, Ben is worried about how he is doing.  Again.

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