Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Face Off s11e06  Wasteland Warriors  28 February 2017

Last time on Face Off the artists created
mad scientists in transition, and then
fully evolved into a "Jekyll to Hyde" character.

Emily & Tyler won the the challenge,
earning immunity for this challenge.

Ben & Evan,

and Keaghlan & Meliisa were the bottom two teams.

In addition, they are the only two teams that have been in the bottom twice.

It is probable that this will weigh them
down during this new challenge, right?

The artists pick from a bunch of redneck over-clocked vehicles out in the middle of nowhere.  The task is to create the character that drives whichever ride they pick.  They must incorporate at least three car parts from a box of many that they receive.

“It’s a post apopaloptic (sic) challenge!”

No, LaShauwn, it's a car commercial.

Mentor Michael Westmore comes by on the first day.

Ben & Evan are told they have a good back story.
He wants more of a burn effect all over.

Mr. W. suggests tattoos on the face for Adam & Logan’s guy.

Gage & Rachael need to address the face more.

He wants more definition in Cig & George’s sculpt.

The main drama on day two is that Adam & Logan don’t see eye to eye on the machetes Adam fabricated.

On reveal day, joining host McKenzie Westmore and regular judges Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill and Neville Page is director Paul W.S. Anderson.

Oh, God, that better not stand for … you know.

Cig & George

Ben & Evan

Emily & Tyler

Adam & Logan

Gage & Rachael

Keaghlan & Meliisa

Ben & Evan’s guy is a burn victim.  Glenn calls it super cool, and fully complete.  Paul thinks they should have done either the burned face or the burned mask, not both, just in the interest of time.

Ve doesn’t like the paint job Adam & Logan did.    Paul sees an inattention to detail.   And, that’s it?

Glenn has an issue for it not being appropriate for the challenge, but otherwise all the judges are highly complimentary to Emily & Tyler.

Cig & George incorporated their pieces well, per Glenn.   Ve approves of the paint job.

Glenn doesn’t like the facial makeup Keaghlan & Melissa did.  Ve neither.  Neville finds other areas poorly painted.   Rut-roh!

Ve asks Gage & Rachael how they did.  No one thinks they did any good!  Wow.  Paul wishes they had at least did ONE area very well.   Glenn says they lost their way.

Cig & George win the challenge!  

Emily & Tyler are safe.

Ben & Evan are safe.

“And then I showed up!”

Well, no, but they copied PR, in letting the bottom three teams have another hour (in the last looks makeup area) to fix what they were told was wrong with their looks.

They show them working, and finishing, and THAT’S IT.   No revealing who gets kicked to the curb!  Boo!

Tune in next time for the challenge Emily has been waiting for.

“A hair challenge?”


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