Friday, February 17, 2017

Project Runway Junior s2e9  Finale Part 1  16 February 2017 

Last time on PR Jr. the six designers created editorial looks suitable for Marie Claire, with graffiti styled murals as inspiration.   The garments had to show that they were indeed the inspiration, and be able to stand out when featured in front of the art.  To me that meant no putting something all white or all black in front of a busy, colorful art piece.   Yes, that would stand out, but there would be no correlation between the art and the pattern or design of the garment.

Chelsea won for the 3rd time, beating out Chris and Izzy.

Hawwaa, Tyler and Molly were bottom three.

Molly was let go, placing 6th for the season.

The judges wanted to eliminate two designers, but they couldn’t make up their minds as to which 2nd person to axe.

Or, to be more precise, it’s my opinion that they were anticipating to get rid of Molly and Hawwaa.   However, Tieler threw a wrench in the works, by not having a decent design, nor proper fit.   The judges decided to let Hawwaa and Tieler fight it out for the 4th and last position in the finale.  

The five remaining designers meet up with host Hannah Jeter and mentor Tim Gunn to learn they will have $4,000 (like last season) to make a six look collection (also like last season.)  They have 5 weeks, last year they had 4.  Tim won’t visit them at their homes, like he does on normal PR.

You know the drill.  Just like Chris vs. Rami in season 4 ...

or Jay vs. Mila in season 7, Hawwaa and Tieler have to show (this time) 2 looks so the judges can determine who will move forward.

The judges found Hawwaa’s work youthful, borderline juvenile.   They thought it lacked sophistication, but they did find it interesting.

Tieler’s work was too basic, and the judges did not take kindly to the fact that Tieler outsourced the embroidery work.

Tieler is out, placing 5th for the season.

In a strange turn of events, Tieler walked over
to hug poor Hannah who acted as if SHE was out.

Nope, I guess she was just hoping to get a head lice inspection.

We now have a final four in Izzy, Chelsea, Chris and Hawwaa.

Yes, a little bit more did occur on the episode, but, really, all you need to know is the judges eventually got it right.  

Hawwaa earned her spot in the finale.   

Tune in next week when somebody wins Project Runway Junior season 2!   

But who will win Miss Congeniality when everyone acted so sweet and professionally?


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