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Project Runway Junior s2e8  Race To The Finale  9 February 2017 

Last time on PR Jr. the designers created looks
inspired by Carrabba's Italian Grill.
Or, just pasta in general.
Or, high end Milan, Italy runway fashion.
Or boobs.

"It was horrible, I tell you."

Chelsea won over Chris.

Izzy, Molly, and Tieler were
3rd, 4th and 5th, respectively.

Hawwaa was in the bottom two,

but Cartier fought hard to win elimination.
Or maybe she just didn't take on Tim's advice.

The designers meet up with Hannah Jeter, Tim Gunn, and Aya Kanai, oh, and a bunch of street art oversized posters.  Tim states the challenges is to create a high fashion editorial look that will stand out when it is in front of the particular art that inspired it, or, as Tim puts it, in front of all of the color.   So, it cannot be so inspired that it blends into the art.   The button bag (or Tim) assigns the art to the designers.

When he gets to the last one, Tim says, “Chris, this mean you are assigned to Magic Love.”

“I’m gonna love this one!”

“Not me, she looks terrible.”

The winner of the challenge will be featured in Seventeen magazine.

Hannah reminds them that two of them will be eliminated, only four will be in the finale.

Tim makes a big deal of them ‘breaking’ into a closed Mood.   It was probably a Sunday or a holiday, right?

The designers sketch in front of their inspirations.

Then they make a mess of Mood.   They each get $350.

Funny, now all I can think of is s14's #2, Kelly Dempsey.

Genius Tim Gunn acts like he can’t handle the cashing out job.   C'mon, there's no math involved, the machine does it all for ya!   He’s trying to win an Emmy for his acting now, eh?

Or maybe he just wanted some anchovy pizza.

Chelsea is cutting rectangles out of her leather.   

All I can think of is Savva’s “Reject Shop” dress.

“I’m sure I’m all you can think about.”

A couple of hours into it, she’s switched to big stars.

Tim time!

Hawwaa has an undershirt of tulle.  Tim wants it to be used in the skirt, too.

Tim is beaming when he sees Chelsea sees her star dress, but there are no stars in the back?  Tim insists she wants them on the back, too.

Chris is told to correct his executing.

Izzy has a magenta and white big look with a long train.   Tim wants symmetry in the back, just like she has symmetry in the front.

Molly is admonished that she is the only designer not using at least ONE bright color.  Poor Tim doesn’t know what to say, since she didn’t purchase any colors, just B&W.

Tim is worried that Tieler’s look is too bland.  It doesn’t look perfectly finished to me, but he doesn’t say anything about that.  Not sure if it is fixable or not.

Chris has side boob trouble during model fitting.

“Why must they always have boob trouble?”

The designers?

“No, the models!”

On the morning of the runway Tieler’s pants are too small.  He had put in an insert already, but it wasn’t enough.   He cuts the pockets out of the garment (so it still appears like the models has pockets, as long as she doesn’t actually use them.)  Still not enough.  

It’s the same judging panel:  Hannah, Christian, Kelly and Aya, with Tim being allowed to watch, if not score, or make it in frame.






KELLY: “What fabric is this?”

AYA: (whispered) “Velvet.”


Hammah praises them all for doing a great job.

Izzy was inspired by the hard white lines, it shows in the top.  Kelly loves it, Christian appreciates the construction on the top.  He doesn’t like the bottom two layers of the skirt, neither does Hannah.  Aya is complimentary.

Chelsea was inspired by the star background of her art.  Christian is impressed.  Aya calls it a ‘good’ DIY garment.  Hannah wants it.  Kelly says she killed the challenge.

Tieler wanted to use white so it would stand out against the poster.  No one addresses that he skirted the challenge by not using bold  colors like they had been asked.   Kelly does like how it looks against the art.  Otherwise, they are all underwhelmed.

Aya thinks Chris was thinking right.   Hannah and Kelly see a pajama influence, that’s meant to be a compliment.  Christian approves of the mix of prints.

Molly was inspired by the background of her art mural.  Aya laments the lack of a punchy color.  Molly has clear vinyl stars on top of her black skirt, but they can’t be seen.  Hannah thinks the reveal was unnecessary, the under piece was boring.  Christian tries to be complimentary, but questioned her choices.

Kelly loves Hawwaa’s look.  Aya likes the sheer turtleneck.   Without it, Christian wouldn’t have liked it at all.   He takes her to task for presenting the same silhouette all along.

Chelsea wins and moves on to Fashion Week.

Chris and Izzy also move on.

Molly is out.

Tieler and Hawwaa are bottom two.   The judges don’t like that Hawwaa did better than Tieler, so they move BOTH forward, to create collections, only then to come back and compete for one spot.

Did you see that coming?  I was sure two people would be eliminated, not just Molly.  To be honest, I would have been okay with the bottom three getting cut.

I didn't see Tim hug poor Molly.  Now what beef does he have with *her?*

Next week, someone goes home to make a collection,
comes back to NYC and gets eliminated!
Who will it be?


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