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Project Runway Junior s2e7  High End Italian Fashion  2 February 2017 

Last time on PR Jr. the young designers created
date night looks for firemen's wives/girlfriends.

Sadly, no, not *these* firemen.

Cartier placed 1st, Molly 2nd, Tieler 3rd, Chelsea tied for 4th.

Hawwaa tied for 4th, Chris 6th, Izzy 7th and Allie 8th.

Yes, that means Cartier won and Allie was eliminated.

Now, before we get to this week's show,
here's how they are all doing so far.

This is the standard -3 for every week out, or eliminated,
-2 for 2nd worst, -1 for 3rd worst, 0 for safe middle,
+3 for winning, +2 for 2nd place, and +1 for 3rd place rankings.

As you can see, PR never goes by cumulative points,
or the outcomes would be so very different.

The remaining seven designers hit the runway only to find Carrabbas Italian Grill fare strewn throughout the judges’ side of the room.  

They are to create a high end,
contemporary, modern
Italy-runway worthy look.

And, eat a lot of carbs for inspiration, si?

The winner gets a trip to Rome, NY!

Well, no, they get a trip to Italy.

Oh my God, wait a minute,
are they all going to make
deconstructed looks now?  I pray not.

Everyone interviews how
awesome a trip to Italy would be.

Well, Molly doesn’t.  She’s getting the Ben Chmura edit this week.   You know, safe middle, so why bother showing her at all edit.   Maybe she just stayed in bed for the day.

They get $300 at Mood (not ‘mini-Mood!’) and one day to design and fabricate.   Oh, and they get to eat Carrabbas food, too.

Chris is making me nervous with his cut out faux lace.  It doesn’t look high end to me.

“Well, who asked you?”

Izzy can’t afford all the fabrics that she wants.  She’s originally $133 over budget.

She’ll be fine, as long as her little sapling stays on her head, right?

They don’t get back till 2:40p to start on their garments?

Soon Izzy is using a lint roller to paint.  Man, that must be good paint, meaning it must be playing with her faculties, if she things a lint roller is a paint roller.  

Cartier is painting her fabric, too.  She’s boring, she’s using a brush.  No, she isn't eating yogurt, she's stirring paint in the pic.

No one used their entire body to apply the paint.

Izzy gets an oil stain on her garment.   

“Hey, these things happen to us all.
Or, at least, to me.”

Soon enough, a stain removal stick is saving the day.   But, no brand name is mentioned or shown.

“It’s a secret.”

“It’s a miracle!”

At 4:49p someone is actually using
the Brother Embroidery Dream Machine!

C'est incroyable!

Hawwaa is making a patch.   At least it is *something.*

During the Tim thru, he tells Tieler his look is polished.   Tieler is using shoulder pads as hip pads, so his model can appear  … hefty?

Izzy is cutting random shapes and putting them all over her look.   Tim utters “crafty!”

Tim loves Hawwaa’s look before she even says a word.    I do like the leave patches that she made on the embroidery machine.

Molly makes it onto the show!   Tim says she is doing great work, but she is locked into having to do a great amount of work, probably off camera.

Tim thinks Chris doesn’t need to add a scarf to his clean, perfectly finished work.

Chelsea went from Italy to Switzerland.   Tim assures her that it won’t matter, as far as inspiration.

“Looks like we have a pocket potpourri.”

“What’s a pocket potpourri?”

Tim wants the pockets to be neater, crisper.

Cartier wanted a simple silhouette with a lot of painting.   Just like last week, Tim prefers the underside to the outside.

Tim stresses heavily that there is no design, and that Cartier is only being a dressmaker.    She understands him, but she doesn’t seem to care or agree.   Think it through, dearie:  If people prefer the INSIDE of the garment, something is amiss, si?

Model fitting seems to go without a hitch.

On runway day Tieler is having trouble with the upper frontals area.

“Those boobs will get you ever time.”

He uses tape, which doesn’t work, and which Tim (thank God) chides him for trying to use.  It’s against the rules to use tape or glue.

“Oh, but I could have used staples?”


“What *can* you do?”

He gets Cartier to help sew up the front.   Couldn't he have thrown a swatch of fabric to cover up the girls?

Something akin to this, eh?

At the runway, Hannah Jeter mentions that there is only one more weekly challenge after this one.   Wait, tonight they go from 7 to 6.   Next week they’ll go from 6 to 3?

No, Hannah shares that they have committed to a final four.   That’s odd, what if only 3 prove themselves worthy of it?   Curious.

It’s the same judges as always, Hannah Jeter, Christian Siriano, Kelly Osbourne and Aya Kanai, with mentor Tim Gunn watching even though he will not get a say in the outcome.








Hannah praises all of the designers for a great show.

No surprise here, Hannah calls out Molly as placing 4th out of 7, and she is banished to the waiting lounge to take a nap wait to see how the others fare.

Molly bolts before the judges can change their minds.   Cute.

The judges love the hard and soft of the cargo gown that Chelsea created.    The pockets are a hit.  Christian calls this “real” fashion, and very new.   He doesn’t like the lining, but Kelly disagrees, it ties in to the gold buttons.

Cartier’s look is way too safe and boring, and it is already in stores.      Hannah thinks the fabric is interesting, but nothing else is.  Aya asks if she really thought she was designing something high end.  Wow!

Chris’ jumpsuit is a hit.   Christian approves of the pattern use, and calls it expensive, but he hates the hem.   Kelly likes that it is interesting from all angles.  Aya praises Chris for finally delivering on the “Chris The Mad Scientist Designer” vibe he was only threatening to deliver in weeks past.   Ha!

The judges are pissed off at Tieler for the vulgarity of his look.   They seem to get that it is an execution problem, not necessarily a taste problem.   (I mean, he didn’t intend to show so much boob, and they get that.)   They inspire Tieler to cry a river, poor guy.

Izzy wanted to make a multi-colored sculpture.   Aya does say ‘crafty’ but finds it cool.  The judges DO like it, but Christian calls it strange.  Kelly thinks there is much more smart design in the back than in the front.  Hannah doesn’t want to wear it, but she does like seeing it.

Hawwaa created more daywear sportswear than high end Milan runway fashion.   The judges end up making Hawwaa cry, too.   The judges do see ideas and love her aesthetic, she just kind of ignored the challenge and delivered something else.

Chelsea is the winner!
That’s the 2nd person to win twice
this season, just like Tieler earlier on.

Chris, Izzy and Tieler are safe.

Bottom two are Hawwaa and Cartier.   Which would you eliminate——ignoring the challenge and creating something else, or something too anemic to register?    What about poor construction at this point in the competition?

Cartier is eliminated.
Hawwaa lives for another challenge.

I actually LOVED Cartier’s paint work, but I do see that her garment was NOT Milan high fashion runway.  Not even close.   But, Hawwaa’s wasn’t either!   Seems to me THIS should have been the time to do a double elimination.

Tune in next week when the designers update Supreme Court judge robes, and Ruth Bader-Ginsburg guest judges!   Geez, she does not look amused.

“Hey, they’re copying!”

No, that’s not the case.   

When I was reading Facebook last night, an RBG story ran into the PR commentary post.   I got all confused.   

But, take another look at the blue background, doesn't it look like she was sitting in a PR judge's chair?

“Are you blind or something?”

Oh be quiet, Derrick.   And, why aren’t you playing Britney on that Lifetime movie?

Tune in next week as the six remaining designers are whittled down to a final four.

Who are you rooting for?


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