Saturday, February 25, 2017

Project Runway Junior s2e10  Finale Part 2  23 February 2017 

Last time on PR Jr. the final five went home to create
six look collections with $4,000 and five weeks.  

Chelsea, Chris and Izzy were guaranteed a place in the finale

Hawwaa and Tieler competed for the final spot.

The judges saw 2 looks from each.

Hawwaa won and moved forward.

Tieler was eliminated.

But not before a lot of crying and hugging went down.

Let's take a look at the collections, and go from there.  Judging the finale are Hannah Jeter, Christian Siriano, Kelly Osbourne, Aya Kanai and guest judge Olivia Holt.





Immediately I'm thinking Chelsea & Chris are in the top 2, and Hawwaa & Izzy are not.  

Izzy was a little more plain than Hawwaa, but Hawwaa is a little less believable, as to what people will actually wear ... plus, she's so juvenile.

"You mean my *clothes* skew a little young."

So, when Izzy places 4th,

and Hawwaa 3rd,
I'm not surprised.

As for the top 2,  I didn't like every single look either Chris or Chelsea made, but I did find something wonderful in each set.   Chris's set was a little more cohesive, but the judges thought it was LESS cohesive (????) so they gave the win to Chelsea.  Chris had a great attitude, though.   Again, weren't the teens so much better behaved than the adults on PR?   Good on the teens.

I can't complain, I thought it could go either way between the top 2.  

PR Junior sure seemed to go by quickly this time around.   And, there's still no word on Project Runway All Stars season 6, which supposedly already completely filmed last Summer.  And no one will confirm that RPDR starts up on March 20th.  

Why are these channels so ashamed of promoting their goods?

At least Rapal's Dark Res can keep me company.



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