Thursday, February 16, 2017

Face Off s11e04  Snow Queens  14 February 2017

"Snow Queens!"

Well, no, not like that, put a lid on it.

Last time on Face Off the All Star
dynamic duos fabricated
Monster High inspired creatures.

Glenn, Ve & Neville were nowhere to be found,
and Michael Westmore only did have his mentor-thru.
It's like there was a horror makeup expert rapture or something.

Cig & George placed 1st,

Ben & Evan were 2nd,

and Emily & Tyler 3rd.

We have no idea how the rest of them did,
only that they were the bottom four of seven.

Now, before we really start,

"Put a lid on it and get to the new stuff!"

Here's how they are doing after 3 challenges.

Do you think Adam & Logan are next to be cut?

It snowed in L.A!   Well, it “Hollywood” snowed in L.A.  Host McKenzie Westmore introduces the challenge right outside of the lab.:  Create a snow queen, using a mock oversized snowflake as inspiration.   They hunt through the snow and find their snowflake inspiration.

No, not that kind of snowflake.

And, no, it was a little more professional looking than that.

But, I guess *they* weren’t too professional if they fell into a snowball fight.  Ha!

They sketch in the snow and then head into the lab to get going.   It’s only a 2 day challenge.

Why does Adam & Logan’s snowflake remind me of pot?

"Yes, Gawd!"
Ben & Evan are doing a black ice queen.
Love the 'Yo!, I'm evil, wanna fight?' verbiage.

Mmmmm, Black Ice ice cream.

“Why it gotta be black?”

Keaghlan & Melissa’s looks like a pine branch, huh?

Mr. Westmore exists!

He suggests to Adam & Logan that they be wise with their use of a stencil.

Ben & Evan want a black ice queen.  Mr. W. wants them to go light with the face makeup.

Mr. Westmore stops Cig & George from putting black on the model’s nose.   They are trying to go with a ‘frostbite’ look.

Mr. W. thinks that Cat & Niko’s head piece is going to be too heavy.

He suggests silver contacts for Keaghlan & Melissa's queen.

"Pero por supuesto!"

He steers Gage & Rachael away from worrying about teeth.

Emily & Tyler explain their snow on an evergreen inspiration.   Mr. W. approves of their color scheme.  He advises them to use washes in the applying of the paint.

Soon Gage is explaining his appreciation of The Breakfast Club and Pretty In Pink.   This turns into us learning that Emily has never seen a movie.  No HORROR movies (Hello!   Competitive horror makeup talent based TV show!)  She’s only 21, right?, so I get that she hasn’t seen EVERYTHING, but … please, she had to get the idea to go into special effects for movies from SOME movie, huh?

“Dios, mio!”

On elimination day, Rachael is using a sculpting silicone.  Interesting.

Cig & George painted first, and are adding a silicone cover afterwards.   Tres interessant.

“Oh, c'mon, everybody's doing it!”

At the reveal stage, Glenn, Ve and Neville have found their way back home.

“Thank GOD.”

Cat & Niko

Gage & Rachael

Cig & George

Ben & Evan

Emily & Tyler

Adam & Logan

Keaghlan & Melissa

McKenzie calls out Adam & Logan, Cat & Niko, Emily & Tyler and Keaghlan & Melissa as the best & worst.  The others head out back to the last looks waiting room.  They are middle safe.

Glenn praises Logan’s stencil work on Adam & Logan’s snow queen.  Ve loves the profile.  Neville doesn’t like the costume?

“Which they didn’t even make.”

Cat & Niko’s snowflake reminded them of the Statue of Liberty, so they ran with that.  Ve thinks it was a bad decision to do so.  Neville wants them to take it further, or reign it in.  Huh?  Glenn thinks they ignored the beauty of their model instead of working with it.

Neville finds Emily & Tyler’s absolutely beautiful.  He saw the melting from Winter to Spring immediately.  Glenn calls it professional thinking.  Ve sees their work as worthy of being on a movie set.   She praises the color story.

Glenn hates the proportions of Keaghlan & Melissa’s  queen.  He looks to masculine.  Ve thinks it is too drag!

C'est tres triste, n'est-ce pas?

Neville thinks the work doesn’t make sense physiologically.

Top teams are Adam & Logan,

and Emily & Tyler.

Emily & Tyler win the challenge!

Bottom two are Cat & Niko,

and Keaghlan & Melissa.

Cat & Niko are eliminated.
Keaghlan & Melissa are safe.

Glenn is apologetic.  Ve is crying.  Neville is afraid to say anything after his bad joke about Adam & Logan’s girl “quivering” in the cold.

Did you think it would go down this way?   I could tell that Cat & Niko had done the worst, but I did wonder how the prior challenge would come into play (Monster High.)  I guess it had NOTHING to do with the elimination.

Tune in next week for some Jekyll & Hyde!


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