Thursday, February 9, 2017

Face Off s11e03  Monster High  7 February 2017

Last time on Face Off the
All Star pairs of contestants
created angel/devil hybrids.

Cat & Niko won the challenge.

Jasmine & Stella were the only duo to be in the bottom both

1st and 2nd weeks, and they were the first to be eliminated.

Here's how they all stack up so far, using the standard +3 for a win, +2 for 2nd place, +1 for 3rd, 0 for middle safe, -3 for bottom, -2 for 2nd worst, and -1 for 3rd worst.  Sometimes a top 3 and bottom three are noted, some weeks only a top 2 or bottom 2.

Top 4 teams

Bottom 4 teams

Well, that was a different episode, huh?  Seems like Ve Neill and Neville Page dragged Glenn Hetrick to the barber to get his entire head shaved.  Mr. Westmore, on his mentor-thru, disappeared midstream.   And, no one was in the bottom, when ranked.  No one.

“That just ain’t right!”

Were the regular judges on strike for some reason?  Ah, let's get to what actually did happen.

The short bus brings the remaining contestants to the Mattel grounds.

"Hey, I like this challenge!"

The Spotlight Challenge this week was to reimagine a Monster High doll as a real entity, suitable for a motion picture.   Mattel's VP of design, Natasha Berling, introduces the task, with hopes of convincing her that they could someday put out a motion picture with 'real life' teen monsters.

"That's ghouls and mansters, you loser."

Michael Westmore does come around on day one, but seems to leave in the middle of his breeze-thru.   I think maybe it was just a mistake in the editing room?   Or did he start picketing outside along with Glenn, Ve & Neville?

"You never know."

Eight Monster High super fans were at the reveal stage, although I suspect it was really guest judge Natasha Berling, VP of design at Mattel, pulling all of the strings.   Here's what the artists presented:

Gage & Rachael

Cig & George

Cat & Niko

Adam & Logan

"Looks a little like me, no?"

Ben & Evan

"I like *that* one!"
Keaghlan & Melissa

Emily & Tyler

Top three teams were Cig & George,

Ben & Evan,

and Emily & Tyler.

Cig & George won the challenge, giving them immunity for the next challenge.

So, as far as I can tell, we had three in the top, and four in the safe middle.  So … here’s how everyone ranks, now, so far in the season:

Top four teams

Bottom four teams

I don't know, maybe the doll inspiration threw me?   Maybe not getting my Glenn fix confused me.   This is one of the few times when I wasn't overly excited about an episode.   I blame it on them not picking a few bottom dwellers.   But, then, what does that say about me?

"It says you're an idiot.  Next!"


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