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Face Off s11e02  The Devil Is In The Details  31 January 2017

Last time on Face Off 16 former contestants
returned to compete in an All Stars season.
They are competing in eight teams of two each.

Host McKenzie Westmore revealed that they would
only eliminate people every other episode, but
they would eliminate a pair, not an individual.

The Spotlight Challenge was to create an alien
inspired by some sort of sea life. 
They were tasked to use green screen technology.

Keaghlan & Melissa won the challenge,
just edging out Gage & Rachael in the top.

Emily & Tyler and Cig & George were middle safe,

as were Adam & Logan, and Cat & Niko (now a couple!)

Bottom dwellers were Ben & Evan, and Jasmine & Stella,
but no one was eliminated.

The artists meet up with host McKenzie Westmore at the Westminster Presbyterian Church in Pasadena, CA.  The next Spotlight challenge is to create the good & evil at war in one entity.    McKenzie wants a good trait and a bad one from each team to represent the good and evil.   Other than stating that each side needs to be fully evident, they are left to their own creativity as to HOW it will all play out.

They sketch and caucus in the church and then head back to the work room.  It’s a standard three day challenge. 

Everyone comes up with something viable quickly, that is, except for Jasmine & Stella.   They were in the bottom two teams last week, that can’t be good.  

Doesn’t the door look naked without the #FACEOFF verbiage?

Back in the work room we continue to get footage of Jasmine & Stella struggling with a concept.  Stella interviews that it isn’t the best idea.   Wow.   Will they even last through the entire episode.

“You’re not going to mention anything?”

Okay, Mah-Jing, I heard Emily using
your's and Tasha's word, ‘dope.’
“So, it’s a viable word, then, see?”

Nyet, mes amis.

Ben changes his head sculpt a few hours into it all.   Ruh-roh!

Soon Mr. Westmore is in.

“Who said “Hi-eeee” like I do?”

Cat & Niko are told not to go too too dark with the evil side of things

Gage & Rachael are 80% evil.  They decide to go with one wing angel and one wing evil.

Adam & Logan used a clay press for an extra face.  Mr. W. wants more expression on her face, it’s too peaceful.

Jasmine & Stella are told they are 90% devil.  He questions Jasmine suggesting wings, that it would be too confusing.

He leaves as quickly as he arrived.  =o(  

STELLA:  Bring that muscle down to the shoulders.
JASMINE:   (Blank stare)
STELLA:  Do you understand?

They go outside to pow-wow.  Jasmine interviews that they are being too stubborn, so now they will do a bull for the evil side.

“I’m evil?”


At the end of the first day they all share cupcakes for Tyler Green’s birthday.

On day 2 Emily and Tyler are already pre-painting.  Yes!   This is what I expected out of them, I’m wondering it they are the dream team here?   Actually, I was thinking that before last week, but they only placed middle safe last week.   We’ll see how it goes.

Jasmine & Stella open a mold that didn’t set too well.   The mold is ruined, the sculpt has to be done again.   

“I have no fight left in me.”

I get that a lot.

Niko is using armature wire to create some monster wings.

Yes, I’m remembering Courtney Act.

On day 3 Jasmine & Stella work on the wing nubs.

Is *THAT* what was going on with TWOO Derrick Barry look?    His Tin Man was growing wings?   Metal wings?

Emily & Tyler are painting first.   Okay, we knew that already, if they were pre-painting the day before.

Jasmine later interviews that she doesn’t see either angel or devil when finishing up during 'Last Looks.'   How can THAT be?

Joining host McKenzie Westmore are the standard trio of judges:  Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill and Neville Page.

Jasmine & Stella

Ben & Evan

Cig & George

Emily & Tyler

Adam & Logan

Keaghlan & Melissa

Gage & Rachael

Cat & Niko

“These horns resemble slugs.  I don’t get that at all.”

“We do!”

Mackenzie calls out the top & bottom teams, leaving Cig & George, Keaghlan & Melissa and Gage & Rachael as the middle safe, banished to the waiting room nearby.

Glenn thinks Ben & Evan’s work is beautiful, he likes the sculpting.   Ve loves the paint job, and that they thought everything out.  Neville notes it is much better than last week.

Adam & Logan created an archangel who is being drawn to his primal, lustful urges.  Then, feeling less of an angel, cuts off his own wings.   Ve thinks it is way too muddy.  Neville sees interesting ideas, but then calls it ridiculous.  Glenn only likes the concept, but not the sculpt nor the paint job.

Emily & Tyler went with compassion vs. guilt.  Neville finds it exquisite.  He calls it especially authentic.  Glenn sees the religious architecture without it being too obvious.   Ve thinks they handled the wing in the back so well.

Jasmine & Stella  didn’t complete their own concept per Glenn.  He rips on the chest work.  Ve adds it wasn’t incorporated well at all.  Neville likes the color palette.  That’s it.  Ouch!

Cat & Niko went with loyalty vs. jealousy.  Ve beams, “I think it’s awesome, your wings are stupendous!”  Neville makes a joke to Niko’s hair, but then goes on to praise the work, especially the oversized wings.

Cat & Niko win the challenge.   It was pretty obvious that it would be them, right?  Ben & Evan are 2nd best, and, along with 3rd best team Emily & Tyler, all are safe, and head out back.

At the bottom are Adam & Logan and Jasmine & Stella.  It’s a no brainer, only Jasmine & Stella were in the bottom both weeks, so they are eliminated.

Next week:  Monster High dolls become all real and life-like?

I thought that happened around 20 years ago?


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