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Project Runway Junior s2e6  Firefighting Clients  26 January 2017 

Last time on PR Jr. the designers were inspired by
Secret deodorant to create LED/black light couture.
Maybe everybody smells on the runway,
maybe THAT is the tie-in?

Molly and Izzy were in the top 3,

but Chris beat them out for the win.

Tieler and Hawwaa were bottom dwellers,

but A'kai was the one  let go.

Around 8:50a the remaining designers hit the work room.

A fire alarm is pulled.  

Tim shows up, he sternly instructs his gaggle of teens to exit the building, calmly & quietly, single-file.

Wait a minute.  Why did they have to exit and that guy on the right didn't have to.   I smell a set up!

Host Hannah Jeter arrives via firetruck,
with several hunky men.

Dear Lord, I know what I want for my birthday.
One will do, I don't need to collect them all.

Milton Mattus, Exec. VP, Barcel USA pops up
right next to her to promote some junk food.

I’m sorry, you could have told me this was Kanye West’s latest fashion accessory and I wouldn’t have known the difference.    (Of course it couldn't be, there was too much color, er, color at all, on the packaging.)  Ever since becoming sick a decade ago, I’ve had to live on a diet of organic, real food, mostly chicken and green beans, at that.  I never noticed the Takis product in any grocery store.  Or, is it regional?  Maybe my inobservance isn't coming into play at all?

Takis Fuego is the tie-in to the challenge.  Oh, I get it, Fuego—fire, eh?  They should have put it on the truck instead.   It could be the Takis Fuego truck.  Or, they should have had to incorporate the Takis logo & branding into the outfits they are about to make, huh?

"It's been done."

At any rate, Tim assures the designers they won’t have to clothe the firefighters.   Oh, good, I like a nude fireman.   Oh, wait, they are to create a look for a date night for their wives/girlfriends.

Soon they are back in the work room, discussing design with the firefighters and their significant others.  

Allie & Chris interview right off the bat that they don’t go on dates, or out to eat, it’s not good!

And, well, are those antlers
really screaming ‘evening?’

"Antlers can indeed be evening."

Mini Mood is open for the one day challenge.  They bring several bolts each to their work tables, where the client couples can evaluate before the designers commit to a fabric.

Wait, what person thinks plaid is ‘evening?’

"Hey, I started a fashion revolution!
Didn’t you ever hear of “come as you are?”

Tim overdubs a “please take advantage of the Brother Embroidery Studio.”   That means they don’t.    The designers eat a ton of Takis, but they do not embroider a bunch of Brother.   Not any.

At 6p Tim is back for his breeze-by.

Chris’s model loves the burgundy lace over the navy fabric.  Chris is not in his comfort zone without any of his loud prints.   Tim wants to see more of Chris in the look.  He decides to create a leather belt.

Hawwaa’s model is getting used to the polka dots.

Izzy’s client is getting a lot of red.  The skirt sure looks huge on the mannequin.  Tim ditches the black, to keep it red all over.  Hmmmm.  I'm worried about the volume.

Tim wonders if there is enough design to Tieler’s work.   It’s a tight, plain, light pink dress.

Cartier has made a very tight body-con red dress.  It’s right for the client, but it’s boring.  Tim inspires her to use the dress inside out.

“Tim sure is fickle.  He never would have said that nine years ago.”

“I have literally turned my look around.  Yes!  It’s such a good pun.”

“Oh, no, honey, no, there’s no such thing as a good pun.”

Tim loves the cat eye effect on Chelsea’s B&W number.

Allie is fearing her overlay skirt looks too big, and ‘grandmothery.”  Tim tells her to use the fabric as a sash, or a top of sorts.

Molly is accused of being a dressmaker and not a designer.  Actually, he has said that to a few of them.  Molly comes up with the idea of an overskirt.  Suddenly Tim is channeling ‘overskirt’ like a robot stuck on repeat.

“Hey, it happens!”

Izzy, you’re killing me, that ain’t your color!   

“What, you don’t like band-aid nude?”

They have 3 hours the next morning, that’s a little more than usual, right?   There is plenty of action in the sewing room, that’s for sure.

I don’t think Scott Patric got as much screen time as the Takis boy and the junk food.

Definitely not.

Tieler’s zipper messes up at the last minute.  He has to hand-sew it a bit.

The firemen get to watch the runway!  

It’s the standard judges:  Host Hannah Jeter, designer Christian Siriano, designer & critic Kelly Osbourne, and Fashion Mag director Aya Kanai.









Hannah calls out the top & bottom looks, sending the safe, middle Chelsea and Hawwaa out back.   I thought Chelsea would have placed top 3.   Hmmmm.

Tieler wanted to create something sleek and sexy.  Aya calls it beautiful, Christian sophisticated.   Kelly calls the light pink coral.  Mes pauvres yeux.

Chris’ model loves the lace look.  Hannah likes the leather belt waist.  Aya thinks there isn’t enough work there.  Christian thinks it’s too safe, where’s the wow.  Kelly can’t see Chris in it, but still thinks he did a good job. 

Cartier’s model wanted something fun, bright and sexy.   She explains the use of the seams on the outside.  Hannah wants the dress.  Kelly calls the model a sexy, modern day Betty Boop.  Christian notes that the outer seam use was modern.  Aya notes that the client loved the outfit.

Izzy wanted to honor the client’s bohemian, flawy aesthetic.    Christian thinks it is overly messy, and unflattering.  Kelly blames the unfortunate silhouette on the skirt underneath (which they don’t really show.)   The hem is uneven at the bottom.   Aya likes the look, but notes the fit / construction is off.  Aya admires that Izzy tried to put on a show.

Allie hid all her lining up of the stripes with the overlay, and it’s a day robe over a dress.  Christian wanted her to aim higher, and try something new and different.

Molly wanted to make a knit, body-con dress.  The client loves the look, and FINALLY shows that the overskirt is removable.  Kelly praises her for taking her to a new place.  Christian calls it fashion forward.  

During the Zac Posen closer inspection vignette Aya is concerned that Allie made an outfit to run errands in.   Chris’s look is quite unfinished.  Aya thinks a well executed outfit would have had a much different score.   Tim states that the client inspired Cartier to turn her dress inside out.   We know that Tim told her to do that during the Tim-thru.  

“You’re never happy, are you?”

Cartier wins the challenge!

Cartier, Tieler, Molly and Chris are all safe and sent out back.

Izzy and Allie are bottom two.

Allie is eliminated.

Izzy is safe and heads to the waiting lounge.

Did you see it going this way?   The editing was heavy this week

“THIS week!?!?!?”

but I did wonder if Izzy would go.  I would have been okay with a double elimination.

“You’re so mean!”

Next week, the winner of the challenge wins a trip to Italy!  Hannah doesn’t want to see any boobies.   That’s right.  She wants to see belly buttons.  Several on each person.


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