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Project Runway Junior s2e5  Light Up The Runway  19 January 2017 

Last time on PR Jr. the
designers created day to evening looks,
somehow inspired by the Fit Bit.

Chelsea won with her Gumby inspired look.

"How could anybody disagree with that?"

Bottom two were Izzy and Rene, with

Rene being let go for an over-reliance
on his bondage cut out aesthetic.

Now, before we get into it,
here are how they are scoring so far.

Is this how you're thinking
they will place, ultimately?
Do you have a favorite yet?

The nine remaining designers meet up at the runway with Tim Gunn and Justine Armour, Creative Director of Secret.

“Secret! Secret!  I’ve got a secret!”

No, not *that* secret, Dennis.

Ms. Armour insists that Secret stands for women who are pretty brave.

“So, it’s a sexist product!”

For some reason, they are to incorporate LED and fiber optic light technology into their next design.   Why?  Does Secret now make armpits glow?   Will they all spell out Secret somewhere in the garment and wear them around town like an advertising human sandwich billboard?   It’s a one day challenge, and they‘ll have $350 at Mood.   Wait, does that include all the lights or not?

“That’s a lot of pizza!”


Tim oversells that it will be a difficult, stressful challenge.

Ms. Armour shares that she will send them a little surprise to combat the stress.  Ooooh, deodorant for everyone?

“No, just the girls.”

You’d think they'd know enough to supply chocolate, or extra time, or extra hands, or *something* useful.

"They'd have gotten a Tic-Tac if they were on MY show."

“They didn’t even think of using me as a therapy resource.  The noive!”

They sketch at the runway and head off to Mood.  There doesn’t seem to be anything unusual with fabric shopping.

Damn, Chris is getting a very strong edit.   I can’t tell if it’s a Winner Edit, Loser Edit, or a Fake Out Edit.

When they get back, yeah, it’s backpack swag.  Oh, and deoderant.  That's subtle.

“Wait, do we get to *keep* the backpacks?”
(Producer:  “Yeah!”)

Ah, here we go, the lighting is all in a nearby room, they don’t have to purchase it separately.   

Tim comes in to inform them that there is actually more to the ‘surprise.’   Secret for men?

No, LED Fashion Designer Madison Maxey is gonna hang to help the designers as far as the lighting technology goes.   She’s there all day, awesome!

She's reminding me of Tracey Thorn, the poor girl with the horrid posture singing "Missing" in the mid 1990s.  You know, she's the girl half of UK duo Everything But The Girl.  Stand up straight, girl!  Maybe he'll come back to you if you learn how to stand tall.

“I don’t even know who the Golden Girls are.”

Wow.   Yours truly lived too long.  I was being accused of being old when they were in first run.   Ouch.  Get off my lawn.

Thank God Chris interviews he knows about The Golden Girls.  But, he’s getting more air time.  I can’t even talk about his girlfriends storing french fries in their upper frontals.

“They’re there for *some*thing, honey!”

When Tim breezes by, he assures Tieler that his silhouette is basic.

Molly wanted to go whimsical and sophisticated.  Tim asserts she should dump the chiffon.


Tim is concerned with A’kai’s color choices (for the LED light cords.)  Tim is worried he won’t have enough time, he must work hard and smart.

"At this point in the day I'm concerned
with the economies of labor."


Hawwaa is on her 2nd shirt.  She talks about the first, the lavender, and Tim right away blurts out Golden Girls.   

Ha!  Somebody remembers the latter 1980s.
And Chris was right.

Tim is worried that Hawwaa’s exposed lights will not be attractive.   He pushes her to go further than she is aiming.

Now, Tim, you stay away from that.

Chris wanted to play with hard & soft.   Tim thinks he is using too many different colored lights in the top.   He doesn’t want “Christmas tree.”   Without the lights, he thinks the top and bottom are disparate.

Before we move on, I have to tell ya, that sure reminded me of Jasmine Masters' take on resort wear.  Okay, maybe I'm reaching.

Izzy embroidered with the LED lights.  But, not with the Dream Machine.  Tim deems it wacky.   Wait, was that the extent of her design?   Tim is worried about her.

When Tim leaves them, they only have 3 more hours.  

Izzy doesn’t seem ready for model fitting. 
Well, she's one third ready, she's got a coat,
but no shirt or skirt.

CHRIS:  “Allie, would you rather have a wild, amazing romance with Zac Effron for three months, or find an okay, decent guy to spend your whole life with?”

ALLIE: “Um … I’m 14.  And, I’m busy right now.”

Allie, your sanity is a breath of fresh air.   No, it wasn’t the Secret.

Tieler interviews that he didn’t have time to put anything on the back.   Wait, way back on episode 2, didn’t he not do anything to the back of his green outfit?   I mean, anything extra.

A’KAI’s model, ASHLEY:  “I feel like R2D2’s girlfriend.   Do you know what I’m talking about?”

A’KAI: “No, I’m not a Star Wars fan.”   But, wait, he knew it was Star Wars!  He knows!

"I live in a galaxy far, far away."

“It ain’t right.”

I think that would be boyfriend, not girlfriend.

Now, THAT would be girlfriend.

Chris has a lighting crisis at the last minute, but Chelsea saves the day with an extra strand.

Judging are our regulars, host Hannah Jeter, plus Christian Siriano, Kelly Osbourne and Aya Kanai.










The judges all clap.  Wow.  Hannah calls out Cartier, Chelsea and Allie as the safe middle.  Chelsea is admonished for an anemic look, but she had the last immunity.  Ouch.

Tieler was inspired by seaming.  Christian wants something further on the back.  Kelly & Aya are thrilled with his work.

Molly wanted a fashion forward, whimsical dress.  Kelly finds it brave and bold.  Aya doesn’t like it, she thinks it is weak.

Izzy’s work is lauded by the judges, even though they see technical issues.   Huh?   They are sold with her idea of branding.

Christian likes that A’kai went more romantic than techie, but he doesn’t like seeing the under-construction.  Kelly calls his work angelic, and thinks this was his best outfit yet.  Aya doesn’t like his time management.   Aya rips apart his thinking.  

Chris’s jacket is a hit.  Kelly says she is obsessed with it.   Aya doesn’t like all of the different pieces together.

Hawwaa wanted to do something that she would wear.  Christian thinks it isn’t all that exciting.   Hannah thinks the lights are an after thought.  Kelly does like the work, though she laters says she wanted better execution.

Chris is the winner of the challenge.  Isn’t that a hoot that he thought he was leaving?

Chris, Molly, Izzy and Tieler are all in and safe.   Wait, Tieler placed 3rd worst?   Wow.

Bottom two are Hawwaa and A’kai.

Hannah eliminates A’kai.  Hawwaa is kept on for the next challenge.  It looks like both A’kai and Kelly are crying.   But, not Aya!   Some people are mindful of deadlines, after all.

A’kai tells the judges, and later Tim that he is sorry he let them down.   Tim assures A’kai that he hasn’t.   I get that A'kai's time was now, but, dang, I'll miss the guy.

Tune in next week for a fire drill.  Or, for Izzy’s reindeer games.  Will they have to make outfits for reindeers?


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