Friday, January 13, 2017

Project Runway Junior s2e4  Step It Up From Day To Night  12 January 2017 

Last time on PR Jr. the designers, in
teams of two, were to create avant garde
looks inspired by Tim's new hobby:  Fencing!

Do you get the idea that soon they'll be
redesigning McDonalds uniforms because 
Tim bopped in for an Egg McMuffin?

Tieler & Molly were the top team
with Tieler taking the win.
That's two weeks in a row he's been #1.

Bottom team was Hawwaa & A'kai.
A'kai got the boot, but Tim wouldn't have it.
He used his Tim Gunn Save
and kept A'kai in the game.

Now, before we get into it, here's how they are doing all season so far,
you know, 3 points for a win, 2 for 2nd place, 1 for 3rd,
none for safe middle, -3 for last, -2 for 2nd to last and -1 for 3rd to last.

When someone is already gone, they keep earning that -3.
So, is this how you're thinking it is going?
Do you have a favorite yet?
Yeah, I know, it's hard, they are all so good.

Host Hannah Jeter greets the 10 remaining designers on the runway.  She gives a Klum-like useless hint, and then sends them all to the work room.

The designers ogle over the Fit Bits that have been placed in the work room.   

Soon mentor/host Tim Gunn is bringing in Fit Bit’s Direct of Product Marketing Melanie Chase, to introduce the challenge.  The challenge is to outfit a fashionista with a versatile look for day to night.  They are to choose a Fit Bit bracelet or pendant for their model to wear on the runway.

There’s no trek to Mood,

but they have mini-Mood.
It’s a one day challenge.

Once they are constructing their garments Izzy laments her choice of patterned fabric.  I don’t understand, can’t she just walk all the over to the next room and grab something else from mini Mood?  Oh, that's right, it's locked up.   Still, can't she beg a neighbor designer who isn’t using everything that he or she picked?

Oh, wait, she does get to ‘borrow’ some fabric.   And, dear Lord, she is quite happy about it.

But, isn’t that for a lumberjack shirt, not a fashionista day to night look?   Fashion forward?  Just barely, in 1994.

“What’s wrong with 1994?”

Tim time!   Why is he coming in so late?

Chelsea is working with neon neoprene.   Tim thinks the model will look ill.  He steers her from white towards light-ish gray.  She’ll still use the neon yellow, though.

Allie has her pants ready, but not the wrap around top.  Tim moves Allie away from the fuchsia for a lining, and towards a safer white.

Izzy seems finished, but she went back to her original fabric.   Tim has her get rid of a thigh slit.

A’kai is working in dark gray and darker gray.   Hmmm.

Rene is loving that cut-out bondage theme of his, huh?  It’s all in light gray and white.  I guess that’s different for him.   Why is his muse a 40-to-death lady?

“You took the words right out of my mouth.”

“You took the words right out of my mouth.”

Tim is polite with Hawwaa, huh?

 “It’s a point of view.  Isn’t it very *you?*”   I expect Tim (or Tom Brokaw) to say, “It’s a lotta look.”

Cartier has a reversible oversized vest that goes over a plain slip dress, yes, just like the models used to wear during model selection in PR1-PR8.  How can THAT be seen as fashion forward?  Tim calls it the least ambitious look in the room.   Wait, less ambitious than Izzy’s?    Cartier has some fringe to save the day.

“She’ll win the whole thing now!”

Allie is the last one sewing … is this an omen?

No one used the Dream Machine for embroidery, huh?

It’s the same crew judging:  Hannah, Christian, Kelly and Aya.











Hannah praises their work, and then calls out A’kai, Molly, Chris and Tieler as the safe middle and sends them back to the waiting lounge.

Allie’s look is sophisticated and beautiful per Kelly.  Christian finds it evening enough.  Aya deems it has total 360 appeal.

Aya calls out Cartier for the  slip dress being too short.  Christian thinks this is already in stores.  Aya reminds Cartier that a slip dress with fringe is on trend right now.  

“Now?  Were you in a coma all of  2013?”

Kelly finds it too simple.  Cartier is emotional, Kelly is kind in building her back up.

Aya loves Chelsea’s look.  Hannah calls it chic and sporty.  Christian is admiring it from all sides.

The judges are SO over Rene’s cut outs.  Christian is underwhelmed.  Aya wants something new, something else.   Hannah doesn’t see any added value by any of the cut outs.  Ought!

Hawwaa was inspired by the pattern that she found in mini Mood.  She has a mini reveal with the skirt.  Aya praises the fun, playful attitude.  Kelly loves how well thought out it is.  Christian sees a forward thinking designer.

Izzy uses the ubiquitous ‘she’s going to an art show,’ which cracks me up.  Aya worries it isn’t special at all.  Hannah thinks it is adorable and well made, but she knows Izzy has so much more in her head to share.

Okay, Kelly’s dress is making me laugh.
She could fit her entire extended family in it.
I know she isn't big, but, man, it looks like
she is wearing a sleeping bag on her legs.  

Chelsea wins the challenge!   She earns immunity for the next one.

Chelsea, Allie, Hawwaa and Cartier are all safe and in.

Bottom two are Izzy and Rene.

Rene is out.   That means Izzy is in.

I was sure it was going to go the other way.   But, now that I think it through, Izzy does have a potential to show something new that maybe Rene doesn’t.

“Or maybe I will now, huh?  Didja ever think of that?”

Did you like his acrobatic exit?
We never see anything like that.

"Hello!!!  Nearly every time someone lip synchs
on RuPaul's Drag Race there's acrobatics!"

Next time:  LEDs!  Chris has to convince the judges that his pieces go together?


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