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Project Runway Junior s2e3  En Garde, Avant Garde!  5 January 2017 

Last time on PR Jr. the eleven remaining contestants used
pool party materials to create a pure posh & playful look.

Cartier and Molly were in the top 3,

but Tieler bested them for the win.

Hawwaa and A'kai were bottom dwellers,

but Lucas placed eleventh out of 11, and was eliminated.

The ten remaining designers meet up at the runway to see host/mentor Tim Gunn and former Olympian Tim Morehouse fencing.

Well, I know what I want for my birthday now.

This week's challenge is to create an Avant Garde look inspired by fencing.  It's a team challenge!   Tim uses the button bag to pair them up.   It's a one day challenge, but, remember, there are two of them for one look.

Notice that one person isn't thrilled that it's an Avant Garde challenge.   Spoiler alert, the disappointment with it being an Avant Garde challenge doesn't go away.

"Why doesn't everybody know what Avant Garde is by now?

They inspect the fencing attire, sketch, and then head on off to Mood.   

They have $300 per team, nice, eh?  At Mood, Hawwaa and A'kai seem to be on different pages.  That's putting it nicely.  Yeah, that team is getting the Loser Edit, big time.

Rene seems to be the first to make use of the Brother Embroidery Dream Machine.    That will help at judging time, yes?

We get several edits of A'kai being micromanaged, or, dare I say, harassed?   I don't know for sure, but it sure feels like that.

And, we learn that Chris doesn't know who Freda Chola is.  Don't worry, Chris, I didn't know until Ru mentioned her on RPDRs8e2, with the AB Soto mini challenge.

But I never mistook her for Carmen Miranda.

Tim time!   He looks drunk, huh?

"I need to be, to deal with the infighting!"

Chelsea is surprised that Tim likes their work.   How funny.   Does Chelsea over worry on everything?   Curious.   Tim is worried that if the fabric pieces are too large on the pants, that it will look like black asparagus.   Allie interviews that asparagus is not a good inspiration.

"What's wrong with asparagus?"

Tim utters the "You're giving me that "Die, scum, die!" look" to Hawwaa when meeting up with her and A'kai.    

She counters "we already wasted a thousand hours ...  'cause like I don't know it took a really long time for A'kai to finish his skirt ..."    Tim wants more volume on the skirt, and they already were working on an overlay, crisis averted.

"You'd think that, wouldn't you?"

Chris & Rene were inspired by the armor.  Tim wants to see it together, to see if it is cohesive.

Tim asks Izzy and Cartier "is it Avant Garde enough?   Is it too wearable?"

Tim tells Tieler and Molly that he is crazy about their work.   Wow, that went well!

Model fitting goes well for everyone except for A'kai, since he didn't leave an allowance for a zipper.   That's fairly important, don't ya think?   

Hawwaa interviews that she is very upset.   Now I don't blame her.

Molly doesn't know who David Bowie is?

(No one mentions Iman.)  

That's like me not knowing who Glenn Miller is.  Or Billy Murray.  Or Bach.

Or, more likely, not knowing who David was.  (And, no, not Seville.)  Let me tell ya, being old isn't for wimps.

It's the same ol' judges:  Hannah Davis Jeter, Christian Siriano, Kelly Osbourne and Aya Kanai.

Allie & Chelsea

Chris & Rene

A'kai & Hawwaa

Cartier & Izzy

Molly & Tieler

Hannah calls out izzy & Cartier as middle safe.  They quickly run off stage, only to run back and exclaim, "Avant Garde is scary, don't do it!"  Ah, youth.

The judges like that Chelsea & Allie worked well together, and seemed to share responsibilities evenly.  Their work is legitimately Avant Grade, and yet kind of wearable.

Christian likes the story of the red straps on the arm, but the work is messy with A’kai and Hawwaa.   The judges get that they did not work well.  Hannah sees that there is no cohesion.

Kelly loves the jacket that Chris made, but not Rene’s under body suit.  Christian thinks that the body suit is dated.  Hannah thinks it is costume, Aya thinks it is too safe.

Aya thinks Tieler and Molly should collaborate for life.  Kelly and Christian rave over the coat.  Hannah suspects they got along beautiful, and sees the cohesion.

I don't know, all I see is maternity wear—

—and not even as good as Shirin's from PRs6e2.

"I think that that was the best Avant Garde challenge ever!"

“How dare he say that right in front of me!”

During the Zac Posen closer look time, Hannah takes the collar off of Hawwaa’s top and the judges go wild.  Clearly they didn’t like the collar.

Molly & Tieler are the top team.

Tieler wins the challenge!  Yes, two in a row.

Molly, Tieler, Chelsea, Allie, Chris, and Rene are all safe and head out back.

It’s between Hawwaa and A’kai.
A’kai is out.

That means Hawwaa is in.

Kelly and A’kai each cry.  Waaaaah.

But, wait!  Tim used his save!   Wow, I’m surprised that he used it so early in the season.   The third episode is indeed the earliest he has used it, yes?

I can’t tell, are the fellow designers all mad?   They don’t all seem to be celebrating like I thought that they might.

“I’m like 1,002,099.53% excited!”

Can’t say I’ve heard it put it that way before.

Tune in next week for a day to night look!

That's not Judith Regan, is it?
You know, the TV anchor, radio host, publisher, etc.
who always wore a burgandy top?
Like she thought she could never wear another color.  Ever.
Don't worry, I know it isn't.


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