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Face Off s11e01  Abstract Aliens  24 January 2017

On the last episode of Face Off,
which we saw way back on April 13, 2016,
the final three were Rob, Walter & Melissa.

Rob was the ultimate winner of season 10!

Sixteen returning special effects makeup artists meet up with host McKenzie Westmore at some lighthouse on the California shore.  The U.S. Coast Guard brings the host over to the contestants.   I was hoping she would hang glide off of the top of the lighthouse.

We see that they have been paired off in teams of 2.  The judges will only eliminate a team of 2 every other week, or only after 2 challenges.

The teams are:
Logan & Adam

Ben & Evan

Niko & Cat

Cig & George

Tyler & Emily

Gage & Rachael

 Jasmine & Stella


and Keaghlan & Melissa

Cat & Niko are a couple, and they also work together at their own SFX company.  Will that give them an edge in working together?

Gage & Rachael have worked together on a few projects.   Same for them, do ya think?

Adam & Logan competed on the same season, as did Ben & Evan, and Cig & George.   Do they have a leg up on the others because of that?

The Spotlight Challenge?  Create an alien that lives in the water, inspired by a deep sea creature.  They will utilize green screen technology into their designs.  (The aliens don’t have to have 2 arms and 2 legs now!)

As they sketch, the teams all seem to be getting along fine.  It’s a typical 3 day challenge.

 Niko uses a pic George’s gut as mold?

Huh?  I guess I'll reserve judgment for later.

A couple of hours into it, Evan steps away from his model form, only to hear it drop to the floor when he’s in another room.   It’s a couple of hours lost.

Soon enough mentor Michael Westmore comes through.

Jasmine & Stella want to hide the mouth.  Michael thinks it is too human, they should cover up the face features.

Adam & Logan are nervous about being too literal with their octopus inspiration.

Emily & Tyler want to go towards ‘beauty.’  Michael steers them away from high fashion makeup, where the focus would be on the human face.

Michael thinks Keaghlan & Melissa need to rework their mouth.

And that’s it?   That was brief.

On day two Cat & Niko have trouble opening their cowl mold. Keaghlan & Melissa come to the rescue.  They all eventually get it open, with a lot of damage.  

As they are coming back from commercial, it occurs to me:   This is filmed in or at least *near* Los Angeles, yes?   Where are the vehicles on the highway?

Where have all the people gone?

Or is that better?

Ben & Evan have decided to go with two giant legs instead of eight smaller legs.  Is that the way to go with their inspiration?

On day three it is the standard 4 lab hours and one last hour behind the reveal stage.  Most are painting soon after the models arrive.  Still, everyone seems to be working right up to the last minute.

On the reveal stage it’s the same crew: Host McKenzie Westmore, and judges Glenn Hetrick, Ve Neill and Neville Page.

Emily & Tyler
Deep Sea Dragon Fish

Ben & Evan
Japanese Spider Crab

Keaghlan & Melissa
Flying Gurnard
Cig & George
Roughback Batfish 
Jasmine & Stella
Helmet Jellyfish
Gage & Rachael
Skeleton Shrimp
Adam & Logan
Veined Octopus
Cat & Niko
Vampire Squid

McKenzie calls out the top & bottom teams, leaving Emily & Tyler, Cis & George, Adam & Logan and Cat & Niko all middle safe to go out back.

Ben & Evan wanted to get rid of the human form, and to keep the legs to a minimum.  Glenn wanted more legs, like their inspiration.   Ve thinks the 2 legs are totem poles painted by 3 year olds.  Ha!  Neville sees the discordance between the head and the body.  

Gage & Rachael’s alien is from a water planet.  Ve praises their use of the green screen.  That she is see-through is cool.  Neville likes the claws the most.  Glenn thinks some of the sculpting is rough, but that that is appropriate for the challenge.

Jasmine & Stella stumbled with the green screen.  The model’s arms got in the way of various tentacles.   The arms should have been in the back, behind their work.   Neville thinks it is unbalanced, and the head belongs on another project.

Keaghlan & Melissa’s creature is an evolved alien.  Glenn loves the head sculpt & pain.  Ve admires the glowing membrane.  Neville calls their work exquisite.

It’s clear that
Ben & Evan, and Jasmine & Stella
are the bottom two teams,

and Gage & Rachael,
and Keaghlan & Melissa
are the top two teams.

Keaghlan & Melissa are the winning team!  They will be immune to being eliminated next week.

That’s it?   I’d guess Ben & Evan did the worst, but we don’t *know* that for sure.  That's by the edit.  I would guess that Jasmine & Stella were the bottom team by the work itself.   How's that for covering all bases?

In general, I loved the green screen work this week.  I hope they get to do more of that in the weeks and seasons to come.

Next time they have to do something they’ve never done before.   Create alien brides & grooms?   Maybe they just went to church so Ben & Evan could pray for a better outcome in episode 2.


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