Monday, January 16, 2017

Face Off s11  The Premier Is Next Week!  24 January 2017

For quite a few years we'd get two runs of Face Off.
This time we had to wait a year.
Well, there were the presidential campaigns to follow.

Season 11 will be an All Stars season.
Do you remember these people?

Gage Hubbard • s1 • top 3
Tyler Green • s6 • top 3
Niko Gonzalez • s6 • 4th
Cat Paschen • s6 • 9th

Cig Neutron • s7 • top 3
George Troester • s7 • 4th
Stella Sensel • s7 • 5th
Rachael Wagner • s7 • 7th

Keaghlan Ashley • s7 • 9th
Emily Serpico • s8 • top 3
Logan Long •  s8 • top 3
Adam Milicevic • s8 • 5th

Evan Hedges • s9 • top 3
Ben Ploughman • s9 • top 3
Jasmine Ringo • s9 • 9th
Melissa Ebbe • s10 • top 3

Do you have a favorite?   I'm gonna have to root for Emily Serpico.  I don't remember her being from Orlando, I thought it was West Palm Beach or something like that, but, geez, ya gotta root for a home girl, right?  I am guessing Gage, Logan and Cig could be contenders for the win, though.  Oh, and Ben, too, right?


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