Saturday, June 24, 2017

RPDR s9e14 • Grand Finale! • 23 June 2017

Last time on RuPaul's Drag Race the queens returned 
for a reunion of sorts at the Alex Theatre.
Doesn't Ru look so far away and tiny in this shot?

Miss CuCu passed the Miss Congeniality torch,
er, sash to Miss Duplicitous, Valentina.

Aja changed the title to Fan Favorite,
which is more accurate.

Did you think this was the right final four.
I mean, besides the travesty of
Valentina EARNING her elimination.

What did you think of the finale?   I still wanted RuPaul to chat briefly with every single queen, like she has in the prior seasons.   Ru only chatted with the top 4, the rest were only on stage for a brief moment.  And, where were the prior winners, like they would have on every finale?

“Bitch, we got lives to lead!”

At least we got to see Winter Green!

Regardless, I’m glad that something new was added.

The top 4 had to lip synch in order to determine the eventual winner.

Peppermint & Trinity Taylor lip synched to Britney Spears’ “Stronger.”

Peppermint won, thanks to a costume change & a wig reveal in the middle of the song.  Until that point, I thought Trinity was taking the semi-final win.

Shea Couleé & Sasha Velour lip synched to Whitney Houston’s “So Emotional.”

Sasha Velour won, thanks to a bunch of rose petals, eh?

This means Peppermint & Sasha Velour became top two, and lip synched against each other for crown, to WH’s “It’s Not Right, But It’s Okay.”

And Sasha won that challenge, too.

True to form, the right person won, but this year the top 4 were SO very close.

It hasn’t always been this way.  Only season 6 has been somewhat close.

"Not for me."

Ready to see Eureka O’Hara and a bunch of fresh queens on season 10 next year?   They ought to be filming soon, if they haven’t already, and we should see some evidence online in no time.

 Long live Sasha!

Even if Bob never gives up the crown.


Friday, June 23, 2017

Walking • 3 • 23 June 2017

I walked 3 miles this morning, picking up a few items from Walmart.  On the edge of my seat, waiting for Sasha Velour to win tonight.


Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Face Off s12e02  Hive Mind  20 June 2017

Last time on the return of Face Off,
twelve new contestants created
werewolves, in two teams of six.

"It was awesome!"

Team Ethereal Effects was the winning team,

and Joseph was the overall winner.

Team Twisted Six Effects was the losing team.

Bottom three were foreman Al, Nick and Laura.

Laura was eliminated for her chest work.

Host McKenzie Westmore presents three glass containers to the eleven remaining artists.  They are termites, wasps and ants.  Each team has to create three looks:  Queen, worker and drone.

“It don’t get no better than that!”

We’ll see.

“Nobody chooses the ant.”

McKenzie tells the teams they also have to create a hatching prop egg.

They start designing and sketching.   It’s a typical three day challenge.

Later on day one mentor Michael Westmore stops by.

He tells Team EE Nelson (foreman) that his sculpt looks like a mask.   He doesn’t see enough ‘queen.’


Mr. W. doesn’t seem to have anything to say about their drone.

He is complementary when looking at Andrew’s drone sculpt.   Andrew gets advice as to how to fix the jaw & mouth.

Team T6E has decided to use a tall guy as the queen?  Mr. Westmore says he has a hard time getting behind that.   He advises Jill to try and make the head more feminine.  Mr. W. is nervous they aren’t even thinking about the throat yet.

KC’s worker is way too busy, ornate.  Seems like Mr. W. wants her to essentially start over.

“I’m gonna make this look like a pretty version of your bee.”

Poor Suzanne is being questioned on how she wants to handle her mold by her teammates.  

Is her team splintering apart at this point?

Andrew & Joseph struggle with a mold at the end of day two.

On reveal day Nelson is struggling with pieces of foam, till he decides to sew them together.

Ya know, both Suzzane and Al were tasked with creating the eggs/babies.  Will that be a blessing or a curse, to not be doing much work on a model?

As usual, everyone is working right up until the very last minute.

Phil deals with a last minute patch job with airbrushing.

Joining host McKenzie Westmore are regular judges Glenn Hetrick and Neville Page, and guest judge Eryn Krueger Mekash (in for a busy Ve Neill.)

Twisted Six Effects

Team Ethereal Effects

Glenn has a beef with the basic yellow paint job that Phil & Al are presenting.  Glenn doesn’t like that Al seemed to do too little on this challenge. Eryn wishes they had used 2 bald caps instead of one (which failed them, as they had to paint over the places where the model’s hair pierced through.)  Eryn calls out their anemic work on the hands.

Eryn loves Nick & Jill’s paint work.  Glenn loves their work.  Neville is concerned that the back of the head looks better (had more attention paid to it) than the face.

Neville praises Faina & Kierstin’s work.   He and Eryn find harmony in the sculpt, and the way in which they hid the eyes.  Glenn is impressed with the amount of work successfully completed.

Glenn tells Nelson & Suzanne that their creation is “not working.”  Eryn wants their neck addressed, begging for paint.   Wait, that’s it?

The winning team is Ethereal Effects.

Faina is the individual winner, due to her paint work and vision.

Losing team is Twisted Six Effects.

Bottom dwellers are Al, Phil and foreman Jill.

Glenn axes Al for hardly doing anything, but especially for not doing much paint work.

Did you see it coming?   I thought both Al and Suzanne were going to be in the bottom, thanks to the way they were edited this week.   So, without Suzanne in the bottom, I knew Al was going.

Tune in next week when the artists create fairy tale characters.

With chainsaws!

“The fairy tale has been done already.”

Will they keep the teams at four and six?