Friday, December 30, 2016

Project Runway s15e15 • Reunion • 29 December 2016

Last time on Project Runway, Erin won season 15!

Behold, the power of whimsical embellishment!

And, bananas.   Mmmmm, yellow.

Let's see if the reunion sheds any light on the
Dexter & Erin versus Cornelius drama
we had back on episode eight.

Pardon me, folks, the reunion just seemed like a bit of excrement to me this year.  I had a wish list going:

1.  Do the other contestants agree with Erin winning?   This was not addressed.

2.  The mean girls do not accept that they are.  Delusion is a great coping mechanism, eh?

3.  They all seem to be drinking so much, but Guadalupe Vidal from season 2 seems to be the leader in who got the most drunk.  Or was it Blaine and Hanmiao from season 14?   Ya know, how would Guadalupe done on this season, with her taking off and adding on all of HER embellishments?  Curious.

4.  No one apologized to anyone for anything they should have.

5.  There's a vignette on Tim, one on Jenni's laughter, Cornelius's shade, and one on Erin's obsession with yellow.  Many of them get a short edit.   Why, even Brik got one, just for being Brik.

6.  There was mention of Alex and his character, during the first team challenge, so I am still quite proud of him for being the adult in the room.

I was thinking it was a great waste of time, but right near the end, Brik made us proud:  "Talking down about somebody else for their work, it doesn't make you appear any better."   Good on you, Brik.

It was a pretty good season, if not one of the best.  And, we'll get one next year!   In the meantime we'll have PR Jr., Face Off, RuPaul's Drag Race and PR All Stars.   It'll be a good year.


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