Friday, December 23, 2016

Project Runway s15e14 • Finale Part 2 • 22 December 2016

Last time on Project Runway 
he top four showed three looks to the judges
in preparation of Fashion Week. 
Everyone was told to make their collections cohesive.

After the 3-look critique from the judges, Tim offers them a trip to Mood with $500.  They all seem to need to radically change their collections, except maybe Laurence?  Maybe.   Not sure they are all going to be strong.  They ladies seem to be making smart, strategic changes.   I didn’t get that the guys were as clear-minded.

Yellow for the win, eh?

Yeah, lots of fans are feeling like that, Swatch.

“No greeting?”

"Merry Christmas, Dahlink!"

“We were working!”

Rik interviews that he finished.  I was worried about him and Roberi finishing.   

One of Roberi’s models ditches him.   He gets an alternate.

Laurence’s white skirt suddenly has a big hole in the back.   Uh-oh!

Judging the finale are Heidi, Zac, Nina, and Zendaya (guest judge on Under The Gunn, n’est-ce pas?)

Heidi’s gold boots are kind of scaring me.  Or scarring me.  I guess she was concerned she won’t going to be seen, we’ll leave it at that.  No jokes about being short, tight and shiny.

Rik Villa

Laurence Basse

Roberi Parra

Erin Robertson

Anne Fulenwider thinks it’s the best finale ever?

Back at the runway Heidi does mention that they were all impressed.  

Rik was inspired by rebellion and punk rock.  Heidi likes that he rearranged and tweaked all the looks so that there was genuine cohesion.  Zendaya sees clean grunge.  Nina loves the 1st look, powerful and sexy.  Nina accepted the denim pieces in the end.  Zac agrees with the first look being wonderful.  Zac felt that the denim looks were anemic.  Uh-oh!  Later Nina says she still doesn’t know who he is.  That’s the kiss of death, huh?

Heidi is proud of Roberi.  She likes the shiny material at the bottom of the looks.  She didn’t like the last piece, compared to the rest.  Nina is so glad he turned it around, she liked many of the looks.  Zac is beaming, he likes the collection.   Zendaya liked the heaviness of some pieces and lightness in others, all in the same look.

Erin’s cut & paste quality to her work gets approval from Zac.  He didn’t like some of the embellishments as much as the others.  He says she has a great future.  Zendaya liked that it was fun and kooky, yet expensive.  Heidi saw a lot of wow moments.  She likes that Erin makes her think.  Nina appreciates the femininity, humor and style.   She didn’t like the first look, but adored the 2nd.

Zendaya liked Laurence’s leather pieces.  She adored the first look, the jumper.  Wearaable, chic, but tough, too.  Zac thinks Laurence’s collection was the most wearable, but the least amount of runway pizzaz.  Heidi wanted more wow moments.  Nina didn’t think the pleated skirt was “Laurence.”  In general, she’s very sad at the collection.   Well, she’s out.

Heidi asks them why they should be the winner.  Ugh.  I’ve never warmed up to that.  We never hear anything important out of it.

Rik placed 4th.

Laurence placed 3rd.

Roberi placed 2nd.

Erin won PR15!

It was pretty obvious throughout the season that she was the favorite.  I was indeed hoping for a couple of other designers to pull it out, but, I can’t deny that Erin earned it.   This isn’t season 8.

While I was putting this sorry PR blog post together I was listening to the local news.   Check our newscaster's last name.  BEYOND YELLOW.   Preach!

There’s a reunion next week!

Get ready to rumble, Cornelius & Dexter!

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