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Project Runway s15e13 • Finale Part 1 • 15 December 2016

Last time on PR, the designers flew to Austin, and were 
tasked to create an unconventional look inspired by the trip
using materials from a farm supply store, and a restaurant.

But, they didn't use any chickens.

"I should hope not!"

To be more precise, they had to create two looks,

one unconventional, the other of Mood fabric.

Roberi placed 1st,

Erin 2nd,

Laurence 3rd,

Rik 4th,

and Cornelius 5th and last.

Only Cornelius was eliminated.

That's right, the top four are guaranteed to compete at Fashion Week.

Heidi & Tim meet up with the 4 remaining designers at the runway.  They have six weeks and $9,000 each to create a 10 look collection.  Will Erin use only yellow?  Will Rik find another color beyond B&W?   Funny how Rik hasn’t fallen for the yellow trap, huh?

Four weeks later, with two to go, Tim visits Laurence in Los Angeles, CA.  Her work is based on her entire life, going from darkness into light.    Tim watches her break down and cry.   That’s cold, Tim, give the poor lady a strong hug!

The only way I could understand you more, Laurence, is if I had been pregnant when my father shunned me.  So, of course, you have a place in my heart.   Well, turning your back on the color black helps, too.

Tim likes the work he sees, and her trajectory.  He encourages her to push forward, that’s it!

Rik is also in Los Angeles, so he sees him next.  They bowled.   What else does one do in L.A., huh?    B/M was cruel, putting the Fred Flintstone sound effects to Tim’s walking up to the line, right?

Both Laurence and Rik have huge spaces, eh?  Rik is channeling some Mah-Jing with all the treated denim!    Rik has used several common visual trick cartoons that I’ve seen all my life, are they copyrighted?   I immediately think of Irina and her t-shirts with copyrighted material.

Tim thinks the collection is HIGHLY disjointed.   They decide he has to mix up all of the pieces, at the very least.

With only 10 days left, Tim visits Erin in Boston.  She’s working on her collection at her alma mater, that’s nice of them to provide space.   Erin hasn’t made one finished garment yet!   Is this an Anya edit?

“What are you trying to say?”

“It’s done in my head, so I’m good.”

Erin wanted a fun, positive vibe collection.  

I don’t know.   The talent for art is certainly there (but that was a friend who painted those … characters, yes?)   Is this going to read high end enough?   It's starting to remind me of Summer camp arts & crafts.   For me, the artsy bits belong on a t-shirt, yes, like the ‘graphic t-shirt’ phase we’ve had to endure for years now.

Erin has some unconventional materials going .. is that the ticket to an automatic win?   They did have THREE unconventional materials challenges this season, maybe she is on to something.   Tim sees that she is breaking a lot of rules, and he is a believer.

“Your story is a cacophony!”

“It’s caffeinated?”

Didja like the chalk rendition of Tim?   

“I know *I* did!”

I knew that Roberi left his home in Caracas, to move to Miami.  I didn’t realize he did so in early Spring of this year!  Now he is in NYC.   I can't make up my mind whether he is holding imaginary yarn in his hands, or a measurement of equipment.

He based his collection on his own life, being in many different physical places and that is an excuse for using every possible color.  Hmmm.   He seems to have a fondness for roominess in his tops.

Tim sees too many ideas, then dials it back to ‘it’s a lot.”   He doesn’t think that they all belong to the same person.   Roberi’s silhouettes are too basic, per Tim.  He even calls Roberi a dressmaker, not a designer!  Yeeouch!

Back in NYC, they are to pick three looks to show the judges, so they can have feedback, or, fix their collections.

The designers get to design their own logo!  They do so, and Tim visits with each to talk about the looks they will show.  Never mind about the logos, they will never be mentioned.  Missed opportunity.

Roberi still has too many colors and silhouettes.

Laurence shows what she is thinking of showing.  Tim advises her not to repeat herself amongst the three looks.

Tim doesn’t know what the judges will say about Rik’s work.  Ha!   This seems to mean that he should pick the three most disparate looks, yes?

Erin finished her collection!  Whew!  Tim is smiling, he approves, he thinks it is very Erin.  Nothing bad to say?   She must be in the lead, eh?

That was cute with Heidi on the TV monitor, huh?

Yeah, it reminded me of that.

Can you believe that Michael Kors got the tag line WRONG?   “One day you’re in, and one day you’re out?”  It’s supposed to be “… and the NEXT day you’re out!”   Oh how quickly they forget.

Let’s take a gander, eh?





Heidi compliments everybody.  Then they tear into the poor dears.

Zac thinks Rik’s work needs to be ramped up.  Heidi sees NO cohesion.   She thinks the denim look has the longest crotch ever.

“She does?  Was my look skin tight?”

The judges hate her makeup.   Doesn’t that always crack you up, how they have people on hand to give them terrific makeup and the judges always hate it.   Did they ever do that to Collier Strong?  God, I miss him.

Nina calls the work childish.  Heidi reminds him that he needs to have a CO.HE.SIVE collection.

Michael thinks Erin’s girl is fresh and cool.   Nina thinks the middle girl look doesn’t belong in the collection.  At all.    The white & black look is too heavy, and the craftsmanship is lacking.  Zac wants the sparkle in every single look.

Michael hates Laurence’s third look.  Nina loves the jacket on the middle look, but not the pants.    She finds the makeup too severe and dated.  Heidi can’t imagine how it will ever be cohesive.

Zac thinks Roberi’s work is unpolished.  Heidi wants a sexier woman.  Nina and Michael just want more luxurious, polished.

“These girls do not look happy!”

Heidi reminds them, “COHESION!  COHESION!”   Then they just hang on in the waiting room.  Tim comes in and tells them they have to make an 11th look out of bowling balls.

Well, not really, it just ended like a thud.  Like the end of Empire Strikes back.

Tune in next week when Roberi sews with his eyes shut.

Will Erin have scrapped her looks for 10 coats, 7 of them yellow!


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