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Project Runway s15e12 • An Unconventional Trip • 8 December 2016

Last time on PR, the designers were tasked to create garments
melding conventional and an unconventional fabric, metal.

Erin won, Roberi placed 2nd, and Laurence 3rd.

Rik placed 4th, Cornelius 5th, and Mah-Jing was 6th & eliminated.

The remaining designers meet up with Heidi & Tim at the runway.

Right away we get an “I need to step it up or I’m going home” edit from both Cornelius and Rik.  Gee, what could that mean?

Yes, folks, it’s that time of year.  


“Winter Solstice?”


“Boxing Day?”



No, it’s the point where I complain about Bunim/Murray shoving what is going to happen down our throats before it actually happens.   Ugh.  Just let us see it happening when it happens, dearies, alright?

"Okay, enough with the whining.
You’ve whined enough for your
entire life, even if you live to 120!”

“I’ve been waiting for this day for my whole entire life.”

Yeah — not marrying her true love, not becoming a billionaire, not giving birth, not winning PR15, not selling in a major shop, not dressing a celebrity for the red carpet, not dressing the first lady.  (Never mind who that person might be, I just mean ANY first lady.)  Certainly not resurrecting the color yellow.

A change of scenery?  Heidi is sending Tim and his 5 person entourage to Austin, TX.   Does this mean they have to design “weird?”   What would that be, avant grade?  Or unconventional materials?   Hmmm.

They meet Tim and Uncle Nick Verreos by a Best Western pool.  Wait, they aren’t creating swimwear that will take them from the pool to the red carpet, I pray not!

Ah, here it comes:  Create a high fashion garment inspired by their trip to Austin.  They’ve seen a plane and a hotel.  Are they using a bedspread as inspiration?  An airplane seat fabric?  No, it’s unconventional materials from Georgetown Farm Supply and Stubb’s Bar•B•Q.  Not barbecue.

The winner will receive 50 free nights at any Best Western!   No, not with Nick.  So, why is he there to introduce the challenge?

“Heidi said to get weird.” 

Well, Erin is honoring that mandate, she got meal worms at the farm supply store.

And, of course this reminds me of 1969 when I got Oscar & Marble Cichleds that ate meal worms.  They came in the same kind of container that the local Chinese food restaurant used for their take out packaging.   Yes, family members would pick one out of the refrigerator, thinking it would be chow mein, and it would be meal worms.   Ha!

Sorry, I’m back.

This bothered me in the 1970s, and it’s bothering me now, too.

This must be acceptable now, if a designer is wearing it, huh?

“I thought you were done with the complaining?” 

“Did I just get an accent?”

No worries, that’s all you’re getting.  Not even some Rice-A-Roni.

Over at Stubb’s the materials are on display for them to grab, they only need five minutes.  There are a wider variety of items than one would anticipate from a restaurant, including not only, plasticware and cups,  but also vinyl records, drum sticks, comic books, tambourines, boots, and more.

When they get back to NYC, they have two days.  Tim will only check in with them and bring models on the 2nd day.

Roberi is making knots.  Laurence must have seen season nine, she is beading with bird seed.  Cornelius interviews that has no clue what he is doing.   There’s that edit again.

Erin is doing sweet & weird.   She spray paints the meal worms.  Oh, they are dead?  I thought maybe they’d be alive.   Well, I guess they don’t travel well (from TX to NY.)  Rick slices & dices the vinyl into small rectangles.

At the end of the day Cornelius still hasn’t figured out which direction he is going.  There’s that edit again, part 4.

“Thanksfully we have two days for this challenge.”

Before 8a Tim adds another look to the challenge.

“Another look.”

Tim brings them to Mood so they can create a companion piece made out of normal fabric.

My only question is just how many will pick up some yellow fabric.  Laurence, not Erin?  Wow, I called that wrong.

After 4p Tim comes around to inspect.

Tim is worried that Erin’s unconventional look will be like a sandwich board with flowers all over it.  Tim suggests she spend most of her time on the unconventional look.

Rik looks almost finished!   Tim sees his hard work, but he doesn’t like the ‘normal’ corresponding look.  He calls it basic.   It needs to become high fashion.

Tim doesn’t seem to have any trouble with Laurence’s work.  I mean, she has a reasonable answer for everything he brings up.

Roberi is worrying Tim!

Roberi needs to amp up his first look, there’s too much danger of seeing all the lady parts at this point.   He hasn’t even started the second look yet!

“I am in a mad panic over this!”


Cornelius is told he needs more flowers on his first dress.  Tim advises him to makes separates instead of one piece for the second look.   Cornelius is told to spend more time on the first than the second look.

It’s 5:30p when he finishes.  The models come in at 8p, and it’ll be a normal morning on runway day.

Roberi doesn’t seem to have covered his model enough.     But, it’s not on the runway just yet.

Joining a curiously clothed Heidi, Zac and Nina are acres Priyanka Chopra and PR All Stars judge, fashion designer Mrs. Weinstein, Ms. Marchesa herself, Georgina Chapman.

I don’t like the highlights.

“Watch the whining!”






Heidi straight up tells them four will move forward and one will be eliminated.  She tells them it was an interesting show, but it seems she means that as a full on compliment.   Nina chimes in “great design” and Zac quips “super impressive.”  What a difference from years when the last challenge before the finale had them all failing in the eyes of the judges.

Nina deems Laurence’s first look extraordinary.  She loves the play of hard & soft.  Nina adores the back on the second look.  Georgina likes the sweet yet naughty first look, but isn’t impressed with the second.  Priyanka is beaming, she loved the work.  Zac thinks the first is too costumey, but he isn’t take points off for it.  Heidi doesn’t like the skirt on the first look.

Priyanka is enthused with Rik’s first look.  Zac only likes the top.  Nina can’t tell which one is unconventional and which isn’t.  The 2nd look isn’t finished, or well thought out.  Heidi says she won’t remember it beyond this moment.  Georgina is (kind but) much more harsh.  Ruh-roh.

Roberi’s macrame first look and his normal second look are both a major hit with the judges.  No one has anything bad to say.  I take it back, Georgina calls it all magical.  Oh, she doesn’t like seeing the belly button.  Doesn’t matter, I guess, Nina is quite complimentary.

Erin also has the judges raving.   Georgina notes the construction issues on the second look, but otherwise, everyone is over the moon.  And she did it without yellow.  Imagine that.  Nina wants more out of the second look.  Okay, maybe it’s not as unanimous.  Hmmm.

Heidi likes both of Cornelius’s looks.  Georgina doesn’t see cohesion.  The back of the first look is messy.  Zac & Nina thinks he played it safe with the first look, but the judges do like the second look quite a bit.

Roberi wins the challenge
(and the free hotel stays!)  

"It wasn’t Erin?"


Erin & Laurence are safe.

Bottom two are Cornelius and Rik.

Rik is in and will show at fashion week.  Yes, all four that are safe will show at fashion week.

That means Cornelius is out.  Heidi reminds him this is the 2nd time he was eliminated.  Because that helps, somehow?

This means Mah-Jing and Cornelius showed decoy collections (the top six contestants showed at Fashion Week.)

Did you see it panning out this way?   I didn’t expect an unconventional materials challenge for episode 12, that’s for sure.

Tune in next week to see Tim in some uncomfortable situation?  Will it be him on a trampoline?   Doing the hula?  Shooting neighbors?  Walking on a nude beach?   We will soon see.

But, who cares?  Michael is back!   How many times will he say the word "disco?"

"Never enough."


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