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Project Runway s15e11 • Bold Innovation • 1 December 2016

Last time on PR, the designers had to create a 'powerful' look,
inspired by a helicopter trip around NYC.

Cornelius won the challenge,

with Mah-Jing placing 2nd

and Erin placing  3rd.

Laurence and Roberi

were middle safe.

Rik was in the bottom, but was kept on.

Bottom two were Nathalia and Dexter,

and Heidi kicked them both off the show.

I get the top two looks.   C'est tout!

After some staged apartment musings, the six remaining designers meet up with Heidi Klum to learn there are only 2 challenges left.   It’s just like any other season, 12 episodes, 12 challenges, until they get to the finale episodes.

Why they are surprised is beyond me.   Either they are idiots or actors.    Well, they only show 2, and a 3rd interviews his surprise.   So, maybe the other half knew what was up.   Or were asleep.

She wants them to be bold, she wants their work to stand out.  “Go big, or you’ll be going home.”

Then the last six meet up with Tim Gunn in prison, where they will make guard and prisoner uniforms

... in some abandoned warehousie business industrial setting, staged with Lexus cars, fire in oversized metal garbage cans, and various pieces of metal, in different shapes, placed strategically around.  Brian Bolan, the Lexus boy, is there.  Bet they ride to Mood in the cars.

It’s an avant grade challenge!    Will any of them make true avant grade looks?   Oooh, it’s also unconventional - lots of metal will be involved.  Ah, okay, make something that plays on the combination of converntional and unconventional materials.   Hmmm.

Nobody takes the fire.   =o(

They’ll have $150 at Mood, and one and a half days, plus a few moments to grab all the metal they want.   One and a half days?   I guess they will take the scenic route to Mood in them thar cars.

Tim stresses they expect something exciting, spectacular and show-stopping.

“This one is inspiring me.”
(Spoiler, she just makes another black dress.)

“It’s so tricky.”
(Spoiler, she wins.)

“I’m going to make the heaviest garment ever.”  


He doesn’t make the heaviest garment ever,

but his work does cut a model who bleeds to death.  Or something.

Of course Erin gets something yellow at Mood.

Tim & Swatch hunt for cockroaches.  Or pins.  Or something.

Mah-Jing seems happier than usual.  I’m dubious.  Sorry, that’s too Tim.  I ain’t buyin’ it.

“I’m just gonna throw things on the
mannequin and see what happens.”

“Ya know, now might be a good time to
remind everyone what avant garde even means.”

Good point.   AVANT GARDE:   En Français, avant garde means the “vanguard” or the “advance guard” — basically the people and ideas that are ahead of their time. Usually it refers to a movement in the arts, like Dadaism, or in politics, like anarchism. Avant garde can also be used as an adjective to describe something that's cutting-edge.

“But wait!  There’s more!”

Avant garde style first appeared in architecture. As a fashion style it was born in the 1920s in Japan. This style is characterized by straight geometric or shapeless silhouettes.

The basic color in avant garde style is black. (Don't tell that to beige-loving Kanye.)  It is used for the background of the model’s perception. Thus, the expression patterns are achieved not by color, but by lines, shapes, cutting. The avant garde style is using all new fabrics, mesh, paper and cardboard.

Well, that was a bit involved, not to mention stolen.  But, doesn’t that fly in the face of what PR has taught us:  Avant garde is what is going to be NEXT, and the way they want it presented on the runway is with bent towards the extreme.   Well, THAT bit would be what Tim was suggesting earlier.

Cornelius’s work is scaring me.   It reminds me of a toilet seat … where the guy is supposed to sit?  Aidez-moi Seigneur.   No, now it reminds me of a vortex, where we're supposed to throw everything, as opposed to sweeping stuff under the carpet, we throw it in the vortex, and it's gone.    XD

Tim-time at 15:30!

Tim is unnerved by Rik’s use of safety pins.  Tim guides Rik into using more of the glass and metal tiles.

Roberi scares Tim with the removable mask.  Yet, Roberi seems to get a good review.

Why is Mah-Jing just placing mesh on top of denim?

“More importantly, why does he think he is the king of all denim?”

 “Indeed, why?”

Mah-Jing gets a ‘carry on’ just the same.

Erin wants a paper doll look on top of pants.  Tim thinks she will be written up for model abuse.  He politely says she ain’t gonna finish.

Laurence is trying to make a ‘stairway’ step.  Tim fears she isn’t pushing it far enough.

Cornelius wants simplistic in the front, and really crazy in the back.   Tim sees a maternity look?  He also thinks he needs to edit his two ideas down to one.

I can hardly wait for the swimming of the scissors.   Wait, I mean, for the return of PR Jr.

They even let the host return.  (That doesn’t always happen in the PR spin off universe.)

Joining Heidi, Zac and Nina is noted fashion expert actor Shiri Appleby.


Yeah, Dexter rubbed off on me, all I can see is that.






Heidi tells them that they were really impressed with the show.  

I swear Roberi called Mood Mood’s.   That bothers me, like when people call Aldi Aldi’s.    XD

Heidi praises Roberi’s look, she sees how the conventional and the unconventional bits came together.   She also thinks it is futuristic, yet sexy.

Zac saw Braque, which is a good thing.  Shiri wishes there was a little more of a surprise, since it is an avant garde challenge.   Nina loves the bronze piece.   From the top she sees more RoboCop and less avant garde.  Ha!

Mah-Jing was inspired by a coral reef (the mesh.)  Shiri loves the color, but thinks he was timid, he should have taken it further.  Zac thinks it isn’t avant garde, he didn’t take it far enough.  Nina & Heidi see the metal as merely stuck onto a denim dress, it’s not fully incorporated.

Rik wanted to play with texture, and to make ready to wear?  Zac doesn’t like the back, but he does like the front.  Shiri doesn’t think it is exciting, but she does praise the job.  Nina sees that it is fully integrated, and it’s here where I finally get that THAT was the challenge, not in making something avant garde.     Heidi then says avant garde doesn’t have to be unwearable.

“Wish someone had told US that.”

Cornelius was inspired by parasites.  Nina sees a disturbing cliche.   The thing is, he was TRYING to be disturbing!  Zac politely says very little.  Shiri LIKES the shoulder effect.

“See, I told you that big rounded shoulders were the !@#%.”

Laurence wanted to create a crazy little black dress.   Heidi questions her inability to sell herself on the runway.  I admire that she’d rather let the clothing sell the clothing, rather than her personality.  Zac loves it.  Shiri thinks an under color would help it out.  Nina thinks she was way too safe.  She responds that she is over her ‘color’ period.

Erin’s yellow dress is a major hit, of course.  Shiri admires the entire look.  Heidi does think it is bold.   Zac likes the inspiration, the paper doll with tabs.  The back underside of the front is poor, but otherwise, it’s a hit.  Nina thinks she was bold, and deems it editorial.

Erin wins.

“Quelle surprise.”

Roberi, Rik and Laurence are all in.

Bottom two are Cornelius and Mah-Jing.

Cornelius is in!   Wow.   Neither of us thought that was coming.

Mah-Jing is a goner.   =o(
He places sixth for the season.

I get it, but I really thought it was going to be a double elimination.   
Mah-Jing is so professional, grateful, and full of grace.   Good man!

Well, I thought they were both going, did you get it right?

Who do you want in the finale?  Who do you THINK will be in the finale?  Depending upon who does well and who does badly, I could see all five creating collections and some of them fighting for spots, like three of the top 5 had to in season 12.

Tune in next week for ... the meal worm farm?


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  1. Thank you Gianni for continuing to post this excellent PR recap episode after episode, season after season. You always seem to find the best photos & your commentary is as insightful as it it fun to read. Love the lesson on Avant Garde this time. Hope you have an excellent week. :)