Sunday, December 25, 2016

Project Runway Junior s2e1  Welcome To New York  22 December 2016

The new crop of youngsters meet up with host Hannah Davis and mentor Tim Gunn at Central Park.   They have a one day challenge:  Show who they are as a designer, while being inspired by NYC.

Just for a split second, I feared that those were bananas, instead of cacti.

The sketch and then spend $200 at Mood. 

Swatch seems to be plagued with ennui.

Maybe they should have purchased the ever energizing yellow.

A'kai cracked me up.   That poor Mood employee.

It's nearly Noon when they get back to the work room.   I believe they have 10 hours, and maybe an extra hour on runway day.

Tim time!

Chris never made pants from his own pattern before?
Tim is unnerved.

Tim is underwhelemed by A'kai's faux lace treatment.

Izzy created an athleticwear evening gown?

Rene calls Tim "Dad," ha!
His aesthetic is bondage couture?

Molly used a stiff neoprene for a design that wants to be light and drape.
Something is not right with this.

Tim advises Ruby to add a third tier to her two tiered long skirt.
It's looking basic to me.

Chelsea is designing for a ninja hiding under a bridge!

Let's cut to the runway, huh?   It's the standard line up of Hannah Davis, Christian Siriano, Kelly Osbourne, and Aya Kanai.













All the judges are quite complimentary to the designers.   Hannah calls out Izzy, Chris, Ruby, Rene, Molly and Chelsea as the top & bottom dwellers.   She sends the middle safe people out back.

Chelsea'a ninja girl is a hit with the judges, except for the center seam, per Kelly, and the execution, per Christian.  Chelsea apologizes for her work, and Aya takes her to task for doing so.

Izzy explains her athleisure couture, to the approval of the judges.  Christian likes that the slits aren't vulgar.

Christian fears Chris' s color choices.  Aya is the voice of reason, when everything has an emphasis, nothing has an emphasis.  The ribbed cuffs from a bomber jacket on the pants are killing me.  And not just 'cause they are borderline yellow

Rene's bondage couture is a hit, but Hannah and Kelly want the top (chest) area better handled.  

Ruby likes to mix bohemian and an edge.  Kelly wants a shorter skirt just so she can see her idea of the 3 tier hem.  All the judges want her to push it further, it's too simple.

Kelly thinks there is too much fabric in Molly's look.   Christian critiques the fabric choice.  Hannah doesn't think anyone into bohemian would choose to wear it.

Did Chris throw a bit fit in the back room?

Izzy wins the challenge!

Rene, Chelsea and Molly are safe.

Bottom two are Chris and Ruby.

You know how it goes.
Unsuccessful ideas beats out no ideas.   

Ruby is eliminated, and Chris is kept on.

Like season one of PR Jr, the talent level is high with this set of designers.  Should be a terrific season!  I mean, as long as they can stay in their chairs.


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