Saturday, December 31, 2016

Project Runway Junior s2e2  An Unconventional Pool Party  29 December 2016

Last time on PR JR the 12 new contestants were inspired by NYC.

Izzy won the challenge.

Poor Ruby was eliminated.

The eleven designers meet up with Hannah & Tim at a pool with an extravaganza of pool party supplies.  Hanna urges them to create a pure posh & playful look out of the unconventional materials..

Tim introduces Sarina Godin, President of Butter London (nails.)  They get to have nail work done, in addition to the hair & makeup, this challenge.

It’s a one day challenge, and there’s no trip to Mood.  

“I feel like Beach Blanket Bingo meets Gilligan’s Island!”

Tim identifies with Annette now, huh?
I don't think it's the Skippy PB he yearns for.

Yes, several of the children have no concept of the film and the TV show.  C'est tres triste.

“It just ain’t right!”

What’s funny is that Chelsea thinks it is by Dickens.

“It’s an outright tragedy.”

Not that kind.

Seems like they only got to the work room around 3 o’clock to start construction. 

Lucas gets an edit of changing his mind, and going through several outfits.  It’s worse than PRAS3 when Seth Aaron made seven dresses.   Uh-oh!

Ah, so THAT’s where Scott Patric was hiding?  

Tim time starts around 6.  Wow, this day is moving along.

Izzy sliced up some pool noodles.  Tim sees transformation, so he moves on.

Tim is worried about Lucas.  Lucas used vinyl ‘fabric,’ as it where, to make a long skirt.  Tim reminds him that it needs to be greatly transformed, otherwise he is not acknowledging the challenge.

Tieler wanted a natural look.  Tim doesn’t like the drape (there’s drape?) of the sod.   Tieler breaks up the sticks he put in the back, and it automatically looks much better.

Cartier is coloring petals for her look.  Tim fully approves.

Molly is working with fringe/straw.  Tim wants her shorts covered in the remaining fringe.

A’kai made a fan dress.  Tim ain’t havin’ any.  

Hawwaa has the right approach, per Tim.  She already finished a watermelon see through jacket.  Tim is smiling.

A’kai decides to paint his whole dress black, and then apply some light blue/white flower petals mostly near the top.  Next morning he’ll rip half of ‘em off.

Lucas does well during model fitting.  He seems to be finished before everyone else, too.

Judging are the same crew of Hannah, Christian, Kelly and Aya.












Hannah calls out Molly, A’kai, Carier, Lucas, Tieler and Hawwaa as the top & bottom dwellers.   The rest are middle safe and sent out back.

Cartier wanted to employ a water theme (mostly blue.)  Aya loves her use of color.  Kelly admires the skirt material.  Hannah likes the scale effect.  Christian is glad it wasn’t bulky.

Aya thinks A’kai was fighting with the materials.  Hannah thinks there is too much skin.  Kelly is intrigued between how he dresses himself, and how he dresses the models.   Christian wanted the design pushed further.

Lucas explains he had made many different looks already.  Christian loved Lucas’s work on the first challenge, but not the second.  Hannah wanted more texture on the bottom.  Aya knows he has a high taste level, but they can’t see that in this look.

Christian loves the Tina Turner look by Molly, especially the back.  Kelly is so glad it didn’t go too tacky.   Aya likes the skin and volume.

Hawwaa’s look is too costumey.  Aya & Christian don’t understand the jacket with the rest of the outfit.  Kelly wants a structured shape.  

Tieler used astroturf and faux foliage.  The judges are praising it, Kelly likes the shoulders.  Aya deems it sophisticated.   Christian does note that the back is too plain.

Tieler is the inner!

Cartier, Molly and Hawwaa are safe.

Bottom two are Lucas and A’kai.

Lucas is axed, so A’kai is kept on.

 Did you see it going that way?   

Were you impressed with the work?

Coming up next week?  


“Ho! Ha ha! Guard! Turn! Parry! Dodge! Spin! Ha! Thrust!”