Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Project Runway • Thanksgiving Musing • 24 November 2016

Maybe this is lame, but I am grateful for
being able to see so much Project Runway.

Whether we're talking about the Bravo years,

the early Lifetime years,

or the more recent Lifetime years,

I'm grateful to have been able to see PR.

Not only PR, but the knock off shows,

oh, and PR All Stars,

and some international

versions of PR, too.

Of course I am grateful for more than PR — and I don't just mean Face Off and RuPaul's Drag Race.   It will be another gorgeous, dry, sunny day in the 70s (°F) and I did finally recover from the April foot surgery, and I'm approved for jogging and swimming, so there is that.   I have something to celebrate, to be thankful for, even if there are no family members, or local friends to speak of.

I guess things just feel false and less than, when there isn't anyone to share the holiday with, face to face.  I mean, beyond the anoles (the ubiquitous local little lizards.)  But, so be it.  I'm alive.  I'll take it.   And, I do have friends thousands of miles away.   And TWO phones.  

Hey, I got something!   I am not married to Kanye West, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Barack Obama or Vladimir Putin.  Now THAT puts a smile on my face.   Merci, Seigneur!


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