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Project Runway s15e09 • Life Is Full Of Surprises • 10 November 2016

Last time on PF three teams of three created 3-look mini collections,
and, like PR2e6, the public got to vote on the best set.

Team Blue won the challenge,

with Roberi nabbing the individual win.

Team Nude/Neutral won the public's vote, and a
little money from Mary Kay.  Sally Beauty.  Somebody.

Team Red (To Hell With The Violet) was the bottom team.

Erin placed 3rd to last.

Dexter placed 2nd to last.

So, Cornelius was in last place, and eliminated.

But, hold it right there, partner!
Tim Gunn used his save and
kept Cornelius in the competition.

And Dexter did NOT like it.

Let’s see if the war between Dexter and Cornelius continues, if they bury the hatchet, or if they’re just on break till a future episode.  Will Erin get sucked in to the drama, or find a higher road to take?  Well, we get a few minutes of trash talking from all three, but soon enough Tim brings company to the work room.

Sr. VP of Brand Integration at AARP Barbara Shipley (they couldn’t name her Shirley?  Or Leigh?) is with Tim Gunn in the work room to school the little children on how to behave without giving dear Judith Martin a coronary.

No, she’s there to introduce the next challenge:  Just like AARP is for those starting a new stage in life, they are to makeover a family member or friend for their next chapter in life.

“That's worse than 40 to death,
—that's 50 to death!”

In come the family members/friends, one by one, and the tears flood the room.

“That would be flooding one’s basement.”

“No, it wouldn’t!”

“I pooped in her, so we have a special bond.”


Well, no one can accuse Mah-Jing of being unfeeling.

As for the challenge, it’s a TWO DAY challenge, hallelujah.  They get $250 at Mood.  Get this: The winner will win $25,000, and the corresponding model/client will receive $25,000, too!  It looks like they only got six or seven hours of work on the first day, so maybe it’s more like a 1.5-day challenge.  Still, better than usual.

On day two we get the Tim-thru.

Tim decrees “excellent!” to Cornelius’ work path.

Mah-Jing is being overly ambitious, but Tim merely tells him to get going.

Jenni is confusing Tim with her design.  Well, she does interview that she had two critiques, one from Tim and one from her mom.  Ha!

Tim asks Laurence the dreaded, “Could your client go out and buy this right now?”  But, Laurence isn’t phased one bit.

Tim asks Roberi, “Are you over-designing?”   (And, we all know, he doesn’t bother to ask such a question unless the answer is HELL, YEAH.)  We don’t hear a real answer from Roberi.

Nathalia is told her execution has to be perfect.

Erin is inspired by a butterfly’s cocoon.  She’s making a coat.

“Of course, of course.”

Tim gives an “Eeeeeesh!” to the lace underneath.  He sees kids clothes.   “Erin, how many times have we seen this coat?”

Can’t you see her finale collection already, 10 coats, in either yellow, red, or gray.  Where are Jillian Lewis, Sharin Askari and Sue Waller when we need 'em, huh?   Or maybe we don't need them, we have Laurence, eh?

Erin ain’t havin’ any from Tim.   Isn’t that a dangerous path to take?

Dexter and his friend are told they are the coolest people in the room.   But, then Tim thinks the outfit isn’t cool at all.

He is told to “Dexterize” it.  Ha!

Rik wanted to create a fashion forward outfit for work.  Tim is excited about it.

After Tim leaves, Erin goes to Dexter for affirmation.   Dexter.  Erin.  Dextrin.   Not Dexatrim.   At any rate, she shares that Tim unfairly called her look juvenile.

How could have done THAT?

Let’s cut to the runway.  Joining Heidi, Zac and Nina are fashion expert Olivia Culpo and Fashion Star6 Up investor Katia Beauchamp.

Roberi Parra

Jenni Riccetti

Dexter Simmons

Rik Villa

Erin Robertson

Cornelius Ortiz

Laurence Basse

Mah-Jing Wong

Nathalia JMag

Forgive me, model/clients, don't read this paragraph.  I really thought this was going to be a makeover challenge where they addressed the hair.  Some of those poor models need their hair addressed.

"You are not lying."

Heidi calls out Laurence, Dexter and Cornelius as the middle safe and banishes them from the runway.

Roberi’s best friend is a graphic designer in a new country. The judges praise the work, from color, textile to fit.

The judges think Erin’s coat and dress do not belong together.  There are construction issues, and the proportions are off.

Rik’s tweed designer suit look is a big success.  Color, fit, proportions and vision, Rik nails the challenge in every facet.

Jenni wanted to make something that her mom could wear to work (preschool), or to wear out.   Heidi thinks it is the worst look, it’s sloppy, and unsophisticated.  It’s too juvenile.  Zac can’t take the pants seriously.  Katia is more complimentary, she blames the construction alone.

Mah-Jing’s super-hero take on hip-hop cel is a hit.  The judges are impressed, especially that it is precisely right, the design, the vision for his mom/client.

Nathalia created an outfit for her traveling mother.  Nina likes her ideas, but not the proportions, the poor lady is drowning.  Zac sees the poor execution.  Heidi is amazed that it is so poor, since they had 2 days.  Katia deems it unacceptable.

Rik wins the challenge!  Both Rik and his mom each win $25,000.

Roberi, Mah-Jing and Erin are all safe.

Bottom two are Jenni and Nathalia.

Nathalia is in.  That means Jenni is out.

I wasn’t sure they were going to go the way that they did, but it made sense to me.

If each had constructed their looks perfectly, and they had fit correctly, which wold have been better, more appropriate?   So, that's how they voted.  The real question is, will Nathalia turn out a perfectly executed look next time?

Tune in next time when the eight remaining designers get the helicopter ride of a lifetime.


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