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Project Runway s15e08 • Project Pop Up • 3 November 2016

Last week on PR the designers copied the Face Off
10e12 challenge by flying over to Universal Orlando
to the King Kong 'Skull Island: Reign Of Kong" ride.

They sketched at a pool,
after which they came back to NYC to
create garments inspired by the experience.

We didn't see anything too literal.

Dexter and Nathalia were in the top 3,

"Wait just a minute!
I thought you said that we didn't see anything too literal?
Did you even LOOK at Dexter's shoulders?"

Okay, there was that.

Now all I see is a 3 headed person.

Or Vivacious & Ornacia.

At any rate, Laurence nabbed her 2nd win, tying
with Erin for most wins of the season (so far.)

Erin and Cornelius each fought hard to leave the premises,

but Brik beat them to the exit door.

No more Mr. President Zaphod Beeblebrox.  =o(

I'm still debating whether it was the right decision to be made.

"Ya know what?   It don't matter, you ain't no judge!"

Hey, did you see that before episode 8 started, on the prior show, instead of the ‘next week on Project Runway, they showed a bit of an inspiration challenge rewind, featuring 5 great outfits, and 5 sorry ass looks.

It confused me.

“Almost everything does.”

I mean, none of the 5 worst were garments that got a designer kicked off.   The only one that should have been eliminated was Anya for the pants that were ripping at the butt.

“Be quiet, peon.   I was too important to be let go.”

And, why was s12e02 changed from an expensive precious jewels challenge to the s07e12 circus challenge?  Were they originally going to reward Emilio Thotha with a nod for this pre-Mondo look?

“Oh, now I’m thomber.”

Alrighty, let’s get back to the real thing.

The designers meet up with Tim Gunn and Gregory Patterson (Sally Beauty hair person) on the runway.  Heidi took too long in the rest room again, I guess.

The challenge is to create a mini collection, in three teams of three, that people on the street will vote on, like the Banana Republic challenge from season 2.

“Yeah.  We remember that one.”

"'Member when the show used to be on Bravo?"

This time around, they are told what color story to use:  Red & Violet, Nude & Neutrals, or shades of Blue.

Each team gets $600 at Mood (theoretically $200 per designer/outfit) and possibly 2 days, if I understand this correctly.   One day to construct, and one day for judging by the people on the street, and later by Heidi, Zac, Nina & guest.

Team Blue seems to get along famously.   Team Neutral, well, Mah-Jing seems to be the odd man out, but that is mostly just his interviewing bits.

“I have no opinion.”

“I have no opinion.”

However, Cornelius is definitely the unwelcome third wheel to the mean girl power duo of Erin & Dexter.  He does work hard to prove himself, he even does work while the other two relax.   He comes off like he is doing the homework for the mean girls.

You know, there was a point, earlier in the season, where it seemed like he was the only one with a propensity to cause mischief, or snark.   Now I fear karma is coming back on him WAY too strong.     I’m beginning to resent E&D.  Or is it D&E?  Nah, E&D.  Erin has the power.

"Oh, yeah.  It’s just beginning."

Nathalia does interview that they are working separately on their team.   Hmmm.   Maybe there are two teams in trouble?   Я не знаю.

“Are we using too much red?”

Tim time!

“She’s not afraid to represent herself as be a very strange person.”

“I’m liking this one!”

Tim corrects Roberi’s ‘very strange person’ to ‘different.’  Tim sees strong and weak pieces.   He wants them to do more without doing too much.  That’s general and safe enough of ya, TG.

Cornelius thought it was way too much red.  Tim likes the group’s work.  Tim (and Cornelius) want the items to be mixed up.  And, of course, Erin likes that she doesn’t have to create a skirt, since Cornelius is GIVING her his!

“Why do you all look like I’m coming to deliver a death sentence?”

And why is MJW dressed for T E A M   R E D ???
Or is he celebrating OITNB?  Or BTDQ as UA?

“Can I be honest with you?  It’s looking SO BASIC.”  “Save yourselves, okay?”   

Team Nude/Neutrals decides to put Nathalia’s jacked on Mah-Jing’s look.  Nathalia interviews that they are dedicated to putting differences aside and ‘making it work.’

Roberi doesn’t like sexy?  I don’t personally like going TOO sexy, but doesn’t everyone wanna feel at least a little sexy?

I mean, besides some ... uh ... designers.

Ah, that makes a little more sense.

The pop up shop passers by respond very positively to all of the work.

When they get to the runway all I can think is, I must have watched too many news stories on the collegiate movement to eliminate cultural appropriation.

Yes, like Rachel Dolezal, or

horrid white people dressing in other people's cultural garments, or

Kelly Osbourne.

And now all I can see is *this.*

Heidi announces that Team Neutral won the public vote, and it will be factored into the judging.  Also, the win a little money, nice, eh?

Heidi calls out Dexter for being jealous.   She can see and read your face, sir.  She's got the *real* power.

T  E  A  M      R  E  D
Cornelius Ortiz

Dexter Simmons

Erin Robertson

T  E  A  M      N  E  U  T  R  A  L
Nathalia JMag

Jenni Riccetti

Mah-Jing Wong

T  E  A  M      B  L  U  E
Roberi Parra

Rik Villa

Laurence Basse

Heidi calls the Neutrals middle safe and sends them off to the waiting room.  Or, in other words,

“I have no feelings for it one way or the other.”

No, she does praise their work.

Kelly wants to see the punk influence in the looks.  She suggests at least black lipstick.  Heidi is overwhelmed by the one color red.   Cornelius did want the red toned down, remember?

Dexter quickly throws Cornelius under the bus when Heidi asks who should go home.  I don’t  mean he answers her question, I mean he feigns stress from the burden of being mean, and then plows right over him.   Cornelius might have fed off of that negative energy too much, in response, but, folks, aren’t there more professional ways to handle that poor, but anticipated question.

Erin states the pleated skirt was the worst.   Cornelius admits making it, but she originated the concept.

Team Blue has so much detail, per Heidi.   She says there is nothing she wants to fix.  Nina appreciates that they used other colors so that the blue popped perfectly.   She thinks all the pieces could be switched and still work.  Kelly is obsessed with Rik’s work.

“Blue could have been tricky.”


Back in the waiting room, Cornelius takes the mean girls to task, stating that every problem the judges had, he had talked to them about while constructing the previous day.  Nathalia & Cornelius commented at different times, that the proverbial bus had been used to run over Cornelius.

Just as he finishes, and Dexter is about to response, Mah-Jing comes to the rescue to sit between the two, to keep them from tearing each other’s heads off.   Good man, Mr. Wong!   Smart of you to stave off a fight without saying a word.

“Well, I do have brains AND beauty.”

During “Zac’s looks” mother Tim exerts that Cornelius did try to be a team player, but the mean girls wouldn’t have any.

Roberi wins the challenge!
All of Team Blue is safe.

Erin is safe.  Was there ever any doubt?

Bottom two are Dexter and Cornelius.   

Cornelius gets the boot.

Dexter is safe & in.

All the time, I’m feeling so bad for CO, since he was harassed so much by his team members.  They helped make this happen.

Then Tim made my millennium.  He used his save on Cornelius!     Good on you, Tim.

But Dexter did not like it.

"Well, what do you think?"

“I have no opinion.”

Tune in next time for family reunions!
Will Dexter's mom beat up Conrelius's mom?

Or is this much more likely?


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