Monday, November 28, 2016

Jogging • 4 • 28 November 2016

Two days in a row, woo-hoo!   I jogged 4 miles this morning.   Now it's nap time.  

Project Runway s15 • Jenni's Laugh • 28 November 2016

Sunday afternoon I binge watched half of RuPaul's Drag Race season 14.

I noticed Willam's laugh on a mini challenge win,

but thought maybe I imagined it.

But, when he won the Pride boat challenge,

I heard it again!

(And Phi Phi did NOT like it, of course.)

So, it's no longer Jenni's laugh.  It's WILLAM's laugh.
Yes, they both laugh the same way.

So much crossover.   Now if only Ivy Winter would go on PR, she could mop up whatever season she'd be on.


Sunday, November 27, 2016

Jogging • 4 • 27 November 2016

I finally hit the jogging path again.    It felt nice — it was right around 60°F the entire time.   Here's to hoping I can keep going on this every morning.


Thursday, November 24, 2016

Walking • 3 • 24 November 2016

I hit up Walmart early this morning, and forgot to log it till just now.   3 miles walked this morning.   Some day I will return to jogging.  Some day.  Happy Thanksgiving to all.


Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Project Runway • Thanksgiving Musing • 24 November 2016

Maybe this is lame, but I am grateful for
being able to see so much Project Runway.

Whether we're talking about the Bravo years,

the early Lifetime years,

or the more recent Lifetime years,

I'm grateful to have been able to see PR.

Not only PR, but the knock off shows,

oh, and PR All Stars,

and some international

versions of PR, too.

Of course I am grateful for more than PR — and I don't just mean Face Off and RuPaul's Drag Race.   It will be another gorgeous, dry, sunny day in the 70s (°F) and I did finally recover from the April foot surgery, and I'm approved for jogging and swimming, so there is that.   I have something to celebrate, to be thankful for, even if there are no family members, or local friends to speak of.

I guess things just feel false and less than, when there isn't anyone to share the holiday with, face to face.  I mean, beyond the anoles (the ubiquitous local little lizards.)  But, so be it.  I'm alive.  I'll take it.   And, I do have friends thousands of miles away.   And TWO phones.  

Hey, I got something!   I am not married to Kanye West, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Barack Obama or Vladimir Putin.  Now THAT puts a smile on my face.   Merci, Seigneur!


Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Walking • 3 21 November 2016

I walked home from the doctor's yesterday (Monday) and forgot to log it here until just now.   (I walked 3 miles.)  Now to go back to the bed and the comforter.  It's an unusual 46°F here in Orlando!


Saturday, November 19, 2016

Project Runway s15e10 • A Power Trip • 17 November 2016

Last time on PR, family and friends became models for the designers.

Top three were Mah-Jing, Rik and Roberi,

with Rik winning the challenge.

Cornelius, Dexter and Laurence were middle safe.

Erin, Nathalia and Jenni were the bottom dwellers,

with Jenni being let go.

 Now, before we get to it, these are the first eight
to be eliminated, in order of elimination.

These are the remaining eight, in alphabetical order.
Do you have a guess as to how they will place?
I have a top 2, and that's about it.

The remaining eight designers meet up with Tim Gunn and Marie Claire’s Anne Fulenwider.  The designers get a helicopter ride for an aerial view of NYC.

The challenge is to create an editorial look for a powerful woman.   The winner will be featured in a Marie Claire spread.    They get $300 at Mood, and one day for the challenge.

Not sure what to make of Mah-Jing's fear of heights.   I mean, he got on.   I did notice he sat right next to Laurence, who, when she wins the whole shebang, will barely utter a, "oh, alright."   Maybe they can balance each other out for the ride, somehow?

Of course she chose that color, eh?

Rik is inspired by a murder scene?
Well, I guess he saw one while in the helicopter.
It was NYC, after all.

Didn't Mah-Jing just deal with that on episode 3?
Why is he throwing shade at Rik?

Erin is making another coat, with a curious oversized front closure concept.    That’s putting it kindly, eh?   No, wait a minute.  If I think it’s a joke, the judges will probably die for it.

“Or die because of it.”

My real problem is that the fabric looks like it could NEVER handle the elements.  It's a coat for inside only?

Mah-Jing is still buggin’ from the helicopter ride?
The poor dear.

Tim Time!

Rik is inspired by the Statue Of Liberty.  Tim is impressed.  Why are they looking at the form like clothing is gonna magically appear on it?

Mah-Jing wants to make something edgy and interesting.  Tim is worried about the fitting.

Cornelius is using a golf course as inspiration.  

He has many different colored leather swatches.    Tim doesn’t want the amoebas (the circular pieces.)

Roberi is going for a Stevie Nicks moment, huh?

Laurence is using thick fringe for the NYC skyline.   She’s using a print for the bottom!

Dexter is using coated denim.  It’s all black, but it looks adventurous, otherwise.  Tim is worried about time.

Nathalia bought a boatload of fabric.   Reminds me of Michael Costello making 3 looks for every challenge during season 8.  Tim fears her jump suit will be too simple.   I'm not worried, she has a yellow bolt of fabric.  She'll be fine if she uses it.

Erin wants to make an exaggerated drop waist vest.  Wait, Tim calls on her choice of faded pink for ‘power.’  Tim doesn’t see the mannequin’s figure anymore.

Rik interviews that he sees Patrick Star.

I see Babe.  Or Piglet.  Now I want bacon.

And, then we got a commercial for PR Junior 2 !!!   I’m so looking forward to it.

Not everyone is ready for the models when they come in.

Nathalia has a meltdown near the end of the night.  Second guessing her plan B is not serving her well.

Aaaah, let’s cut to the runway.    Joining Heidi, Zac & Nina are actress Camilla Belle and Marie Clarie’s Anne Fulenwider.

Is the Walmart commercial racist?   I guess in the past I would never think such things, but the terroristic protests the last couple of weeks have me second guessing everything.

Maybe all that matters is what James Brown would have thought.

Dexter Simmons

Nathalia JMag

Roberi Parra

Mah-Jing Wong

Cornelius Ortiz

Laurence Basse

Erin Robertson

Rik Villa

Heidi calls out Laurence and Roberi as middle safe and sends them out back.  They hardly got any screen time, so we knew it would be them in the middle.

Mah-Jing’s is a hit with Nina.    Zac deems it ferocious chic.  Anne compares it to a suit of armor.  Heidi doesn't want the chest up so high.

Heidi, go peek at Kenley’s avant garde look again.


Nathalia wanted to work with blue and shine.  Camlla doesn't see power.  Heidi sees a kid’s power ranger costume.  Heidi does praise the fit of the pants, but the top is a mess.  Zac doesn’t like the construction, or the design.  Nina sees a Comic Con outfit.

Erin was inspired by the feel of being in the helicopter.  Heidi thinks it is great for an editorial.   Anne thinks it is competent, not silly.  Nina calls it safe.  Zac and Heidi see unusual (a positive remark.)

Rik wanted a timeless feel, from being in the air.  Zac was impressed with the model’s entrance.   But, the back was a miss.  None of the judges like the 2 for 1 look.  Heidi only likes the top of the print he made, not the bottom.  Anne is much more complimentary, but only for the front.

Cornelius was inspired by a golf course, and architecture.  Zac praises the execution, the seaming.  It’s Heidi’s favorite, she wants to wear it, it's perfect.   Camilla validates it.  Anne is cracking up at the inspiration.  Nina likes the contradiction of the whimsy and the severity.   She is glad Tim used the save on him.

Dexter’s shoulder is deemed gimmicky and costumey per Anne.   Anne sees who his girl is.  Camilla sees Minnie Mouse meets Marilyn Manson.   Zac likes it without the jacket.  Heidi is mad that he employed the goofy shoulders again.  Nina explains she liked the prior jacket, but not this particular one, because he is repeating himself.   Dexter fights that, saying the other designers repeat themselves, too.  Nina volleys back that he can do more, and that this was safe for him.

During the Zac-closer-inspection Heidi realizes that the cool lingerie is something the model already owned, not something designed and constructed by Dexter.  Ruh-roh!

Cornelius is the winner.

Mah-Jing, Erin and Rik are all safe.

Bottom two are Dexter and Nathalia.

Nathalia is eliminated.   She is air kissed and sent out back.

Dexter is left on the runway!
No, Heidi didn't just scold him for the shoulders,
Dexter is eliminated, too. 

Did you see the double elimination coming?   Nathalia was getting such an edit, I figured she was winning, getting canned, curing cancer, ending all cop hate, or unifying the Democrats and Republicans together in love.  Or something.

But, Dexter, I thought they were going to yell at him, but still keep him.   Heidi did not like that the look relied on the model’s own undies.

Tune in next week when the top six get to burn their unconventional materials in a fire!

There's that magical color again.