Friday, October 28, 2016

RPDRAS s2e9 • Reunion • 27 October 2016

Ru threw a Reunion party!

Hey, there was a reunion shot for RuPaul’s Drag Race.  It was more like the s1 reunion than the s8, just the queens talking in a room.   

No Phi Phi.   Contain yourself.
You know she's too bent out of shape for being eliminated
to ever show up, or talk to Ru, or dress in drag ever again.
Or, at least not until her tantrum is over.

In random order, points to consider:

1.  Coco was barely over being quite sick when she was on the show.   Now I’m thinking it had an affect on her performance (that we all considered boring and lackluster.)

2.  Alyssa never joined in on the pact to eliminate the queen that did the worst in any challenge (according to the judges’ critique.)

3.  Coco thinks Phi Phi should have gone home on challenge #1.

4.  Adore is indeed embarrassed about how she quit.   Alright, I’m back on Team Adore.   At least she regrets leaving over not being ready for Michelle Visage’s brutal, but correct, critique.  She admitted that she was intimidated by Detox’s & Roxxy’s wardrobes.  Wow.  From day one she was buggin’.   Ru asks if she is up for All Stars 3.   That gets a big laugh.

5.  Ginger & Katya allude, or outright say, at various points, that the two of them didn’t get a chance to breathe since All Stars season 2 was filmed immediately after season 7 wrapped up.   So, why wasn’t it shown LAST year, since it could have been?  Wow.  Amazing.

6.  Alaska sent Alyssa home on the acting challenge solely based on Alyssa’s work on the challenge.   She thought they wouldn’t ever get through the scene at all.  Ha!

7.  For those of you who can’t, um, ‘get any,’ cheer up.   Adore will sleep with anyone, and Detox, almost anyone.   That cracked me up.   I guess they’re providing a service to the community.

8.  When Detox eliminated Alyssa, she *knew* that she was doing the wrong thing, and that Roxxxy should have gone home.   Well, she’s honest.

9.  Detox was praised for having the best runway looks.   Well, I guess we already all knew that.

10.  Some queens thought that Alaska was ‘acting’ when she had her melt down.  

So, that’s it.   Whatever else was mentioned, it was not a surprise.   Are you ready for season 9?   Another All Stars?  A season with drag kings?   


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