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RPDRAS s2e8 • All Stars Supergroup • 13 October 2016

Last time on RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Season Two

the contestants had to make over

their own sisters, moms and grandmas

to show a strong family resemblance.  

Alaska seemed to do the worst,

but Detox, who won the challenge,
and the lip synch against #2 Katya,
certainly was not going to break up
the holy trinity of Rolaskatox.

Detox eliminated Alyssa.

And Alaska broke the internet.  But not Rolaskatox.

What, you thought they were all gonna get along?
It's Rolaskatox versus anybody else.
And, we only have one other anybody else left.
Katya, there's a mark on you,
if Rolskatox has anything to do with it.

Shortly after Alyssa’s elimination, the top four girls are in the work room.  Katya shares she would have eliminated Roxxxy.    Poor Roxxxy has been in the bottom more often than not this season.

The next morning Michelle Visage joins the queens in the work room to introduce the finale challenge.  But, did she struggle just walking down the stairs?

For the final challenge, the final four are a supergroup, each writing, and recording rap verses to a RuPaul track, “Read U, Wrote U.”  On the runway they will lip synch, with choreographer Travis Wall.

They write their rap, and then record one by one.   AB Soto (“Cha Cha Bitch”) guides them in the studio.  He later comments that Detox did the best with the writing & recording of the rap verses.

Instead of the Tic-Tac lunch, the queens each record for Ru & Michelle’s podcast.  Michelle calls out Alaska for throwing a tantrum.  Alaska apologizes.  Ru notices that Rolaskatox is back together and very strong.   Alaska fights back that they aren’t officially together.   Not sure which queen did best during the podcasts, but Alaska must have done the worst, eh?

In the work room, Alaska worries that all they talked about on the podcast was Rolaskatox.   She fears it is season 5 all over again, and that the non-Rolaskatox person left will win it all.  

During the choreography with Travis Wall, Katya shines.  The other queens get nervous.  You know how it goes, though, they show them all messing up, but when it comes to the runway, they are flawless.  Bet it will be the same.

Joining Ru at the judges table are regulars Michelle, Carson, Todrick and Ross.

All four do well on the lip synch to “Read U, Wrote U.”

Then, the runway category is All Star Glam-O-Rama.





The judges love Alaska’s runway look.  Ross likes her lyrics for the tune the best.  Michelle thinks she came a long way since applying (and not getting onto) season 1.

The judges praise Detox’s runway look, but say little else.  Or, it didn’t get on the show.

The judges are excited for how Katya did, except for Michelle picking on her skirt.

The judges are quite complimentary to Roxxxy.   If I had to guess at this point, I’d guess it’s:

           1. Alaska
           2. Katya
           3. Detox
           4. Roxxxy

Ru asking the others why they should be the winner and not the others, well, no one messes up.

Ru sends Roxxxy home, she places fourth for the season.  

The remaining three lip synch to “If I Were Your Woman” by Gladys Knight & The Pips.   

Now I wanna see Latrice Royale lip synching it.    Ru calls out the winner:


There’s no mention of who places second or third, so, I’ll just pretend my guessed order is correct.

Following the groups on Facebook was a bit rough this season, with all the hate shown Phi Phi and Alaska, and, of course, Rolaskatox.  Hey, I threw some shade, too.   I find it difficult when a person is ungrateful and disrespectful.  Maybe that speaks more to myself than to Phi Phi and Alaska?   Nah, of course not.  At any rate, season 9 can’t come quickly enough.


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