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RPDRAS s2e7 • Family That Drags Together • 6 October 2016

Last time on RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars Season Two
the remaining six contestants created products
to be promoted in a commercial.
Alaska and Katya were each top two.

Alyssa and Detox each were safe middle.

Roxxxy and Tatianna were the bottom dwellers.

Alaska won the lip synch (for her legacy) and 
since there was no way she would eliminate a
member of Rolaskatox, Tatianna was sent packing.

"Oh, wow, that's good.  I almost believed you for a moment!"

The Internet exploded in Category 5
riots over the injustice of it all.

Tatianna, take solace in the fact that both
RuPaul and Michelle were amazed at how good
your T-Box realness on the runway was.

I fear this will be an unusual recap, as the 'last week' section might be longer than the 'current week' bit.   It was a very straightforward episode.

Right after Tati was eliminated, the girls chatted in the work room, and Katya shared that she would have eliminated Roxxxy, the other queen in the bottom last week.

Not sure if the surprise from the other queens was real or fake.

On the next day, as soon as the queens are in the work room, so is Ru!  The challenge is to make over actual family female relatives.

Roxxxy's grandmother-as-mother is so young, huh?  Or maybe I'm so old, I don't know.

Alaska shares that she had some sort of substance problem on the heels of season five, but is sober now.    Good on her!

On the Ru-thru, she reminds Katya that she is the only contestants left who isn't from season 5.   Katya interviews with the words "RuPaul's Best Friends Race," ha!

Roxxxy's meltdown (being abandoned) from season 5 is mentioned by Ru.  Because dwelling on that will help her do good work now. ???

Alyssa gets to chat about her supportive mother, who had passed a year ago.

Do you get the idea that Ru didn't give any advice?   I can't even tell if they brought outfits from home, or made them on the spot, or maybe a combination of each, for this challenge.

Ru sends in Anastasia Soare to give a brow tutorial for the biological ladies.   Hmmmm.  They all seem okay with it.  It seemed like they were giving the queens a head start with making over their family members.  Or, maybe it seemed like they were telling the relatives that their faces were hurtin'.  Either way, hmmmm.   But, they all seem to take it well.

Ru adds that in addition to the runway looks, they will have to vogue the house down in pairs, first.

"Don't even"

"That's better."

"I was a monster.  I still cry when I don't get my way."

That ain't no lie, entitled girl.

Joining Ru, Michelle, Carson & Todrick is Aubrey Plaza.   Is she the first to crawl on the runway?

Alyssa & Ava Edwards

Alaska & Hawaii

Detox & D-Rama

Katya (Yekaterina Petrovna Zamolodchikova)
& Svetlana Borisnova

Roxxxy & Rachel Andrews

Michelle found Alyssa's voguing outfit was overdone.  Carson & Michelle praise their runway looks.

Michelle is upset that Alaska did such a basic job with Hawaii's outfit, plus, no heels.  She calls Alaska lazy.  Yeouch!

Todrick thinks Detox's & D-Rama's voguing was the tightest, the best.  Carson praises the runway looks, as he should.  Michelle deems their family resemblance the strongest of the pairs.

Michelle thinks Katya didn't bring it for the voguing segment, but she is living for the runway looks and storyline.  Carson calls it a highlight of the evening.  Todrick mentions Tony award.  Nice!

Carson wants Roxxxy & Raquel's runway look to be more drag.

Ru places Detox & Katya in the top two.
The shock evidently causes their noses to become loose.
Maybe their bottom jaws, too?

Ru puts the other three in the bottom.

Back in the work room, Alaska has a meltdown.  It's not like Adore's where she quit, but Alaska is acting quite unprofessionally.   That attitude is enough for me to no longer be on Team Alaska.

"I need to go to the end of this competition.  I need to."

"So did I, hello!"

"I fucked up this week, man,
I fucked up, and it really sucks,
 it fucking really sucks a fucking lot. 
And, I *need* to be in the final four."

As Willam would say, her tone is very pointed.   She's not screaming at Phi Phi temper tantrum level, but she is loud and inappropriate for a queen.  Her attitude is chilling.

Detox interviews that Alaska is acting like a brat.

"I'll give you $10,000 if you let me stay."   

Yes, she was serious about that.   
Okay, we don't know that.
But, it wasn't right, either way.

Detox & Katya lip synch to RuPaul's "Step It Up" and Detox wins.

Did this have anything to do with it?

Have no fear, of course Detox won and kept Rolaskatox together.  The only one left to eliminate was Alyssa, since Katya has placed #2.   Now, for next week, if the girls vote, Katya will be gone, too.  Even if she does the best.


Alyssa is well mannered, good for her!   I wish she had stayed and either Roxxxy or Alaska had gone home.  Or both.   Neither no longer needs to be on the show.

But, Alaska is still on the show, and I still predict she will win the whole thing.   I was Team Alaska until her rudeness in the work room.  I get that going from the favorite to being in the bottom three of five is difficult.   A frown would be sufficient though.

Now, let's remember this:  Hasn't Roxxxy been a dear, acting reasonably and professionally, all season?  What a difference from when she fought with Jinkx all the time on season 5.   Good on you, Roxxxy.  I'm proud of you.   And, no body tell me that they're just editing out her bad moments.  


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