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RPDRAS s2e6 • Drag Fish Tank • 29 September 2016

Quite a bit happened last time on
RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars season 2.

Eliminated queens, minus quitter Adore, of course,

came back to work in pairs with a queen still in the race,

to take part in a standup routine in front of a live audience.

Alaska with #6 Alyssa Edwards

and Detox with #8 Tatiana were the top teams.

That meant Alyssa & Tatianna lip synched
for BOTH their lives, and for their legacy.

Ru was so impressed, she called them BOTH winners.

Each had chosen Phi Phi O'Hara to hit the road.

Phi Phi refused a hug from Alyssa.  It's hard to diagnose without a proper degree, nor all of the information, since what we get to see is HEAVILY edited, but, PPO'H ain't right.  She is not on the same page as the rest of us.   She always seems like she is playing head games with the rest of the world, and she is ready to fight when there is no conflict to be had.   She isn't as talented as the others, but, worse, she isn't as professional as the rest.  She earned her elimination.   

The kicker?   She still doesn't get it.

How could we know such a thing?.


Didja notice how Ru never appears on the screen anymore?  I don’t think Carmen Carrera had anything to do with the entire removal of the screen, though.

Lo & behold, there’s a mini-challenge! 

Alaska wins the Butt Butt Golf.  Ya know, if they had had THAT while I was growing up, maybe I would have been more amenable to miniature golf.  She wins a $2,000 package from the same people who make Ru’s suits.

The maxi-challenge, they must create merchandise worthy of their own brand and then shoot a commercial.  The top two will have their items produced and sold at Drag Con!   I guess apostrophes aren't allowed at Drag Con.  (RuPaul's not RuPauls.)  (Also, the THs are superfluous, si?)

During the Ru-thru she brings along Marcus Lemonis to critique the girls’ work.

Roxxxy doesn’t know why her glue is any different from the competition.

Yeah, I saw the tongue.

Katya’s Krisis Kontrol is deemed valueless.  Katya is told to lose the whole idea!  She sticks with it and plows through.

But not before this.

Tatianna’s tea set is a hit with Marcus Lemonis!

No word on Alyssa or Alaska.

We get a short vignette of the queens in front of the green screen, getting guidance from Carson & Michelle.

You know how it goes, everyone is shown faltering.

Except maybe Alaska, she is shown over prepared.

Joining Ru, Michelle, Carson & Todrick is Graham Norton!  The runway theme is pants.

Roxxxy Andrews


Alyssa Edwards




Michelle thinks Roxxxy’s wig reveal is old news.   Graham couldn’t get past the beige on beige look of the commercial.  Todrick praised the runway look, but I thought it was too casual day wear, not ‘drag.’

The judges are cracking up during the play of Katya’s commercial.  Graham calls it genius.  Carson admires the runway look.  Ru calls it ‘so wrong it’s right.’

Alyssa’s commercial also has the judges cracking up.  Or maybe just Ru.  Hmmm.   Todrick loves the runway look.  Graham was confused about the White House background.    Ru wanted it to be called “Tongue Pop.”

Graham loves Detox’s runway presentation.  Todrick didn’t like seeing Detox’s hand/arm when making the trash can’s mouth move.  (A pit crew member should have done it from off camera somehow?)   Graham thinks it is a horrid prototype (execution, not idea.)

Alaska’s fashion tape commercial gets APPLAUSE.  Wow.  Graham gets the 1990s pretentious perfume take.  

Tati’s designer tea set commercial does have the judges laughing.  Michelle praises the T-Boz look.  Ru gets Tati to do the dance moves again.  Carson thinks the product wasn’t promoted enough.  Graham thinks she didn’t get where she wanted to go.

Katya & Alaska are the top two, they win wigs from Weavin’ Steven.

Also, their products will be made and sold at Drag Con.

Alyssa & Detox are middle safe.

Roxxxy & Tatianna are bottom two.

There’s no need for the rest of the recap.   Everyone on the planet knows that Alaska will win and choose to keep Roxxxy in the competition.

Not because she is less talented, therefore less of a threat down the road, but because of the Rolaskatox clique they started so long ago.

So, Tatianna, you got eliminated unfairly, but, remember, you made the judges SO VERY HAPPY with your T-Boz hair, outfit and dance moves.   Also, your commercial was at least better than Roxxxy's, if only because of her hair reveal.

So, now, we have a top five again.   Alaska sure seems like she will take it.  Or, will keeping Roxxxy on the show, even though she’s bottom two every week, ultimately backfire?

Tune in next week for the “Family That Drags Together!”  Male to drag makeovers, yes?


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