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Project Runway s15e06 • There IS Crying In Fashion • 20 October 2016

Last week on PR the designers worked in two teams of six

to create a four piece mini collection.

Le Grande Maison Du Bouton won the challenge,

with Dexter nabbing the individual win.

Each member of the winning team won $5,000 from Mary Kay.

Team Unity worked well together in theory,

but they still lost.   Alex took ownership and was let go.

I wanted Tim Gunn to use his Tim Gunn save, but it didn't happen.

A strange thing happened, though.
Mary Kay was so impressed with
his behavior that they gave him $5,000, too.

The remaining 11 designers and the judges meet up at the Absolut Elyx House for a press party.   (Think season one, the swimsuit challenge, eh?)

Ya know how Zac gushed over how good they were on the first challenge?  Nina praises the current set to a blogger.  All the judges are.

All I can think of is Willam popping up in the Absolute Interior Illusions Lounger and giving them the next challenge.

But, no, it’s Jonas Tahlin, CEO from Absolute Elyx, there to present the challenge:  Use the environment as inspiration for them to create a luxurious cocktail dress.  Of course it is a one day challenge (they have all been, huh?)  They’ll have $300 at Mood.   For PR that seems high, yes?  To me, that means an emphasis on the “luxurious.”  

Some are getting inspiration from the bathroom.   Dear Lord.  Are they all gonna be yellow and brown?   You know Erin has it in her to use a lot of yellow!

Now all I can think of is this.

And this.

Dexter’s excited about his nasty body conscious look.   

All I can see is Alexandra Vidal’s first look.

I can’t tell if best buds Nathalia & Cornelius are fighting or just friend play fighting over Nathalia’s unusual-for-her fabric choice.   Regarding Cornelius’s fabric, she offers, “It looks like a beautiful couch.”  Ha!

Yeah, all I ever see with that pattern is that song I’ve always hated.

Timmy time!

He sees the bartender’s apron inspiration in Rik’s orangey red leather look.  Rik seems hell bent on channeling some Angela Kessler (rosettes?) or Guadalupe Vidal (removable flowers) but Tim steers him away from that.  Merci, Seigneur.

Erin is sold on copper from the decor and drink containers.  She wants to include feathers from the bathroom flamingoes.  Tim doesn’t want any extra crystal things.  

When they show that she has more feathers on the back, 

all I see is Betty White. 

No, not that one, THIS one.

Jenni is reminded of the speakeasies from almost 100 years ago.  Tim finds the appliqués compelling.   The ones where dead star fish go to die, evidently.

Erin sees her own work from the prior challenge.  Or is it Dexter during his interview smack down?

Tim likes the fringe around the neck of Dexter’s work, but not on the shoulders.

Brik gets a “Good Heavens!” with how he wants to use his fabric.   Tim means it as a compliment.   But doesn’t that imply that it was unexpected?   Only left handed compliments for Brik?  Poor guy.

Tim is complimentary to Laurence’s vision of the leather Chesterfield couch look from the room on the shoulders of her garment.  He praises the proportion.

When Mah-Jing first talked about his inspiration, of how the condensation.

Yes, there’s that.

But, I assumed he was going to purchase fabric with iridescence.   You know, you look at it one way and it’s one color, change your perspective and it’s another.   I know for sure it exists for thicker drape fabric, why not in something more appropriate for a cocktail dress?

But, no, Mah-Jing created swirly shapes for the most basic idea of water.  Ugh.  Arrêtez!  ¡Detener!  Halt!   Wait, I take it back.  His girl must be 3.5 years old.   How else would that work?

“I fundamentally don’t understand it.”

Ah, it’s not just me, thank GOD.

Tim sees a Missoni Navaho blanket with Roberi’s look, and it isn’t anywhere near being luxurious or upscale.  Tim wants him to start over with something completely different!   Ruh-roh!   

Tim accuses Cornelius of repeating himself.  He tells him that it is more sportswear than cocktail attire.   Tim sees ‘picnic!’  Yeeouch!

Sometimes I see "Say Say Say"

but sometimes I see the Mooninites.

Tim just heaves a big sigh and stares in sadness with Tasha’s look.   I don’t mind the top so much, though the bottom is confusing me.   Maybe he’s just worn out from Cornelius?

Okay, before we get too far into Tasha, why has Tim been beating up Cornelius all season?  You know what I mean, he asks something of the group.  Cornelius answers.  Tim replies with a “really?????”  He doesn’t look like he’s playing, like “Holla atcha boy” from season 5.   Tim seems serious.   

Okay, back to Tasha.   Tim thinks her work is too basic, and too “day.”   To me, that means not luxurious enough.  Okay, Tim, I get it.   He tells her to start anew with her extra denim, and not to put street into cocktail, but to put cocktail into the street, and what would THAT be?

Tim does not see luxury with Nathalia’s look.   He sees ‘ice skater” with the bedazzled fabric.

“What’s wrong with that?”

“This has ‘pack-my-bags’ written all over it!”

The thing is, she doesn’t seem to have extra fabric, she’s stuck with what she has.  What will she do?

Well, let’s see.  Joining Colonel Sanders Heidi, Zac & Nina is model & actress Emily Ratajkowski.

Laurence Basse

Rik Villa

Jenni Riccetti

Erin Robertson

Tasha Henderson

Cornelius Ortiz

Nathalia JMag

Brik Allen

Mah-Jing Wong

Roberi Parra

Dexter Simmons

Heidi notes some struggled on this challenge.   Then she calls out Laurence, Nathalia, Jenni, Tasha, Rik & Erin as the top & bottom dwellers of the week.

Before those safe are sent out back, Dexter’s work is ripped by Heidi.  Zac chimes in that it was too down-market.   I think he means hooker.    Now, don't you want a hooker challenge, eh?

“You couldn’t handle it, honey!”

Nathalia was inspired by the chandeliers.  Heidi doesn’t like it at all, she sees a mall prom look.  Nina sees the mistakes, and calls it the opposite of luxurious.  Ah, she had to sew everything by hand, NOW I get why it wasn’t pristine like her prior work has been.  Emily & Zac like it much more than Heidi & Nina.   Whew!  There’s hope for Nathalia.

Zac shares that the entire runway was disappointing to him.  Wow.   What a change from episode one, huh?

Nina likes that Rik thought outside of the box.   Emily admires the fit.  Heidi calls it an eye-catcher, and that not a lot of people have something like this in their closets.  Zac likes the fabric choice, but not the exposed zipper in the back.   Wasn’t Seth Aaron doing that back in 2008-2009?

Laurence was inspired by the leather couch.  The judges praise her various leather textures.  Nina admires the impeccable tailoring.    She knew immediately that it was hers.  Emily thought is was completely finished.   She didn’t like that black, but that was her only problem with it.

The judges did not like Tasha’s at all.  The fit is poor, the sash seems cheap.  It’s too simple and yet too unfinished.  Emily sees that Tasha over-blinged it to make up for it.

Heidi sees a costume not a cocktail dress for Erin.   

Zac calls it “Priscilla, queen of the swamp!”     There’s no imagination, even though he likes the fabric for the challenge.  The feathers are too cheap.

Jenni explains her vision an outfit from a modern speak-easy.  The judges thought the bedazzled bits meant it was by Erin.  Nina doesn’t mind that aspect.  Heidi seems to mind the copying.

“I would be furious.”

"Of course she would."

Nina finds it effortless and feminine.  Zac thinks that this dress more so than any other, belongs in that inspiration room.   Or maybe Zac loves Jenni's work because he's wearing a dead star fish as a broach already?

Jenni wins the challenge, and immunity for the next challenge.  She also wins dinner & drinks for twelve at one of NY’s hottest restaurants.  

Not here, presumably.

This is more probable.   No wonder she wore the tie.

Laurence, Rik, and Erin are all safe.

Bottom two are Nathalia & Tasha.

Nathalia is safe, so Tasha is let go.

Mah-Jing seemed to take it much harder than Tasha ever did.

Ya know, the last two eliminations have been rough.

“The last TWO?”

Okay, ALL of them.   This has been a season where I do wish to see more from nearly every designer. 

Tune in next week for a field trip, and ... Rebecca Minkoff!


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