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Project Runway s15e05 • There's No "I" In Team • 13 October 2016

Last week on PR the designers made swim suits & coverups

to fit in with the Heidi Klum Swimwear line.

Winner Rik will have his outfit mass produced,

and for a mere $180 you can have it, too.
I don't think Heidi's Leprechaun Halloween outfit
is available for purchase, though.

Sarah was let go for her too junior look.

Let's take a gander at who has won so far ....

and who has been sent home.

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?   The season hasn't produced work as bad as some seasons.   I'm almost believing the hype from the first episode.   Let's see if it continues.

I think Heidi overslept.  

Or maybe she got a rash from
her Leprechaun green outfit last time. 

Tim Gunn and Luis Casco (Mary Kay Makeup Man) join the designers on the runway to introduce the new challenge:  in two teams of six, create a four look mini-collection.

This time around, they have to sell their vision to the judges, who then allocate $3,000 thusly:  $800 to Team Unity, and $2,200 to House Of Bouton.

Another twist:  Each member of the winning team will win $5,000.  Nice!  It’s a one day challenge, of course.

There is no drama in picking the teams, unlike last year.

I take it back, Mah-Jing Wong is unnerved by the closeness of the rest of his team.  He feels like the ultimate outsider.

"I'm so excited to see what he (Roberi) will do."

"This'll all end in tears, I just know it."

Both teams ended up pitching the idea of a working woman's outfit with lower end pricing.  House Of Bouton has color, and seems to have a bit of a wild card vibe.  Team Unity has little color, but seems more organized, and on task.  Even if they have much less money, they aren’t doomed to failure.  Or, are they?   Well, think it through.  Clearly the judges LIKED House Of Bouton way better than Team Unity, if all the money went over to Team Bouton.

“I love bad ass.”

Okay, then.   Here ya go.

On the Tim thru, he proclaims Team Unity’s color pallet ‘somber’ but modern.   Well, that’s half right.  I will say, everyone is working well together.  On PR, that’s a big deal.  Tim sees a perfect blend of each of their design aesthetics.

Tim struggles with House Of Bouton’s yellow coat, it’s the mother to the rest of the outfits.  He leaves them, telling them to ‘caucus.’

For the rest of the day, Team Unity seems to be on top of their game.  House Of Bouton seems to have to backtrack in order to move forward.

Geez, is he counting or is he gonna attack the camera person?

Don't think I didn't hear Luis Casco mispronouncing the word "azure."   Trust.

Joining Heidi, Zac & Nina at the runway is actress & recording artist Sabrina Carpenter.

Did ya see her yellow outfit?  Clearly the yellow of Erin’s coat won’t be a problem, eh?

T E A M     U N I T Y
Cornelius & Rik


Nathalia & Roberi


H O U S E     O F     B O U T O N

Jenni & Brik

Laurence & Tasha


House Of Bouton is the winning team.   Everything is complimented except for Brik & Jenni’s faded mauve short dress.  The collection as a whole was more fashion forward.  Dexter, Erin and Laurence are mentioned as contenders for the win.

“The way he (Dexter) really leaded our group was really powerful.”

Not led.  Leaded.   Really.  Sorry, I shouldn’t pick on them, it’s not Project English.   Besides, I’m sure she was siked to be on the winning team.  Not psyched.

Team Unity is the losing team.  Heidi does acknowledge that they did an incredible job with a mere $800.  She mentions that they over designed, and it doesn’t look like moderately priced career woman pieces, it looks like evening looks.  Heidi loves Mah-Jing’s vest, so clearly he is staying.  Roberi’s pants and Alex’s dress are deemed the worst.   

Zac explains that if their pitch had been for street evening wear at introductory price points, they might have won.

No one throws anyone under the bus, so to speak.   Wait, did Mah-Jing?  Alex stands up, saying he failed on the pitch, and that he deserves to go home.  

Dexter is proclaimed the winner.  Everyone else is safe except for the bottom two:

Alex and Roberi.

Alex is let go, Roberi is safe.

Back in the waiting room, I wanted Tim Gunn to use his save SO much.  It didn’t happen.  =o(    Well, I have to admire Alex for acting professionally.  Good on him.  His entire team, too.

Tune in next week for … a party that isn’t a party?



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