Saturday, October 8, 2016

Project Runway s15e04 • Sink Or Swim • 6 October 2016

Last week on PR the designers created day to night,
or, rather, day light to black light looks.

Erin won the challenge,

beating out Cornelius

and Jenni.

Bottom three included Rik

and Mah-Jing,

but it was Kimber who was sent home.

The designers meet up with Heidi, beach ready Tim and a handful of models in swimwear.  

Cornelius feels overwhelmed already.

Please, it's not like THIS is the line you have to fit in with.

They are to create a swimsuit and a cover up, to fit in with Heidi’s own swimwear line.  They will create their own fabric, but, instead of it coming back the next day, the turn around is just an hour or two!   THAT is amazing!  So, they will have the fabric when they get back from Mood with their $100 worth of supplemental fabric, notions, etc.

Sarah has a thing for … sausages?

“Of course she does!”

So Swatch’s birthday is in the latter part of June?  Looks like they get back before 10a, WITH their prints.  They have 12 hours.

Later, on the Gunn & Klum-thru, Gunn proclaims his deep affection for Alex’s OCD.   Hmmm.  You ain’t right, Tim.   Heidi likes Alex’s print, but not the use of his supplemental fabric.

Cornelius is buggin’ since this is his first swimwear he’s ever constructed.  Heidi asks Cornelius, “Have you ever looked at boobs before?”  Ha!

“Nobody wants to look at boobs.”

Heidi is scared of Dexter’s alligator print.  She thinks no one will want to wear it.

I can think of someone who would like to wear it.  Two someones, even.

Why is Mah-Jing making a denim bikini and a denim cover up?    Why doesn’t Mah-Jing create swim wear for the swimwear challenge?

Roberi’s print is a hit.

Laurence has bulls eyes for the girls?

Erin says she was inspired by Mykonos.

Heidi feels like she hasn’t met Sarah yet.  Ha!  Her execution is called into question.

Brik is using a brick motif for his pattern.  Of course he is.

Nathalia’s is deemed juvenile.  Tim thinks it might cost $3. 

Jenni’s look is a big miss.  Heidi doesn’t like the print, nor the pants.   (They are too high waisted.)

Rik’s print impresses Heidi & Tim.  

Tash’s neckline is … interesting.  Heidi thinks the print reads “Chinese food restaurant menu.”  ha!

As Heidi leaves, she says most of them have to change course or work harder, but she doesn’t give them extra time.  Curious.

At the end of the evening poor Cornelius is still muttering that he doesn’t know what he is doing.

Joining Heidi, Zac & Nina at the runway is Lucky Blue Smith.

But, didn’t you think this when Heidi came out all in green?

Rik Villa

Erin Robertson

Cornelius Ortiz

Nathalia JMag

Brik Allen

Jenni Riccetti

Laurence Basse

Alex Snyder

Tasha Henderson

Mah-Jing Wong

Dexter Simmons

Sarah Donofrio

Roberi Parra

Heidi calls out Laurence, Cornelius, Nathalia, Brik, Mah-Jing, Dexter & Erin as middle safe.  The rest are top 3 and bottom 3.

Roberi’s print and design is a hit.  Zac likes the shape of the cover up.   He calls Roberi’s work excellent.  Nina wants a larger scale print.  She admits she loves feather prints.   Nina praises the shape of the bathing suit.  Lucky Blue admires the cover up because it is simple, not over the top.  Heidi calls the look flattering and modern.

Roberi’s look is modern, flattering and interesting.  Nina wishes the scale of the print was larger, and I think that is the only negative thing said.

Both Tasha’s print design, and the overall look are criticized.   Both Heidi & Nina see a Chinese food restaurant menu in the print.  Not only is the design a fail, but Tasha went too simple. 

The judges rave over Rik’s print and overall look.   He was wise to use the strong print in both the suit and the cover up.

Jenni is chastised for her print and entire look.  It’s mismatched between the color and the creation.  Heidi sees old lady, not current.

Alex wanted to use a subtle print.  Heidi praises the cover up more than the suit.  Nina wants the coverup for herself.  Lucky Blue calls it his favorite look from everyone.

Alex, right now, all I can think is to scream "Don't shoot me!"

Sarah created a fashion illustration and then used it as a stripe.   Nina sees a child’s bathing suit.  It would never work with Heidi’s line.

Rik wins the challenge!

Roberi, Alex and Tasha are safe.

Bottom two are Sarah & Jenni.

Sarah is eliminated, so Jenni is safe.   

The laughter continues.

I actually liked the illustration that Sarah did.  Now I want to see more illustration from her.

Tune in next week for … a team challenge!  Mystery investors!  

Fred Flinstone couture!

“And lots of crying, don’t forget that, the stupid babies.”


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