Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Project Runway s15e04 • Addendum • 10 October 2016

I forgot to include the most important bit from episode 4:

Alex vs. Tim
Alex, you now hold my heart.
Thank you for pronouncing
the word "dossier" correctly.

Not DOE see aaaay
Rhymes with doe.  Or dough.   Or D'oh!  Or do-si-do.

DAW see aaaay.
Rhymes with Ross. Or Boss.
I was going to acquiesce that both are legitimate, but youtube has spoken:


Tim's been annoying me for years with his pronunciation.  I understand that it might be his living in Washington DC at one point in his life.  I don't care.   I swear I'm not a grammar, syntax or spelling enthusiast, but funny pronunciation drives me up the wall.    What was the latest I heard?  Oh, yeah, over on youtube, the 107 facts about various cartoons, they keep mispronouncing the word "posthumously."   And, don't get me going on 'Off Ten Times' for "often."


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