Saturday, October 29, 2016

Project Runway s15e07 • Welcome To The Urban Jungle • 27 October 2016

Last week on PR the remaining designers created luxurious cocktail attire,

or, at least, they were supposed to.   They were to be inspired by
Absolut vodka, or the room they got drunk in.   Wait, I can do better.

... or, in the room in which they got drunk.  Whew!

No, there were not any drag queen sitings during PR Untucked.

Jenni won the challenge, beating out Laurence and Rik.

Dexter lost favor in the judges eyes.  He had immunity,
but Heidi gave him the "Aren't you lucky?" speech.

Erin (!) and Nathalia were in the bottom three,
but Tasha was the one to be eliminated.

Mah-Jing lost a lot of tears.

Yeah, me, too.

On the runway Heidi mocks the designers for being tired.  It’s cute.  She sends them on a trip to the Universal Orlando Resort, because that will help them catch up on sleep. 

Mentor Tim Gunn, and Dir. & Exec. Producer for Universal Creative, Mike West

“Not my brother!”

send the designers on an amusement park ride.   Wait a minute, didn’t the Face Off artists go through the same ride in s10e12?

I thought so.

Yeah, definitely.

I guess the talent based competitive reality shows can't help but copy each other.

"There's no such thing as copying.
Universal doesn't have a trademark or
copyright on King Kong or Skull Island."

I think this is as close to a crossover challenge with Face Off that PR is gonna get, huh?

Anyway, the designers hit the Skull Island: Reign Of Kong ride, and then sketch.   They are to create street wear (the urban jungle) inspired by their experience at the (fake) real jungle.  Then they fly back to NYC and hit up Mood with $200 each.   They’ll have the next day to construct their outfits.

It’s 2:25p when they get to the work room, and they have till midnight.

Both Brik and Erin are using techniques or ideas that they have used before.   Erin won the challenges where she used embroidery, so, other than being a one-note, that kind of makes sense.   But, dear Brik, why do you wish to use a look that had you in the bottom two a couple of times?  Run!   Run far away from that thought!

Tim time, and I’m confused.  I thought they had until midnight.   The Chyron states they have five more hours, but it’s 6p.   Maybe I’m overthinking this.

Cornelius is told he is making a Broadway version of street wear.

“The judges love yellow.”

"We always loved yellow!"

Dexter was inspired by the heroine.  Not the heroin.  Tim is of two minds about his shoulders.  He warns about going too costumey.  But then he says if ever there’s a challenge with license, this is it.  


Seeing Dexter's sketch, all I could see

were garments like these.

Now I'm seeing this.   XD

Brik is told to look at the proportions of his cut outs for his top.  Tim tells him he has huge potential.

Roberi is told that he is too polished.

Jenni is told to do what she
would normally do with her top.

Rik is encouraged to go shorter with his top.

Tim affirms Erin’s embroidery.    He’s worried she won’t have anything to put on her model, though.

Tim thinks Nathalia’s jacket is too heavy.   Her King Kong fur lining is WAY too on the nose.   He also thinks it is too old, and not street wear at all.   She decides to scrap the faux fur, and to shorten the jacket.

Mah-Jing will make a strapless dress with a denim top.  Tim seems to give him a good critique.

Mah-Jing seems a bit surprised, to say the least!

Laurence has a dropped crotch pair of paints and a red leather jacket.  Tim wonders if it is already available in stores.

I get it.  Tim took two hours to do his run-through.   So, the Chyron was just an average of 6p and 8p.   Whew.   My brain doesn’t hurt so much anymore.

Except for that, of course.

Joining Heidi, Zac & Nina are Rebecca Minkoff (Fashion Start Up) and actress Carly Chaikin (Mr. Robot.)

Brik Allen

Rik Villa

Nathalia JMag

Laurence Basse

Roberi Parra

Mah-Jing Wong

Erin Robertson

Dexter Simmons

Cornelius Ortiz

Jenni Riccetti

Heidi calls out Roberi, Rik, Mah-Jing and Jenni as the middle safe and sends them out back.

Zac thinks Erin’s model got sick on the ride.   He doesn’t see “Erin” in it.  Rebecca hates the execution, and the embroidery looks like hay.  Nina is quite disappointed.   Heidi is surprised that it is Erin’s.  Moss & throw up?   Das ist nicht gut!

Dexter wanted denim and a green safari color.   Nina loves the attitude.    Zac thinks he went to the wrong theme park.   He deems it referential.   Heidi doesn’t like it either.   It’s trying to hard to be avant-garde.  “I don’t want to be that girl.”  Carly calls it interesting, unique.    Rebecca thinks it is costumey.  Zac & Carly seem to like the gloves.   Dexter takes off the jacket and the judges like it more.   Dexter mentions that he is out of the box, and none of the judges agree.   Wow!   

Nathalia was inspired by the bats, their wings.  Heidi loves it, it is cool and easy.  Carly wants to buy the entire outfit, it’s effortlessly chic.  Zac calls it perfect.  Nina doesn’t like the earrings, but otherwise praises it.  Rebecca proclaims it forward-thinking, but still in keeping with current fashion.

Rebecca thinks Brik’s model got dressed in the dark.  Heidi doesn’t like the fabric that he chose.  The judges do see that he can construct.  Zac doesn’t understand his taste level.  Nina wants a better idea, it feels like it happened without a plan.  Brik admits that is the truth, and Heidi pipes up, “Don’t admit it!”

Laurence gets a “Wow!” from Nina.  She praises the entire outfit.  Zac calls it Kong-tastic.   Didn’t he call something print-tastic recently?   I guess the rule is to drink when Zac says something-tastic, like it was to drink when Michael Kors said the word “disco.”  Heidi loves it, and wants to be her, street smart, yet elevated.

Cornelius went with a wild, distressed pair of jeans.  Heidi sees a school project.  The fit on top is horrid.  She calls it an “eyesore.”  Rebecca likes from the knees down only.  Zac calls it sloppy and uninspired.  Nina thinks he had a concept, but couldn’t deliver at all.

The winner is Laurence!

Nathalia, Dexter and Erin are all safe.

Bottom two are Brik and Cornelius.

Cornelius is safe.

Therefore, Brik is a goner.

"Well, Brik, we're going to miss you very much."

"Do I really look like Brik to you?
I'm Mah-Jing, you idiot!"

Tim doesn’t use his save.   Who do you think will get the Tim Gunn save?  Will he use it at all this season?   The only designer that I cannot believe would ever need it would be Laurence Basse.  

I think admitting that he made it up as he went along was the nail in the coffin for poor Brik.  Plus, he had been in the bottom two three times.

But, Tim does say that he didn’t expect it to go the way that it did.    Well, that begs the question, just who did Tim think was leaving?

Tune in next week for 3 teams of 3!   Will Tim use his save on Erin?   Or will she help him find his uppers?