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RPDRAS s2e5 • Revenge Of The Queens • 22 September 2016

Last time on RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars

the six remaining queens acted, in pairs,

in vignettes loosely based on hit films.

Alaska won the challenge and chose to send Alyssa home.

While the five remaining queens were back in the work room,
eliminated contestants Coco, Tatianna, Ginger and Alyssa
were visible through the mirror where they write their goodbyes in lipstick.

Oh, and Phi Phi continued to be an excrement stirring, whiny bitch.

We left out last time with the four eliminated queens being visible in the mirror.   Soon enough, the four of them walk in, one by one, with 2-in-1 outfits.  Alyssa is just in her last outfit, it has only been a few minutes since her elimination.

Alyssa Edwards calmly speaks:  “Before we go on, Phi Phi obviously has a lot to say.”

Phi Phi O’Hara: “I mean, if you wanna act all foolish in front of the cameras we could, but, you said yourself it’s not personal, it’s drag.  These are my opinions.”
AE: “So, why couldn’t you have said that to me, though.”

PPO’H: “I didn’t need to  ... I was ...”

AE: “You’re that girl, I knew you were.”

PPO’H: “You know what, you’re looking foolish by sitting there acting like a child.”

AE: I didn’t … so you know what …”

PPO’H: “… and you do that, and that would be cute, I’m done.”

Phi Phi’s rage is palpable.  Soon enough she accuses Alyssa of playing a victim, even though she doesn’t seem to be.

Ginger is messed up a bit, too.   She wanted Alyssa to eliminate Katya two episodes ago, so that Ginger could have offered to go in her place.   That is messed up.

What's really messed up is me thinking Ginger was picking bugs out of Phi Phi's hair, though.

It’s difficult to know what really went down, since things are edited for the show.   All I can tell for sure is Phi Phi has so much hate, so much rage, that she doesn’t seem to be able to see any situation for what it is.   Everything passes through the agenda of PP having her own way.   The psychologist in me is having a field day, but, otherwise, this is not the kind of person I wish to know.

The next morning, Ru introduces the maxi-challenge:   Stand up in front of a live audience.  CoCo slayed this challenge in her season, yes?  Ginger is STRONG in this area, right?

Ru lets the eliminated returnees choose their partners:

Alyssa & Alaska

Ginger & Katya

Tatianna & Detox

CoCo & Phi Phi

which leave Roxxxy all alone.  So, Ru makes Roxxxy the emcee for the evening.

After the queens write their schtick, they meet up with Ross Mathews and comedienne Chelsea Peretti.  In general, the editing on this section of a stand up challenge, well, everyone looks terrible in front of the experts who are there to help them out.  Ginger & Katya seem like old pros, though.    Tati & Detox get advice, and CoCo & Phi Phi are joke less.  Ce ‘set pas bon!

Phi Phi calls Alyssa over afterwards, and soon enough they are at odds with each other again.  I can’t tell who’s right and who’s wrong, all I can say is that Phi Phi is mad and bitter.  Alyssa interviews that she needs to breathe and let it go.   They have the fakest hug and get back to work in their own teams.

There isn’t a runway, just the stand up.

Roxxxy Andrews
She struggles all the way through.   She brings out her season 5 character “Tasha Salad,” which is cute, but it doesn’t actually help her all that much.

CoCo Montrese & Phi Phi O’Hara
They are playing characters, and they know their lines.  Katya interviews that it isn’t a comedy routine, nor stand-up, but acting a scene.  Interesting.

Alyssa Edwards & Alaska
They sure are making the audience laugh.  Each seems to be great.  

Alyssa calls Michelle “beast” and Michelle is not having any.  

Poor girl, she’s getting it from all the queens this season, huh?   Or just Alyssa and quitter Adore?

Ginger Minj & Katya
They each know their lines and make the audience clap and laugh, but Ginger is hit & miss with her routine.  Katya gets a laugh every single time.  Interesting, part II.

Tatianna & Detox
These queens have a more involved routine.  They are committed and they have the audience cracking up.

As for the judges critiques, Roxxxy’s jokes didn’t land.  Michelle expected the emcee to steal the show from everyone, but she languished instead.

CoCo & Phi Phi get complimented on their outfits.  Michelle thought it was less comedy and more drama.  She calls it “After School Special.”  Ha!  She’s right.

Carson loved Alyssa & Alaska’s work, calling them the best team.  Ross proclaims it was the one he would have paid to see.

Ginger & Katya get a mixed review.  Michelle loves Katya’s Dynasty jacket.

Carson couldn’t stop laughing with Tatianna and Detox.  Michelle didn’t like Detox’s accent, it got in the way of the jokes.
Ru calls out Alyssa and Alaska, and Tatianna & Detox the top 2 teams.   Each of the four wins a custom gown worth $2,000.   Katya is safe.

That means Roxxxy and Phi Phi are the bottom two.  Ginger & CoCo are automatically out.

Alyssa & Tatiana will lip synch for their legacies AND for their lives.

In the work room, Phi Phi seems on attack.  Neither Roxxxy nor Phi Phi wish to speak with the lip synchers, to plead their case for staying.  Roxxxy does eventually meet with Alyssa.  Alyssa reminds Roxxxy that she did realize that she was alone in her challenge, there was no one to bounce ideas off of, or run things by.  Soon enough Phi Phi is meeting up with Tatianna, saying she did great tonight (even though she is bottom two!)  Phi Phi tells Tatiana that Detox messed up.  She had just told Detox that Tati had messed up.  Wow, Phi Phi is consistent, I’ll give her that.

Alyssa & Tatianna lip synch to Rihanna’s “Shut Up & Drive” in order to win the right to eliminate either Roxxxy or Phi Phi.  Ru is impressed with both, and keeps both.

Phi Phi gets the chop.   

She hugs everybody but Alyssa.  Phi Phi seems ungrateful and too full of rage & drama to act professionally.  That’s tough.  Hope she is able to learn how to deal with all this.  Or life.  Or, whatever she needs in order to act reasonably and professionally again.  She’s not without talent, but she does NOT play well with others.

Dear God, please help me NEVER act like that.


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