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RPDRAS s2e4 • Drag Movie SHEquels • 15 September 2016

Last time on RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars season 2,
Alyssa beat out all the others on the
lip synch dance extravaganza or HERstory Of The World.

She beat out Detox to win the weekly $10,000
and the ability to pick who would get eliminated.

It was between Katya and Ginger, and Alyssa chose Ginger.

Oh, and Ru finally won an Emmy for hosting RuPaul's Drag Race!

***I hate my source for pics this week • You can see the difference, eh?***

Back in the work room Alyssa reminds Katya that she was so good the prior challenge, she probably had just had a bad week, so to speak.    Detox was asked who she might have eliminated, had she won the lip synch, and she was going to eliminate Katya.   Both Phi Phi and Roxxxy wanted Katya gone, because they had all agreed the one with the worst critique would be axed.

Can you believe it, ANOTHER week without a mini challenge!

Ru tells them to pair up for an acting challenge:

ShowSquirrels • Phi Phi & Roxxxy

Velma & Weedy • Katya & Detox

Wha’ Ha’ Happened To Baby JJ • Alaska & Alyssa

Why are Phi Phi and Roxxxy calling it Ver-sayss, not Versahchee, for Versace?  At first I thought it was another mistake Roxxxy was making with the English language.   Why does Phi Phi want to switch when it comes to Phi Phi playing a tired-ass-showgirl?   Ah, what else could it be, she's being shady, she's trying to push her acting partner out the door.   Some things never change.

"You're scaring me."

Soon enough they are in front of Michelle & Todrick to film. 

Katya & Detox seem to do very well.

Alyssa can’t get the words ‘doo-dah’ for
“Camp Town Races.”   That ain’t right!

Roxxxy keeps messing up her lines.    She struggles with the word “sash” … just like when she struggled with the word “sequined” back in season 5.


For the runway, inspired by season 7, episode 1, when Violet Chachki had 2 strong outfits in one, the queens are to showcase a 2 in one outfit.

Phi Phi O’Hara

Roxxxy Andrews



Alyssa Edwards


**God, those pics are horrid, huh?***

Then the world premier of their acting vignettes.

ShowSquirrels is … alright.

Velma & Weezy, well, the judges are
cracking up all the way through it.

Wha’ Ha’ Happened To Baby JJ?
is a hit with the judges, too.

I didn't think it was *that* great.

Phi Phi’s runway is a mix. Carson liked how it changed, though.   Michelle was VERY proud of her acting job.

Phi Phi has a crying moment, but Ru cuts that !@#$ short.
Detox seems unaffected by the tears.

Roxxxy’s runway is great, guest judge Nicole Scherzinger can't praise Roxxxy's look enough.

Michelle finds Roxxxy second to Phi Phi with the acting.  Todrick reminds Roxxxy that she should have been stealing the scene from Phi Phi and not the other way around.

Katya’s runway was humorous, but not 100 percent.   The judges loved her work on the film, once they had a talk with her.

Detox was fantastic with the acting.  Carson wanted a bigger change with the 2 in 1 runway look, but does praise her final look.

Alyssa needed a lot of work, per Michelle.  Todrick liked the wacky second look, but Michelle didn’t find enough change.

Alaska's 2nd look as Lil Poundcake (from a mini challenge in season 5) is cracking me up.   Michelle thinks Alaska was born to play Bette Davis.

Ru sets her up, and she replies, rightfully so, 'You ain't my mom and you never will be."

Ru calls out Phi Phi and Alaska as the top two.
They win a $1,000 shopping spree at Fabric Plant.

Detox is safe.

Bottom three are Roxxxy, Katya & Alyssa.

Back in the work room, the queens discuss how they will eliminate each other.

Katya doesn't think it is her turn.  She won't choose between the other two for Alaska, though.

Alyssa tells Alaska she could never eliminated Alaska if she were in the bottom two.  Weird, Alaska hasn’t been in the bottom because she is fantastic.  

Roxxxy tries to convince Alaska that she doesn’t deserve to go because acting isn’t her thing.   She throws Alyssa under the bus.

Phi Phi and Alaska lip synch to Cheryl Lynn’s “Got To Be Real” but it sounds like a re-recording, not the original 1978 recording.

Alaska wins the lip synch and the $10,000.
She's so happy about it, eh?

Who does Alaska choose to hit the road?  Alyssa Edwards.   Alaska seems to break down as soon as she mentions the name.   

Alyssa is gracious.  She mentions she was a lovely fifth alternate.  Ha!   Just like her original season.

Remember, it's not personal, or personnell, it's human resources.  

Alyssa hears Screen Ru say it’s not over, but then we get a shot of the top 5 back in the work room, getting out of drag.   Soon enough, they see the four eliminated queens in the mirror (from the other side.)  Remember, Adore quit, so she ain’t there.

What will happen next?

Who cares, as long as ***I*** don't go home.


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