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RPDRAS s2e3 • HERstory Of The World • 8 September 2016

Last time on RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars season 2, Adore quit,

the remaining eight impersonated celebrities on Snatch Game,
(but why was everyone afraid to sit near Tati as Ariana Grande?,)

and a winner emerged:  Alaska as Mae West!

Bottom two were Roxxxy as Alaska,
and Tatianna as Ariana Grande.   

Since Alaska won the lip synch over Katya, she was able to select the queen eliminated.  Tatianna earned it and was sent packing, only to be told by the screen version of Ru that she wasn’t out just yet, or that she could get back in somehow …  but we still don’t know what will actually transpire.  Well, except that it won’t include Adore.

Another week without a mini challenge.   This week they are dancing and lip synching about the Herstory of some key famous women.  Ru stresses the goal is to upstage and shine.

The main thing to take away is that Phi Phi O’Hara is still playing the villain.   Why she can't just rely on her talent is beyond me.  To me, she did improve since being on season 4.

The others are teasing her for her evil ways, they are quite aware that she is not any different, even if she whined about being harassed online after berating Sharon Needles on her trip to the crown.

When Katya teases Phi Phi while admiring her outfit, it occurs to me:  Did they know about their assigned roles long before coming back to the show?  Alaska looks like she is working on her dress, but Katya and Allysa, and probably Phi Phi brought a costume.

Joining Ru, Michelle, Carson & Todrick is designer Jeremy Scott.


Jeremy Scott.

Why he had to wear Jughead Jones' hat, I ain't got a clue.

Let’s take the runway order (the *future* of drag) and add in the dancing & lip synching.


Phi Phi O’Hara

Ginger Minj


Alyssa Edwards

Roxxxy Andrews


Alaska trades screams with Ru, it’s adorable.

“It’s what?”

"Oh, shut up, you quitter."

Carson compliments Alaska, saying, as the first to do her thing, that she had to nail it, and she did.   Michelle thinks she didn’t go far enough.

Michelle thinks Phi Phi faded into the background on the lip synch, but is proud of her for her cosplay look.  Carson is glad she didn't just go with silver.

Jughead Jeremy thinks Ginger did great, Michelle thought she faded into the group.   Carson didn’t like the future look.  Jeremy sees Pigs In Space. 


Jeremy loves the work Detox put into her runway outfit, not to mention her day glo Marie Antoinette.

Alyssa murdered the competition per Jeremy and Carson.  Michelle clocks her for the overblown runway outfit.  Jeremy and Todrick are complimentary though.

Michelle finds Roxxxy’s look old and boring.  I think hers and Ginger’s were the most uninspired.

Jeremy likes Katya’s runway look, that’s about it.   She looks old, and yet in a maternity outfit.  Katya usually looks youthful and sexy.   Strange.   Todrick loved that Katya's lip synch was the tightest, the best.  Carson found Katya’s version of Princess Di too monotone.  Michelle thought she was too solemn.


Michelle wants a better wedding look (pouffier sleeves, very long train and the feathered back hair.)

Ru praises them all for good work.
Then she proclaims Detox and Alyssa top two.   

Each wins a Palm Springs getaway.

She calls out Ginger and Katya as bottom two.

In the work room, it’s clear that Detox will eliminate whomever she thinks was the worst.  Alyssa might go by who can deliver in the following week, or who she thinks was a great queen who had an off week.

Phi Phi, Roxxxy and Alaska are concerned that Detox and Alyssa may or may not vote off in the manner that they all agreed to at the beginning.   However, they are failing to take into account that they all have the right to choose whomever Ru allows them to pick from.   I am still amazed that none are being strategic in order to better their chances to win. 

Detox & Alyssa lip synch to Taylor Dayne’s top 10 “Tell It To My Heart” from Winter 1987-8.  We’re used to drastic edits, but this was the first time they completely missed the downbeats.  Very annoying.  

Alyssa wins the challenge.  She chooses to eliminate Ginger and keep Katya.  She thinks Katya has more to offer.

Ginger gets told that she has a chance to extract revenge.   

Will all the eliminated queens choose the winner from the final three?
 Now I'm wondering if the eliminated queens will pick who wins out of the top three.


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