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RPDRAS s2e2 • Snatch Game! • 1 September 2016

Last time on RuPaul's Drag Race All Stars season two premier, 10 queens from seasons 2-7, but mostly from season 5, came back to vie for the crown, and the $100,000.  They read each other for a mini challenge and Alaska won eyewear.   Then they participated in a talent show.   You'd think that those with the greatest voices, Ginger Minj and Adore Delano, would have wiped the place clean, but they didn't.  GM played it too safe and placed in the middle, and AD wasn't using any breath support or any technique, nor was she dressed like an all star, and placed bottom three.

The twist this season is that the top 2 lip synch for their legacy:  Roxxxy Andrews edged out Tatiana to choose Coco Montrese as the one to go home.   Roxxxy made a big point of choosing whom she thought was indeed the worst, not eliminating someone in order to be strategic.  I predict this will change.

So, to my way of thinking, Phi Phi O'Hara and Adore Delano are the luckiest people on earth.   

Especially if Michelle has anything to do with it.   

Back in the work room, after Roxxxy won and eliminated Coco Montrese, Tatianna revealed that she would have eliminated Coco, too.  Yeah, that was a no brainer.

Adore seems down, even more so, the next day.

Ru announces that it is Snatch Game time!   There’s no mini challenge.   While they get together two things happen.

1.  Phi Phi tries to psych out Roxxxy and Alyssa in the name of being concerned as a friend.  It doesn’t work on Alyssa.

Roxxxy, on the other hand ....

Changes her impersonation.

I don't believe that was the right thing for her to do.
Yeah, now I remember why I called her Feces O'Hara.

2.  Adore is so broken over the critiques the previous night that she wants to quit.

When Ru comes around for the Ru-thru, Adore has been crying and tells Ru she’s a quitter, in so many words.  Soon Adore gets to meet up with Michelle Visage, so that he can make her Rupologize for being a good judge.  Amazing.

Adore is using her aesthetic as an excuse to not work and better herself.  That is terrible.   For that reason, I’m glad she’s gone.  I lost all respect for her.

I pray to God that I never turn my back on an opportunity to grow just because it indicates that I might NEED to grow.  How silly.  It reminds me of all the eliminated contests on Project Runway saying that the judges didn’t understand their point of view.  You know, like if they had only been smart enough, then they would have kept on the eliminated contestant.  No, you failed at your job.  Do not write off the judges comments just because they aren’t fawning over you.

Alright, as far as Snatch Game … 

We had Raven and Jujubee as the contestants!   Adorable.

Ginger Minj is Tammy Faye (LaValley Bakker Messner.)  She’s quick, she stays in character, but I didn’t see a perfect Tammy Faye look, nor her voice.  Why can't she have the silly spider leg lashes?  GM just used her own voice.  She can do so much more, but she didn’t.   Not sure why.  Score C

Alaska is Mae West.  Alaska hit it out of the park.  She did miss an opportunity to shine, she embodied Mae West perfectly.  I've seen so many Warner Bros. caricatures of her before, that I wanted her outfit to be too small, to accentuate the girls.  Score A

Katya is Bjork.  Both are crazy funny crazy, right?  Should be perfect?  Yes!  Katya brought silly Bjork realness, and never broke character, and made use of all the opportunities she had to shine. My only quibble is that Bjork can dress a little more feminine.  Score A-

Phi Phi O'Hara is Theresa Caputo.   Well, I'll give PPOH a nod in that it's way better than her Lady GaGa way back when.  She wasn't terrific, but she did have a response, at least, to every set up Ru lobbed her way.  I didn't find it successful, but I think I'm being harsh.  C+?

Alyssa Edwards is Joan Crawford.   Didn't Mariah do that in season three?

At any rate, I'd do the eyebrow a little different, and that's about it.   But, most importantly, every time Ru set up a joke, Alyssa NAILED it.  So different from her Katy Perry from s5.   She stayed in character.  Ru seemed to like Alyssa's impersonation best.    Detox broke character a few times laughing at Alyssa's work, so that's a good thing, yes?  Score A-

Detox is Nancy Grace.   Didn't Acid Betty just do Nancy Grace in season 8?

Detox was much better.  It wasn't perfect, but it was decent.  But, listen, er, read:  Every time the girl next to her messed up, she stole the opportunity!   That's part of it, right?  Detox was quick on her feet while she was sitting, so to speak.  B+/A-

Tatianna is Ariana Grande.  She looks fine, and her voice is okay, but every time Ru set up a joke, she MISSED it.  Epic fail.

Roxxxy Andrews is Alaska 5000.  She looks fair.  Just like Tatianna, every time Ru set up a punch line, Roxxxy delivered the wrong answer.  Epic fail, part II.   I predict the bottom two are the top two from the previous week.  That's fairly odd, eh?

That was cute how Jujubee morphed into Shangela at the end.

"No it wasn't!"

For the runway, the queens wore latex.  Why, I have no idea, dear.  All the regular judges of the last couple of seasons are with Ru:  Michelle, Carson, Ross and newcomer Todrick.

Phi Phi O'Hara
I never saw it before, but now all I can see is Alyssa Milano.

Roxxxy Andrews

Alyssa Edwards





Ginger Minj


Ru calls out Alyssa and Ginger as middle safe.  Wow, the judges must have hated Alyssa's runway, she did well on Snatch Game, right?

Michelle finds fault with Phi Phi's look.  Ross adores PP's work on Snatch Game.

Carson gives a left-handed compliment to Roxxxy's runway look.  Ross reads him for the Snatch Game work.  Ru questions why she changed from Sofia Vergara to Alaska.  Todrick scolds Roxxxy for not coming truly prepared to the show.

Katya is praised for doing Bjork so well.  Ru compliments her, saying it didn't matter if people knew who Bjork was, she was hilarious and in character all the time.  Ru, Carson & Todrick can't say enough good things to her.

Michelle finds Tatianna's runway look basic and boring.  She likes her look, but not that she couldn't keep up with the set ups from Ru.

Tatianna cries, and not in an Adore way, but just feeling terrible for doing poorly.  Ru tells her to be fierce.

Carson praises Alaska for her work and her look from head to ... ankle?    Carson wanted a better shoe, and Alaska quickly quips, "Me, too!"  The entire panel of judges cracks up.

The judges all love Detox's runway look.  The Snatch Game ... it's mixed at best.

Katya & Alaska are the top two!  

Each won 2 tickets to Zumanity & air fare to Las Vegas.

Phi Phi is safe, or, one lucky duck, as Ru puts it.

Tati, Detox and Roxxxy are the bottom three.

Katya & Alaska lip synch to Chic's 1978/1979 monster #1 "Le Freak" and both give a great lip synch.  Alaska wins and sends home Tatianna.

Poor Tati earned it.

When Ru surprises Tati with a "it's not over yet" message, she proclaims she just can't, but it's quick and heavy editing.  I bet Tati was saying something like I just can't believe I have a chance to come back, not an I just can't do this.

Do you have an idea as to HOW you want the eliminated queens to come back?   I was hoping they could come back in teams when there were five left, but Adore quitting eliminated that possibility.


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