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Project Runway s15e02 • Just Fabulous! • 22 September 2016

Last week on the premier of PR15,

sixteen new designers grabbed party items to create fashion.

Dexter & Tasha were in the top 3,

but Erin took the win with her magically Muppet-y outfit.

"Of course she did!"

Roberi & Brik were in the bottom 3,

with Ian being eliminated.

A video of Heidi saying he could get revenge never occurred.

Ian was shown love by his fellow designers,
 but the poor guy didn't get a hug from Tim.
I think they are going to have to bribe Tim with
donuts & coffee    beer 
Anna Wintour's head on a platter 
Kenley's head on a platter
something beyond the moon in order
to get a hug outta him this season.

Now, before we really start, compare Ian's work to other first eliminated designers.   He did a decent job, eh?   

I mean, it didn't look like a mess (for an unconventional materials challenge,) and the model didn't look like she was going on a slasher rampage, or to the VMA's in 2080.   

What do you think?

Heidi sends off the 15 remaining designers to meet up with Tim at a park.  

“It looks like the waterfront to me.”

“And, me, too.”

Tim introduces the Just Fab lady, chief marketing officer Traci Inglis.

The challenge is to make something that would be sold online to a variety of ages and sizes, or, for the everyday woman. 

Suddenly around a hundred women come to stand by them.   Will they have to use 3 per designer for modeling?   Nope.  They are merely a psych out.  Wait, are you thinking that the designers NEEDED TO SEE what real women looked like?

It’s a 1 day challenge, and they have $150 at Mood.

Early on Laurence gets an edit.  Ruh-roh!   Is it the Winner’s Edit or the Loser’s Edit?

Linda is getting one, too.   Last week Mah Jing Wong got the Psych Edit (neither winner nor loser) so I wonder now.  Too early to tell.

Soon after, Cornelius is getting a bitch edit. 

“What are you looking at ME for?”

Tim time!

Tim applauds Alex’s OCD organization.  Tim like the pants.  Alex didn’t like his own construction on the last episode.   Tim is worried he is too much of a perfectionist.   

Erin has coral red neoprene and light sea foam green.  Time likes the transformative belt, but not the big shiny sequins.  But she convinces Tim.

Boss Man wonders if Tasha’s work is “personal” enough.

Rik impresses Tim with a shirt dress idea.

Jenni is affirmed to go with her dropped crotch.

Linda intrigues Tim with her knit.  All I can think of is this:

Season 4, Episode 2

Cornelius is making a dress.  He is worried about just being safe.  Tim likes the B&W, but wants separates, not one piece.

Roberi’s skirt is too basic, but he is able to convince Tim it is the right thing, since the pattern is busy.

Mah-Jing wows Tim with his denim work.

Laurence’s jumpsuit is worrying Tim,
regarding the fit for all sizes.

“I don’t know, I like it.”

Brik is told to ignore the leather and tone it down.

Dexter is steered into making a coat dress.

“That would be a droat.”

Nathalia is accused of being too cartoony, and of over designing.

Sarah accepts Tim’s decision to change the bottom fabric.

Kimber is encouraged to line her top.  Kimber interviews she ain’t worried about time.

When Tim leaves it is 8:30, they have till 1:00.
But, when Laurence asks the room what time it is,
Alex responds, "4:30."   That's cruel.  Or funny.  Could be both.

Cornelius goes from designer to designer to trash talk Brik.   Well, he doesn’t talk directly with Brik.

“No shade, but you’re a @#$%ing a**hole.”

Maybe he talked with Brik soon after, but it got edited out, eh?  No, wait, Tim always says everybody gets edited FAVORABLY.   I don’t want to think about what else Cornelius has said.  And it’s only the 2nd episode!

Joining Heidi, Zac & Nina is actress Nina Dobrev.

Laurence Basse

Rik Villa

Alex Snyder

Jenni Riccetti

Kimber Richardson

Linda Marcus

Nathalia JMag

Sarah Donofrio

Mah-Jing Wong

Cornelius Ortiz

Tasha Henderson

Brik Allen

Dexter Simmons

Roberi Parra

Erin Robertson

Heidi shares that they were all over the place.   She calls out Erin, Kimber, Alex, Laurence, Linda and Brik as top & bottom, sending the rest to the lounge outback.

Alex created for an upper east girl getting on a motorcycle.  I see that he had a bow like Laurie Underwood had for her everyday woman challenge last season.  Oh, and that Just Fab lady had that very morning they learned of the challenge.   Zac thinks the bow is over, but the rest act like it is the bomb.  I’m wondering just how size and age friendly that peekaboo of skin is at the waist.   How many 50 year olds or size 22s you see wearing a crop top?  The judges rave about he look.  

Zac likes Kimber’s pants, but not the top.  Nina thinks the coolest thing is the model’s hair.  Nina deems it ‘okay’ but nowhere near ‘fantastic.’  Nina D. is more complimentary.

Laurence  wanted to make something cool that everyone could wear.  Heidi is beaming, she loves it, she likes the bit of color, the pocket placement, etc.  HK thinks her MOM would love it, too.  Nina likes the dropped waist.  She doesn’t know if older women will like it, though.  Zac finds it genuinely interesting, fresh and current.  Nina D likes even the end of the pants.

Linda’s girl is the urban woman with children on the go.  Nina has a problem with the boring gray colors, and with the kimono fabric.  Knit is hard to wear no matter the size/shape.  The poor model already has a droopy butt.  Zac wants to burn the jacket.  Heidi thinks this was a missed opportunity.

Brik designed for a specific friend on the go that wanted an easy blazer to wear.  Nina calls it no-personality.  She thinks the knit pants are horrid and hard to wear.   Nina sees couch potato pants and a bland person.    Zac refuses to say anything.

I guess we can watch hypnotoad for a bit while he tells Brik in 28 words that he has nothing to say.

The judges praise Erin, they see a designer in front of them.  Heidi wishes the belt detail had been employed on the runway.  Nina admires the color choices.  She calls it a fun dress.

Laurence is the winner.  She will have her design put into production and sold on the Just Fab website.

Alex, Erin & Kimber are safe.

Brik is in.  Wow.  I thought BOTH were going home.

Nope, just Linda is sent home.

At least Tim gives her a hug.

Tune in next week for blacklight.

Like PRAS1e9?

We see from the last few vignettes that Erin (of course,) Sarah and Cornelius are getting critiques.   Mah-Jing acts like he is in the bottom, but we don't have proof, just his stressing.   So, there are 2-3 more people in the top/bottom.   Do you think Brik is in the group that gets critiqued or does he get an episode off to be middle safe?   Will Rik ever show up?   Or is he getting the Ben Chmura edit?


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