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Project Runway s15e01 • An Unconventional Launch Party • 15 September 2016

Last year on Project Runway season 14

Ashley beat out Kelly,

Edmond and Candice

to win the grand prize.

Tim was kind enough to proclaim it was the worst season EVER.
He said not to worry, PR Jr. would be good.
I agreed with him on one point:

Project Runway Jr. was FANTASTIC.

It was so nice to see designers
act professionally and responsibly.
But Tim wasn't sour on s14 merely for bad behavior,
he was disappointed in the work.  Or, the work, too.

The new set of 16 designers meet up in a room ready for celebration:  Champagne, balloons, and, well, all kinds of items one might expect from Party City for an unconventional materials challenge.  Yep.  Heidi & Tim show up, and soon enough they are clamoring for items to use in the design of their outfit on the show, to put forth their point of view.  They have a whole day.  

“Who is that with that crazy laugh?”  “It’s Jenni!”
“Oh my God! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!”

Yeah, there was that.  The poor girl.

How did Zaphod Beeblebrox get on the show?

And, is Alex Snyder reminding you of Marvin a bit?
Not in his words or actions, he's been a doll helping others.
But, half the time, he's quite monotone, and 
*that* reminds me of depressed, monotone Marvin.

Or maybe he sounds more like the "people
will wait for something that's good" guy?

Or the guy who announces the L&O bit at the beginning?

Nice to see Camilla, Laura Bennett's model, is on the show as a designer.
No?  It ain't her?   That's Laurence Basse?
And, no, don't even *think* Lance Bass.

So, this is pretty much starting like PR Australia, s2e1, eh?

I miss Anthony.  And Lauren.  And Yopie.  And Ivana.  Oh, hell, all of them.

When mentor Tim Gunn comes through, seemingly unaffected from drinking an entire bottle of champagne, he comes into a mess.   I merely mean the floor, not the behavior.  Yet.

Brik was enamored with the glitter.  He glues it to a pair of pants.   Tim sees a wow factor.  I see muslin.

Ian’s look is deemed basic by Tim.  He thinks he just placed a few items on top.  Ian fights back, that he doesn’t do avant grade.   He also doesn’t honor the challenge.  You can see where this is going.

“Even I can see it.”

“I don’t want to change much. 
Not even to better my chances of
winning, or at least not going home.”


Nathalia is worried that she will hear her girl is the Tin Man’s wife.   Tim tells her to own it and push forward.

Tim calls Cornelius’ work stunning, and that he couldn’t tell what it was made from.

Alex’s work is extremely elegant.  Tim likes the silhouette and the surprise element.  Ya know what?  For all the promo material I've seen for him being a little ... unkind, I think he is being friendly and professional.  Maybe later we'll see the other side.

Tasha calls TG “Boss Man.”  Adorable!   Tim likes the bib.  He doesn’t like the pants because the front will have color and the back won’t (because Tasha ran out of the color pieces.)  Tim doesn’t want to see a bib and an apron.  Me, neither.

Erin likes yellow.  She actually has deconstructed her elements and is playing with how she can utilize them.  Tim is overwhelmed regarding time, but Erin isn’t worried one bit.   Wow.

Roberi is playing with paper lanterns.   Tim tells him he is eager to see how it all evolves.  (That means he ain’t near being done, eh?)

Laurence took a bunch of beads and used them .. as a necklace?  Tim sternly warns, “If I were a judge, I might put you in the bottom.”    What's scaring me is that the dress looks like muslin.  I know it's not, but it's awfully close, huh?

Tim likes Mah-Jing’s work.  But, he calls it a Madonna/John Galliano moment.

Jenni painted the skirt.  Tim no longer sees fashion, and doesn’t see her honoring the challenge.   Jenni also has boas, but she fears it will be too costumey.   Tim reminds her that at least it’s another material, that it is less basic now.

Dexter emptied a pillow, cut a whole in it, and called it a day, or at least a top.  Tim cries fowl, rightly so.  He’s using fabric-like material on an unconventional materials challenge.

Alex takes Dexter under his wing, and gives him advice.  Good on you, Alex.

Mah-Jing gets a BIG Winner/Loser Edit.  Maybe it's a fake edit?  I can’t tell if it is earned, or if it is a psych out.   And, no, Erin, that’s not a sike out.

On the morning of the runway show, Brik’s model is in charge of more gluing of glitter.  Will she finish in time?

Joining regular judges Heidi Klum, Zac Posen & Nina Garcia is Today Show co-anchor Savannah Guthrie.

Mah-Jing Wong
Crumpled Magazines

Jenni Riccetti
Nylon Backpacks • Feather Boa

Sarah Donofrio
Candy Wrappers • Paper Lanterns

Nathalia JMag
Placemats • Fake Fur Pillows

Dexter Simmons
Throw Rug • Pillows

Rik Villa
Undeveloped Polaroid Film • Backpack Straps

Ian Hargrove
Mesh Photo Screens • Polaroids • Pillow Tassels

Tasha Henderson
Mood Shopping Bags • Twizzlers • Pillows • Directors Chair

Erin Robertson
Gumballs • Wigs

Linda Marcus
Balloons • Lamp Shades

Kimber Richardson
Tote Bags • Placemats • Gold Stars

Laurence Basse
Tote Bags • Toothpicks •  Beads

Brik Allen
Baseball Caps • Glitter

Cornelius Ortiz
Paper Plates • Silk Flowers

Roberi Parra
Paper Lanterns

Alex Snyder
Napkins • Placemats • Silk Flowers

Heidi, Zac & Nina compliment all of the designers for a terrific show.  Heidi calls out Roberi, Dexter, Tasha, Erin, Ian and Brik as top & bottom placers.  The rest are safe and head out back to the waiting lounge.  No, not the Interior Illusions lounge.  Maybe there was leftover champagne, though. 

Tasha creates for the urban girl.  She is top 3.  Nina likes the attitude, and the proportion.  Savannah is crushing over the Tim/Heidi handbag.  Zac likes that she played with the textile.

Brik found a ton of glitter and used baseball caps for the top.  Brik is bottom 3.  Heidi thinks the look is mismatched.  The judges LOVE the hat work, but there is a disconnect between the top, the bottom, and the hair.  Nina utters the dreaded, “I don’t know who you are as a designer.”

Erin wanted to portray fun and energy.    She is top 3.  Heidi is wowed with the idea and the execution.   Savannah finds it flattering.  Nina is amazed it didn’t go wrong.   She proclaims it VERY editorial.   It’s tastefully done, with a punch.   Zac found it one of his favorites of all seasons he’s been on.  “Magically Muppety?”   Now that does not sound good.

"Well, WE really liked it."

Dexter wanted an Alaskan mountain tribe effect.  You buyin’ that?   Don’t you think he just made that up AFTER he finished the garment?  He is top 3.  He’s nervous, too.  Zac sees the Inuit tribe reference.  Zac wants him to go further, though.  Nina likes the volume and movement, and finds it tribal and chic.  Heidi sees a Parisian runway look.

Ian wanted to create movement in a shift dress.  He is bottom 3.  Heidi doesn’t see any magic.   He just pasted the polaroids onto the simple dress.   Opportunity missed.   Ian comes back with that he doesn’t do volume.   Zac points out that the work is wonky.  Ian fights back that he couldn’t press or iron it.  And the others could?  The judges do like his color scheme, but not much else.  Nina thinks he wasn’t creative at all.

Roberi wanted to work with the lanterns, partly because the material was very light, cloud-like.  He is bottom 3.  Savannah didn’t like the colors together, and thought it was way too short.   Nina has seen this dress before, even on Project Runway.  There is no balance.  Heidi likes it, she thinks it is a fresh sculpture, and even likes the colors.   She doesn’t mind that it is short, of course.   Zac does think it is beautifully done, but he does admit there have been many looks prior with something circular and unconventional.   (I’m thinking of the sombrero dress by Helen & Kate immediately.)

Did your heart break when Brik was crying?

When they look at everything up close, Heidi laughs that Tasha's look isn't as good any more.

The judges are amazed with the execution of Erin’s look.

Dexter’s taste is praised upon close inspection.

Roberi’s look, Nina is bored with the silhouette.  The others are impressed.

Brik has two different looks, or three if you count the styling.  The judges do like the top baseball cap work.

Heidi thinks that Ian’s color blocking could be purchased at Mood.   Nina doesn’t hate the point of view.

Nina thinks Brik is the worst, Heidi thinks Ian is.  Interesting.  Nothing like the season 8 finale, though.

Erin wins the challenge!

Dexter is 2nd, Tasha is 3rd.

Third worst is Roberi.

It’s between Ian & Brik.  Ian is eliminated.  Brik is safe for another challenge.

Why wasn’t there a hug from Tim Gunn?   Hmmmm?  Did Ian just forget?

Sorry no pic of the missed hug, I struggled to source decent pics the past few days.

Tune in next week for a mob of people!  Tasha names it an army of women.

But, I'm sure she didn't mean this.


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