Sunday, September 11, 2016

Project Runway s15 • Meet The Designers • 11 September 2016

Just a few more days till the premier on Thursday, September 15th!

Here's a little introduction to the 16 new competitors.   No Kate Pancoke or Amanda Valentine this time around.  Maybe next season, or next All Stars.

Brik Allen
26 • Baton Rouge, LA

Laurence Basse
41 • Los Angeles, CA

Sarah Donofrio
34 • Portland, OR

Tasha Henderson
33 • Shreveport, LA

Ian Hargrove
30 • Chicago, IL

Nathalia JMag
34 • Framingham, MA

Linda Marcus
55 • Milwaukee, WI

Cornelius Ortiz
24 • Worcester, MA

Roberi Parra
32 • Miami, FL

Jenni Riccetti
22 • San Francisco, CA

Kimber Richardson
42 • NYC, NY

Erin Robertson
29 • Cambridge, MA

Dexter Simmons

32 • Oakland, CA

Alex Snyder
30 • San Francisco, CA

Rik Villa
31 • Los Angeles, CA

Mah-Jing Wong
34 • Philadelphia, PA

A few thoughts:  Perhaps it's my graphic design experience, because there is NO fashion background at all for yours truly, except for watching PR, all its incarnations, and all the copy cats ... but, if the background is more interesting than the clothes, if the body contortion takes the attention away from the garment and if the hat (or box) is more interesting than the outfit, something is wrong, right?  So, the prior work, it is a bit uneven, just like other seasons.

As usual, about half of them excite me, and I want to see more from them.  A quarter, I can't tell what's going on.   The other quarter, I can tell, and there's no need to see anything more.
So, this post is almost meaningless.    Hey, what do you expect from a blind man?


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