Monday, September 19, 2016

Project Runway • I Figured It Out!

Did one of the rules just change?

Season three, episode six,
"Waste Not, Want Not"

Season seven, episode two,
"The Fashion Farm"

Season fifteen, episode one,
"An Unconventional Launch Party"

Do you see where I am going on this?   Make the model appear fat and you go home.   Even if you create an interesting, impressive textile, Pamela.

I always thought that this rule was directly from Heidi.  Either she changed her mind, or it wasn't HER rule to begin with, because she LOVED Tasha's look.   Well, at least until she got near it.

What do you think?

Edited to add:   Well, I figured it out.   Before Heidi sent off the top four from season 14, she must have gone to the movies the night before.

Yes, Melissa McCarthy changed everything!

That horrid movie must have made a big impact on Heidi Klum.  She must have seen it shortly before filming season 14 episode 13.  She BEGGED Ashley to create a plus-sized collection, even though she probably was going to do one anyway, right?   I guess MM has more power than we thought.


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