Friday, September 30, 2016

Project Runway s15e03 • Blacklight Or Daylight? • 29 September 2016

Last week on PR the designers created garments to potentially be sold on

Top three and bottom three, out of fifteen, were:

#1 • Laurence Basse

#2 • Erin Robertson

#3 • Alex Snyder

#13 • Kimber Richardson

(yes, I keep typing Kim Richards)

#14 • Brik Allen

#15 • Linda Marcus

So that means we lost Ian Hargrove and Linda Marcus.   Do you have a guess as to who will be axed next?

"We do!"

Heidi & Tim come out on the runway under backlight to introduce the challenge:  Create a day to evening look that takes advantage of black light.

Back in the work room Tim introduces Sherrianne James, VP of Marketing at Transitions Optical to bring home the idea of change.   She shares that the winner will be in a spread in Marie Claire.   Ultraviolet black light materials are supplied, plus $200 at Mood for fabric, and one day for this challenge.   No 2 day challenges this season?  They film the whole thing in three weeks now, huh?

I’m thinking, if the designers aren’t reminded to do fashion forward, upscale work, won’t they all go costumey?   I mean, isn’t that a problem, that some designers veer into costume whenever a challenge isn’t a ‘normal’ challenge?   Normal meaning, not what they might create in every day life.  Maybe I missed it.

Dexter wants to make “Stevie Nicks meets, like,  The White Witch from Narnia.”

“Who doesn’t like Stevie Nicks?”

“Any admirer of proper singing.”

“What’s a Stee Vee Nick?”


Looks like it’s 9:30 when they are back in the work room.  They have a nearby room lit with black light, so they can be checking everything while they are constructing.

Alex wishes Mah-Jing a Happy Father’s Day, so we know this was filmed on Sunday, June 19th.   Ah, this is the promo bit where he was balling his eyes out.  He's calling home.   I guess his four year old totaled the car, or something?

“Or something.”

“Or something.”

So, really, only Erin and Mah-Jing have had “Winner/Loser Edits” so far.  I think.

Tim comes in at 3:38, or so.

Erin wants a sweet day time lady who is a slutty night time look.  It looks alright, but that sounds terrible!

Kimber is using three fabrics that do not want to be together.  Both she and Tim hate it.  She starts over.

Cornelius has an idea, but doesn’t know what colors he will lose.  Tim is worried.

Sarah’s work is ready to wear, not runway.

Alex is excited his pink turning orange.  Is that enough?

Tim doesn’t think Dexter is taking his fringe look far enough.

Tim deems Rik’s top ‘strong warrior’ but fears he doesn’t have a bottom to equal it.

Nathalia’s yellow pants/leggings are a no go.

Laurence’s red & white will appear just white under the black light.

Roberi has a somewhat sloppy look that appears fabulous in the black light.   Or did what he created come into fashion.

“Of course it did.  We were just on the wrong season.”

Tim tells Brik his work is not very pretty.   It looks plain white.  There’s no talk about the black light bit of the challenge.   Why not?

Mah-Jing’s wedding dress is no bueno per SeƱor Tim.    He finds it costumey.   Mah-Jing is told to scrap it completely and do something else.

Tim doesn’t think Tasha has enough of a surprise, there’s no change under the black light.

Jenni is told her gray fabric is very grandma.  Jenni has to ditch it.

Ya wanna just jump to the runway?  Yeah, I certainly do.  Joining Heidi, Zac, Nina and the black lights is Jamie King, actress & designer.   But before Heidi even introduces the other judges, Jenni shares her warped laugh, to Nina & Zac’s surprise.

Cornelius Ortiz

Jenni Riccetti

Alex Snyder

Mah-Jing Wong

Nathalia JMag

Roberi Parra

Kimber Richardson

Sarah Donofrio

Rik Villa

Laurence Basse

Tasha Henderson

Erin Robertson

Brik Allen

Dexter Simmons

Before we get into it:  Was Dexter’s fringe uneven?   Was that on purpose?  I ain’t buyin’ that asymmetry in this case would be any good.  I want it to be perfectly even L-R.

Heidi calls out Brik, Tasha, Nathalia, Sarah, Dexter, Roberi, Alex & Laurence as middle safe and sends them out back.  YES.  Brik gets to evade the judges’ words!

Jenni hand painted flowers on her clear coat.  Heidi praises it head to toe.  Jamie thought Jenni put in effort.  Nina is beaming, she is so complimentary.  Zac calls it fresh.   He wants her to go into embroidery.  Jenni shares it was a last minute garment.

Kimber hand painted the flowers that were already there in her print.   Zac was enjoying the day light, but it didn’t do much in the black light.  Kimber loves the dress, but it bores the judges.  Jamie reminds her that she has to aim outside of herself.  Nina doesn’t see effort.  She calls it fine, but not for the competition.

Cornelius’s work meets the challenge, and several judges rave about the emojis.  Zac doesn’t like the front darts.  Jamie implies it is right at the good china, and Nina reminds them that there was a happy face there in the black light.  Ha!

Rik was inspired by his rave days.  Jamie notes that it honors the brief, but it is so inappropriate.  The judges find the bottom poorly constructed, and it is tacky and tasteless.

Erin wanted a sweet to naughty with her change.  Heidi proclaims it a wow piece.  That Erin created the motif on the outer bit floors the judges.  Nina is poetic when explaining their reaction to it.  Zac thinks she is smart, and current.   Jamie calls it sophisticated and perfect.

Mah-Jing tells the judges this is his second look.   Nina thinks the day light version is fine, but at night, the judges see a crime scene, or Benson & Stabler (or Warner?) are looking for blood and semen!  The judges get that Mah-Jing doesn’t stand by his garment.

Okay, now I'm really confused.   I haven't forgotten that I'm blind, but, honest, watching PR Thursday night, I could not see ANY difference with Brik's look, and Mah-Jing's look DID match the rhetoric from the judges (looking for semen as if they were Tamara Tunie on L&O SVU.)   But, with the pics here, it looks like Brik did a GOOD job, and Mah-Jing did a great job with the difference.   I'm dubious and incredulous.

Erin wins!   She has placed 1st, 2nd and 1st on the three challenges thus far.   That’s even better than Gretchen, right?   She placed 1st, 1st and 3rd, if I recall.

Cornelius was not amused.

Cornelius & Jenni are both in.   Rik is in.

Bottom two are Kimber and Mah-Jing.
Mah-Jing is safe, so Kimber is let go.

Did you agree with the elimination?

Did you anticipate both going home?

Tune in next week for Tim in shorts?  Boxers?  It looks like some kind of underwear challenge.   Maybe.  Looks like Rik & Brik will be in the bottom.  C'est triste.