Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Jogging  2.5  31 August 2016

I finally jogged!   I only did 2.5 miles, and it was not my best time, but it wasn't too too bad (for me.)

Let's hope I keep up with it.  Dear God, let it be so.


Saturday, August 27, 2016

RPDRAS s2e1 • All Star Drag Race Extravaganza • 25 August 2016

The long drought is over!  10 former queens, some of them beloved, returned to compete for the title of All Star season two winner.   The first All Stars season, which aired in the Fall 2012, was won by Chad Michaels.   Do you know who it will be for THIS season?   Now that I know that the top two for each challenge will lip synch to determine the eliminated contestant, I'm not so sure.

The fun began again Thursday night.  Ru brought back, in this order …

s7’s #5 Katya  •  s5’s #4 Detox,

s5’s #6 Alyssa Edwards  •  s4’s #3 Phi-Phi O’Hara,

s7’s #2 Ginger Minj  •  s5’s #3 Roxxxy Andrews

s5’s #5 Coco Montrese  •  s5s #2 Alaska 

s2’s #4 Tatianna  •  s6’s #3 Adore Delano

While they are re-meeting each other we learn that Roxxxy is determined to be nice (remember, she was all consumed with being a bitch to winner Jinkx.)  Phi Phi is trying to be sweeter (she bitched & whined against winner Sharon Needles,) and Ginger Minj takes a jab at winner Violet's amazing cinched waist, saying she bought a corset so she could win All Stars.   We’ll see how this all plays out.

Ru arrives and announces she will not eliminate any queens this season.  Then the library is open!  

Alaska wins the reading mini-challenge, and $2,000 in eyewear.  Are they going to earn prizes and/or money at every turn?   Looks it!

The main challenge is a talent show.  Joining Ru, Michelle and Carson are new regular Todrick Hall and guest judge Raven-Symone.

ADORE DELANO:  Singing is sub par.  Her breath support is not there at all.  Her outfit looks like 99 cent sequin store.  Score C

Michelle Visage never smiled, ruh-roh!   

ALYSSA EDWARDS:  Lip synching and dancing?    She can kick that left leg up high, for sure.    I guess this was good. Score A/B 

COCO MONTRESE:  For a dance routine, she sure sat on the couch a long time, eh?   She seemed to be twirling more than dancing.   Score D

DETOX:  Day Glo paint and drums?  It was still fun. For a singer she didn’t show of her voice.  It hits me, Adore actually sang, while Detox and Alyssa lip synched (their own voice.)   Curious.  Score B 

GINGER MINJ:  GM has a focused (supported) voice, so that is good.  But, there aren’t any high notes.  GM is playing it way too safe, and she sure seems like she COULD have done more.   Score B/C 

KATYA:  Gynmastics?   I have no idea how to judge this.  I’m sure there’s a bedroom joke in this, being flexible and all, but I won’t go there.  It looked fun, and I know most queens could not do what she did.  I wanted more, though.   I thought for a gymnast she played it safe.  Score B

PHI PHI O'HARA:  For a singer, Phi Phi has no concept of pitch, nor timing.  She should have used a backing track, it would have covered at least SOME of her flaws.  Score D 

ROXXXY ANDREWS:  She had a bona fide routine, and she nailed it.  On paper this looked boring to me, but she brought LIFE to it.  Score A

ALASKA:  Loved her “I’ve Always Been Gay” romp.  She milked it for all the comedy she could.   Score A/B 

TATIANNA:  Spoken word lip synch?   This can’t go well.  But, she knew her material, she worked it, and did a fantastic job.   Didn’t see that coming.  “What you see isn’t always the truth!”    Score A

Ru calls out Alyssa, Detox & Katya as middle safe.  

Michelle reads Adore for her lackluster looks.  Raven-Symone wants more leather.   Michelle calls Adore out for not evening caring.  Todrick thought Adore sounded amazing.   Ha!

Todrick and Carson were bored with Coco’s routine.   Michelle thinks Coco looks like soot, no longer orange.   Coco admits she ran out of time and didn’t paint her hands the same as her face.

Raven-Symone calls it right with Ginger Minj, she performed a throw-away song that was the ‘breather’ between two difficult showstoppers.  She did sing correctly, it was just waaaaay too safe.  Michelle saw that her pants were poorly fitting, though.

Michelle picks on Phi Phi for the poor fit of her dress.   Phi Phi lost her key, she lost her rhythm, and was a train wreck.

Michelle praises Roxxxy for her charisma, Carson calls it an event!

Tatianna looks fantastic, per Ru.  Carson enjoyed the cleverness of her routine.  Todrick & RS think her makeup is amazing.

Carson loves how Alaska out-gayed him!   He hates her nails, RS, loves them.

The girls go back to the work room (no Untucked rooms anymore? And forget about the Interior Illusions Lounge.)   Roxxxy makes a conscious decision to play ‘honestly.’  She decides to eliminate the weakest, the worst.    Tati was thinking it was supposed to be strategic, meaning, if you win, then you eliminate the one you are most threatened by.

We’ll see if this continues.

Top two are Roxxxy and Tati.   Alaska and Ginger Minj are safe.   Adore, Coco and Phi Phi are the bottom three.   Adore has gotten SUCH a strong edit all episode, clearly SHE is going.

But, when Roxxxy & Tatiana lip synched to Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off," and Roxxxy won $10,000 cash, she choose Coco to be eliminated.

Now that Phi Phi and Adore have passed through to the 2nd episode, what do you anticipate as to how they will do from here on in?

Wait, what was that about Coco getting a chance at revenge?    What is this, "Last Chance Kitchen?"   I'm interested in seeing if a returnee wins the whole thing.