Friday, June 3, 2016

Walking  3 • 30 May 2016

No, I don't have permission to walk yet.   Well, I do have permission to walk to the bathroom or to the kitchen.   I still don't have permission to walk to get the mail (0.5 miles round trip.)

But, Monday, Memorial Day, I did walk over to Walmart to get some food.   My foot seemed just fine.   It feels like a foot.  It does not feel weird for missing a toe.  That particular toe was infected for 3 solid years.   The foot is happier now.    No, I won't be getting rid of the same toe on the other foot, so they can look the same.   =op

I am contemplating food shopping by foot again tomorrow.  But, today, pizza delivery.

I was approved for swimming, so I will start swimming (30 minutes a day is all I'm allowed) fairly soon, either Sat. or Sun.  Thank GOD for that.

No PR till July, no Face Off till January and no RuPual till March ... unless there is a surprise All Stars like in 2012.   We'll see.


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