Wednesday, May 18, 2016

RuPaul's Drag Race s8e10
Grand Finale • 16 May 2016 

So, did you watch the finale?
It was tight this year, just like season six.

I was rooting for Kim Chi all along,
but I do get why Bob The Drag Queen won.
She deserved it.  I am happy for her.
But why didn't Kim Chi nab the crown?

"Bob The Drag Queen could
actually walk the runway,
AND she had other talents."

"I ain't got no other talents?"

So, here's hoping that Kim Chi gets to be on All Stars in a few months.
Here's to hoping that there actually WILL BE an All Stars season 2 in a few months.

And, congratulations to Cynthia Lee Fontaine for beating cancer and winning Miss Congeniality.  Now, why was it only a mere $5,000?  Wasn't it more in other seasons?  Hell, weren't there more contestants and episodes in other seasons?   What's up with that?

Congratulations, BTDQ!   You earned your win.

I seriously doubt any of us will ever forget "Purse First."
But, aren't you asking to be mugged with that?


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