Monday, May 16, 2016

RuPaul's Drag Race meets Project Runway
Short Musing:  Where've You Been? • 16 May 2016 

I was re-watching Project Runway s13 (fringy Sean's season) and laughed out loud when I watched the home tours (pre-episode 0, if you will.)  Lo & behold, when Alexander was showing off his crib, I got a look at THIS:

Do you recognize that?

It was made for a drag queen named
"Kim Chi."  He mentioned her BY NAME.

Yes, from the avant garde section
of the filming of "The Realness!"

And, yes, the color sure seems to be off on my copy
of the home & closet tours of the s13 contestants.

I never but it together till this weekend,
when I was watching PR13 again.   Amazing.

My fingers are crossed for you, Kim Chi.  Hope you win tonight.


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