Wednesday, May 18, 2016

RuPaul's Drag Race s8e10
Grand Finale • 16 May 2016 

So, did you watch the finale?
It was tight this year, just like season six.

I was rooting for Kim Chi all along,
but I do get why Bob The Drag Queen won.
She deserved it.  I am happy for her.
But why didn't Kim Chi nab the crown?

"Bob The Drag Queen could
actually walk the runway,
AND she had other talents."

"I ain't got no other talents?"

So, here's hoping that Kim Chi gets to be on All Stars in a few months.
Here's to hoping that there actually WILL BE an All Stars season 2 in a few months.

And, congratulations to Cynthia Lee Fontaine for beating cancer and winning Miss Congeniality.  Now, why was it only a mere $5,000?  Wasn't it more in other seasons?  Hell, weren't there more contestants and episodes in other seasons?   What's up with that?

Congratulations, BTDQ!   You earned your win.

I seriously doubt any of us will ever forget "Purse First."
But, aren't you asking to be mugged with that?


Monday, May 16, 2016

RuPaul's Drag Race meets Project Runway
Short Musing:  Where've You Been? • 16 May 2016 

I was re-watching Project Runway s13 (fringy Sean's season) and laughed out loud when I watched the home tours (pre-episode 0, if you will.)  Lo & behold, when Alexander was showing off his crib, I got a look at THIS:

Do you recognize that?

It was made for a drag queen named
"Kim Chi."  He mentioned her BY NAME.

Yes, from the avant garde section
of the filming of "The Realness!"

And, yes, the color sure seems to be off on my copy
of the home & closet tours of the s13 contestants.

I never but it together till this weekend,
when I was watching PR13 again.   Amazing.

My fingers are crossed for you, Kim Chi.  Hope you win tonight.


Saturday, May 7, 2016

Project Runway All Stars s5e13  Finale: New York State Of Mind  5 May 2016

Last time on PRAS the top 4 were tasked
to create a print and purchase a print,
to fashion a print on print look.

Dom won the challenge, naturally.
As a prize she worked with OtterBox
to create a tech skin.

Kini placed 2nd.

The judges didn't like how Sam & Ken placed,

because they made them do another look in an hour.
It seems like standard fare on PRAS, by now, season 5.

What happened is Ken got to reconfigure a look he had created before,
while Sam had to work on someone else's garments.

Ken concentrated on one of the two looks given him,
from the 'baroque' challenge.
He mainly used his own dress that already fit
his model to create a look for his model.
He barely touched Mitchell's elimination look.

Sam incorporated both Asha's & Alexander's fairy tale looks
into his own new one.   However, he did not have the advantage
of one of the garments already fitting his model.
Oh, what am I saying, they are not horrifically different sizes.
Maybe it wasn't an advantage or disadvantage after all.
That's what I keep telling myself.

The judges kept Ken and sent Sam packing.

I would have let him go way back when he & Val were bottom two,
but, with the extra one hour bit, this time around I just didn't buy it.

"Stopped drinking the Kool-aid, didja?"

So, before we begin, am I the only one thinking this?
No, I didn't see ANYTHING before 9p EST, 5 May 2016
of the finale.  Nothing at all.

Nothing At All.

And, as a reminder, here's how they all placed for season 5.

The challenge for the last 3 standing designers is to create an 8 look collection in four days with $3,000.   One of the 8 models is male.   The inspiration?  NYC, bien sur.

Dom is shown painting fabric (and, it isn’t meticulous like I would expect, it’s a little rough.)   To borrow someone’s lexicon, I’m dubious.

Later on in the day, they walk in from another room to see a (producer manipulated?) mannequin fallen onto the fabric.    There’s no follow up.  Did her painting get all ruined?   Is it bad, but salvageable?   Maybe there’s no problem at all, ‘cause it all dried?  Nothing.

On day two they get the Zanna-thru, and then, even better, help!  No Sam or Emily, but the next three most recently eliminated help:  Asha, Layana and Alexander.  

The venue is the regular runway room.   Joining Alyssa Milano, and judges Georgina Chapman and Isaac Mizrahi are actress Debra Messing (perennial guest judge at this point, eh?) and Anne Fulenwider from Marie Claire.




The judges are complimentary, yet find fault with each.   Personally, while I’m not liking Dom’s oversized Kindergarten colored plaid, I see that there is a concept.

There’s more ‘there’ there than in Ken’s or Kini’s.   Although, I did respond to Ken's.  It's believable, at least, I mean.  But, that would mean the judges might find it boring, huh?

And, forgive me, all I can see is a 1980's TV night time soap opera in much of Kini's work.  All that was missing was the pony tail to the one side.  So, for me, it was an obvious win.

Did you agree with the judges?
Did you see the win coming from a mile away?

Are you ready for Kelly & Swapnil
on PRAS6 next year?

How about PR15?

On a personal note, my recover from foot surgery will continue for many weeks, if not months.   I doubt I’ll be in the pool till August or September.   Walking or jogging for exercise seem to be a thing of the past, but we won’t know for sure for a while.  I’m above ground and Dom earned her win.  All is well.